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Loved It. ...... But ......Posted by Prince Wahab 2016-10-01

This is one of my favorite game but there are still some improvement needed in bowlers like steyn & malinga action should be added instead of tait action & at test match rabada is showing as fast bowler with shaun tait action & at odi it is showing as medium fast , so please improve some points ....... When i do bowling umesh yadav action is brett lee & if when yadav is at the side of computer his action changed into shaun tait so please improve .....

Brilliant GamePosted by Saleem Momin 2016-09-20

DRS well done. Add Hot Spot, Snicko, real commentators voice, pitch report. Show session wise summary and allow to change overs per day in LIVE EVENT MATCHES. CRR, RRR,WASP at bottom. Stats for fastest 100,50 etc. Separate records for ODI T20 & Test. Waiting for online play. Add more presets field & allow to save options. Improve hawk eye after DRS. Add over throw,direct hits,inside edge bowled leg bye runs.More players in squad for selecting 11 out of 20. Waiting for update every hour. Playing 3hrs per day

Request for a bit extra touch.Posted by Dhaval Chaudhari 2016-10-01

At the end of a match simple"YOU WON"&"YOU LOSE"is very bland!!The gameplay/graphics/UI everything is really fantastic but after a match, display of above message is quite awkward because the conclusion of the match is not meeting the standards of the gameplay.Players should really feel rewarded.I would like to suggest to add at least a little animation for celebrations/presentations(in form of rewarding cheques of "ur coins")as in real matches & it would be highly encouraging, making it look more pleasant.

thanksPosted by 2016-10-15

hi sir i am die heart fan of your game wcc2 and also cricket i loved to play your game sir thanks for launching this game but sir i habe request sir plz do something new like celebrating winning match and man of the match and night mode match sir update like ea games sir plz do this we all played your game even size is 1gb but sir update like ea sports cricket game.i bet u if u update some new features then your game will go on top sir i hope u understand my word sir plz upadte this features in next uapdate thanks.

Good update but require more improvements.Posted by Gagandeep Singh 2016-10-01

Initially was happy with the new update, but good things got bad. Have to work in some more points like, 1. Skip now by watching advertisement is not working (played full add twice during test match break) but its still not continuing after both adds) 2. Good change in bowling actions fast and spin needs new for medium pacer also & fast bowlers runup got shorter (its even shorter then pace bowlers) which look quite awkward and disappointing. 3. Sometimes fielder act much faster than ball which shud b imprvd

Posted by Sabeer Khan 2016-10-13

Full shirts were not available ,so this is option were also added,some changes like added some more studies and also added ranji trophy,bidding option were not available a added ,ipl.add night mode in quick play , new jerseys were also be added.after every match presentation were also be added.practice mode in world cups& cup celebration were also be added.plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz.jaldi update Marne sir plz plz plz pl.plz added Hindi commentary be world cup cricket morning mode will be not th

Disappointed!!!Posted by godzi lla 2016-09-10

There should be full squad to pick a team for different versions. Unfair as we have restrictions to loft a shot while cpu can play a lofted shot even if he was hit or beaten several times before. Manual field setup has to be there. No direct hits from fielders. No stumping or caught behind when we are bowling even on a green pitch! Please fix this game. If you do so this game would be one of the best! I can only suggest. It's up to you guys to make this game better. Otherwise you know the word Uninstall

Posted by BHARATH V 2016-09-24

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ADD snicko and impact of pads in lbw reviewsPosted by Shubham Ghosh 2016-09-30

Still need improvement in bowling actions of quick bowlers and career mode . Need of direct hits and day-night matches in quick play . Plz add some more unique shots like ramp shot,paddle sweep,slog on sides . Plz add Hobart and rajkot stadiums . Manual squads for tournaments also .Need step out shots as well so plz plz plz add this in next uptades .add practice mode for spiners also. Add post match ceremony and after win team celebration. Add pitches like pata in day and swinging in lights at 2nd inning

Not good updatePosted by Vikas Dalvi 2016-10-02

I am crazy about test cricket and very happy after seeing this new updates and I immediately update but disappointed you have changed only. graffics but nothing changed in game you have given lot of authority To CPU ,CPU can hit four and six hit straight drive for and six but we can't that make frustration if you include stumping and direct throw run out add shot quality like if we can hit shot powerfully on the ground and in the air out of the ground and you didn't work on my suggestions like adge

Good but!Posted by Sunita Gupta 2016-10-02

I want more different match statistics, more good shots to play, free tournaments ,overs,stadium .I want development in commentary with new words and proverbs.when batsman or bowler come to perform a box come where his age,high score,no. of runs, wickets he make or take,average,economy, style to bat or bowl, no. of fifty,s and hundred,s make by that batsman will seen on that box.i want award ceremony in end of each match.please!Please!Please! Develop in these features that i have written pleeeeeease!!!!!!

Thnx & Suggestions:Posted by Ch Mohsin 2016-10-13

Thnx to developer's for such thier great effort.But i think some more things need to improve or upgrade in game.if u upgrade these ,i think it will be the world no. 1 mobile cricket game... 1-) players profile 2-) commentary in Toss 3-) keeper's Style 4-) wicket celebration 4-) Match winning celebration 5-) Upgrade player's Names 6-) Player's Partnerships Thnx deveopers.

Decisions are not fairPosted by 2016-10-13

When the bowl is pitching outside the line, it is not out when India bowls when it comes to the opponents it is always given out at that time there is no pop up saying the rule of pitching outside the line, secondly when India times the ball it's rare to make a perfect shot but the other party does it without any error , Cricket game is perfect when all the rules and decisions are fair for both the teams.To add,can there be substitutes so that we may shuffle players before the toss? Can there be a third ump

Good gamePosted by Praveen Kumar 2016-10-16

Hi sir it's a best cricket game awesome graphics , but much more things to be updated like leading run scorer in all d format and commentary, crowd is to be changed but when the batsman score a 50runs his celebration is good but when he scored a 100 he has to take his helmet nd celebrate nd where is the player name on his shirt nd when the batsman is out umpair should tell their name nd first change their faces all are same nd make opponent much harder please update the leading run scorer in all the format

Shyamrao PimpalePosted by Shyamrao Pimpale 2016-10-15

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very nice gamePosted by 2016-10-15

mene bahot c game kheli hain.but ye game bahot achi hai.update se bahot new cheze add ho jati hain.liken ap ne jo new bowling actions add kie hain wo hr match me chang ho jate hain.mtlb k ik match main tait ka action krwaya to next match main koi or action aa jaye sara maza khrab kr deta plzzzz iska hal jald az jald krain.or jb six lagta hai bowl k sath ik line c b ati hai jo bohri lgti hai.or jb new player batting pe ata hai to pic ka option add kre match summary b add krain to maza aa jaye.

Best Cricket Game ever PlayedPosted by ajinkya kulkarni 2016-10-13

This game gives realistic feel it is awesome but I would like to suggest some points there is some problems in DRS when we take it it always goes there side...if ball is pitching outside line and getting on stumps we were given out and in our case it doesn't work should be more perfect and one more suggestions we have choice of pitch and weather ...some times rain must interrupt In match and wind effects on ball while bowling add more pitches and as per pitch it should effects bowling&batting.

Good game , annoying ad mechanismPosted by Virag Shinde 2016-10-01

Changing my review from 5 to 1 star. This game was awesome until a recent update which shows ads on the corner of the page while playing the game. I can live with any number of ads within overs or when the game is loading. But there should not be ads , even if on the corner of the screen while batting or bowling. The ads are extremely annoying and really affect what is otherwise a perfect game play. Next wave team, if you are listening, sincere request to you to change the ad mechanism to the old way.

Awesome Game. I loved it.....Posted by lav sharma 2016-10-01

I request you to pls introduce super over also as when match gets tied it leads to loss of coins.and pls make manual field placement in test cricket .make the features of caught and bold in the game and also batsman should be out in slight edges in the test cricket and other modes of the game. add more squad so that we can choose our team accordingly from team of 16 members and there should be chances of rain in game so that game can be interrupted and players need to be retired hurt and gets out in game.

Nice it...Posted by Shahid Pathan 2016-10-12

Thank you so much for game...and its new update is awasome....but i have problem...when a batsman score more than 200 hundred its not cont...if he play 400 hundred run its cont only 200 after that not count...please make in correction in game...and one more think after 200 hundred commentary also not working... he doesn't maintin 300, 350, 400 ETC IN COMMENTARY PLS MAKE IT in the GAME....OTHEWISE GAME IS OK... one more thing kindly update latest team playner in the game..... as per possible.... plz update

Awesome game!! Real cricket experience..!!Posted by varadaraj reddy 2016-10-12

One of the best cricket game in play store so far. I jus loved it as it gives a real cricket experience. Excellent graphics. Me and two of my friends, we all three fell in love with this game. Seriously no words for the game developers I thank them for giving such a nice game for cricket lovers. And finally I would like to suggest one thing that, "I feel that it could have a multi player option." It's not only my opinion even I heard dis word from most my frnds. Plz add dis feature to your existing game.

Sam WebsterPosted by Samuel Webster 2016-09-25

Hi guys this game is really amazing the details an graphics are awesome. Some things you guys could maybe try fix for future updates is running between wickets maybe a double tap first one for the striker to run then the second for none striker. Just thought that could create confusion an make it a little more of a challenge. Something like that so that one batsman can be stranded at one end? Another thing is inside edges in drc reviews we all know that's a big pain in a crickets life been given out lbw.

BestPosted by roshan iyer 2016-10-01

Hi guys this game is one of the best cricket game available for mob/tab but since each game has some cons this one has too & that is defensive shot while playing any format specially ODI/TEST I don't know why u guys want to make defensive shot unplayable I mean 7 out of 10 time I'm getting out while playing defensive shot which frustrate me because by the time my batsman is well set he is getting out while playing perfect timing defensive shot so please update this small thing, thanks in advance !!

Sorry for my previous mistaken review you really never used real names it was Real Cricket 16 which Posted by ashu patel 2016-10-14

I've always been a great lover of your Game i recommend it to all friends to try it BUT suggsting U 2 add ADVANCED SHOTS and try to make player look more open during the game i mean their body positions while playing looks same of all and yes some CATCHING celebrations look disgustin and Defensive shots while yorkr spin fast r same n STRAIGHT n Ondrive also looks very ODD i telling u to go and play Ea criket7/16 and observe carefully the movements and body postures of the players I HOPE U'll consider it.

Kudos to Testing team for fabulous jobPosted by Sharique Ahmed 2016-09-24

This game gives me a feeling of having lays,kurkure, reason - When v start having lays. V feel like will finish with last one , this as last one again end up completing full pack(which would have been offered by ur Friend ;) , similarly this games creates u an addiction once u start playing, u will continue continue and continue............ My one Suggestions to ur team - The tournament should design in such a way, if u complete one , it should take us to next one instead letting us wait for coins....TQ

Still the samePosted by Shaaz Hafiz 2016-10-02

Still u guys didn't include tower camera angle for pitch and fielding. Make gameplay a bit fast when bowler steam in to bowl its very unreal. And fielders still dont attack the ball. Returning of the ball from out of circle players is disgusting why they take so much time. When a ground shot is played and ball doesnt reach the boundary, fielder running behind to stop the ball goes ahead of the ball then take postion sits down then stops the ball funny. He doesnt stop the ball in the flow plz fix this.

Game developers are very irritating Posted by Sonu Singh 2016-10-01

Hi Developers, what have you done with update? Opponent fielding and throw is not yet improved. In test match, you have just done a formality. (see attachments in my mail sent to you). Where is follow-on? Game have man of the match but don't have man of the series! Why? All team players are same. However team getting changes in real-time. You guys not yet put 15-16 players team as other game have. Sorry I have to say you guys even don't know about cricket and it's lovers.

loved it.. ButPosted by Suvrat Jain 2016-10-13

Dear Sir , Your Game Is Super Fantabalous.... But The Most Precious Part in game is Commentary... Plzzz update the real commentary... and one thing more whenever i hit 200+ i. e. 250 or 300 , The Commentator Did'nt Talk About that... So update it plzzzz sir... And Also Wagon Wheel For Each Player.... plz. Sir update it. and Also Change The Action Of Left arm Slow bowler... And also Overthrow Must Be there... I know That I write Pretty More..But Sir If These Updates Will Take Place Then U r Awesome...

Great Cricket Game Ever MadePosted by Rahul Somwanshi 2016-10-15

WCC2 is the best cricket game I ever played before. It's graphics, controls are best. But I want to say some suggestions to add this points. 1. Add players name on jersey. 2. Improve Commentary. 3. Improve stadium and pitch graphics quality. 4. Avoid croping trees and building images. That shown in outer the stadiums. Means create by animation. 5. Add lots of looks and hairstyles of players. 6. Add bowling practice mode for both seamer and spinner. 7. Add Celebration after winning cup or tournament.

Really Good update, please update in field direct throw on stump when Run out, please add this it wiPosted by Yogesh Katkar 2016-10-16

Sometime direct throw on stump when Run out, please add this it will make real cricket,( New players can play Easy & Medium level at Starting,) but there is No Hard Level for Daily players, that's why Daily player always win in HARD LEVEL also, it's too boring so Make more hard to hard level like increase chances to edge, catch out when play big shot in hard level OR In Timing meter make Green spot small in Hard level but Don't STOP LOFT, Is it possible to update Hard level in coming update?

Great game...Posted by venu .A.R 2016-10-02

Its an awesome game... the best cricket I've ever played in android. But the replays could have been more detailed and it could have been done on the player's wish at any point of the game... and please try to bring on each players individual signature moves and characteristics such as face, body built etc which could make the game more interesting. Along with that, please try to bring in a create your own player options where the player can design his appearance and attributes. ... thank you. ..

Best game but improvement neededPosted by Dharamveer saw 2016-10-16

This game is great but some other things can be updated 1. Real face. 2. When team win series trophy and celebration should be there 3. Extra coins 4. Hindi commentary should be there 5. Batsmen average,strike rate,career score scored from us needed 6. Man of the series award. If this will be in this game this game will be the best game of the world foerever and please update game faster like uc browser. one more thing is that in any tournament team Australia always be in final. so please change.

New update :(Posted by bala krishnan 2016-10-02

Hate this new update of new actions in each match for a particular bowler! I mean how's it possible in real life. No logic!! Becomes a disadvantage wen you're bowling importantly. Also need to have access to ipl with less money! Dude earning 4lakhs is tough! It will take a year? Probably! Wagon wheel and projected score or wasp is needed! runout by direct hit,rain,super over if the match is tied in all the tournaments are needed! Commentary is just BADDD! That needs major concentration!! 4stars!

Loved it...!!!Posted by sanky patel 2016-09-30

Sir.I'm biggest fan of wcc2 and I'm playing this game since 1st version of this game i like it but i had some problems as download stadiums it was too tuff for me and my friends for download stadiums in 3G internet connectivity... ohh wtf.. please include the stadiums in game data and fix it properly.....any way it was a awesome game of cricket and i haven't any word to describe how it was cool and fantasty Thank you makers for making the game and giving us entertainment...... THANK YOU

Quick suggestionsPosted by Haider Wasty 2016-10-02

Firstly the developers deserves a huge round of applause.... Secondly the work on DRS and celebrations on the 50 and century are great..... If more celebrations were made at bowling side after taking a wicket it would be amazing.... Please change the players as they are old and some teams now have new players in the team..... The commentary still needs improvements especially after winning the tournament they speak nothing and players makes no celebrations after winning a match or a tournament.

Posted by Mohd Atif 2016-10-13

test cricket is not interesting as it should be... opponent batting is too strong and u can use only use your main bowlers.. can't use part timers..hitting boundries is so tough as there r not much gaps between fielders..and lofting power should increase at the basis of how much bowled player played not how many runs he is scoring on every ball.. for example real cricket 16 game features.. plzz fix all these things otherwise game is too good and graphics is much better than other games. THANK U

A good game with some weird logicsPosted by Primal Sharma 2016-09-24

The core product is a good one. Every aspect including batting bowling fielding is well made. But the problem lies with everything else. Here are a few problems. Poor reward system, no way except coins to unlock locked events. A game should be progressive in nature, this is unjustified. Very poor design of test matches. Test matches aspect of the game really sucks, primarily because there should be a way to skip bowling without obnoxious coins used. Y on earth can you not set your own field??

It's a nice game but could improvePosted by Dheeraj Skanda 2016-09-20

I like it but u could have added some awards for every tournament like leading run scorer, leading wicket taker etc. U could have even added presentation party after every match. There should have been player profiles which contain runs scored by him and wickets taken by him in test match, 50 overs match, t20 match to make it more realistic. After every innings u could show highlights of some incredible shots and catches. If you add these things i will give you 5 stars. Im waiting for update

Great gamePosted by Pushpa Mohtra 2016-10-02

I have been played this game from 1 year. Please add hindi commentary,big bash league,asia cup,ashes series,champions trophy cup.Add real faces of players,add day night test match,captain conversation with umpire their voice should occurs,taunting between batsman and bowler , add snicko meter and hot spot , post ceremony after the match , man of the match giving to the player for how much he scored or he take wickets. Add full squad so the user can choose the player of its own choice.

Well UpdatedPosted by Pragnesh Shah 2016-10-17

I love this game Thank you for updating this game but plzz you can add some more stadiums shots and bowlers techniques n actions.. more bug fixes and improvememts to advance the game and one more thing u said that perfect will result in six but two times catched the bowl...plzz do something n umpire gave me lbw n i reviewed it pitchig was outside off and hitting was missing then also after reviewed umpire gave me out plzz do something we cant handle this kkk plzz fast bring the update

Simply superb I guess the next upgrade does the samePosted by Duke Ponnanna 2016-10-13

Really a fabulous game for the current trend I keep on paying,one thing made me bored to play this game is to see the opposite side stumbling I can easily score 1500+ runs in 50 over gme and I can restrict them for zero rns I really need challenge.Really need a lot of improvement s for the opposite side .. That we can enjoy the game Im glad to say I played 750 (50overs) match and hadn't lost any of the match this makes us boring pls fix something new.and commentary should be improved

Posted by Tamil G 2016-10-17

No cricket game will replace World Cricket championship 2!! I would like to give some suggestions 1. Give us a new pool of players including the current players. 2. Day Night Test Matches with Pink Ball even in Day test matches as well. 3. Manual field setting in Test cricket. 4. Rain interrupting and D/L method will be amazing. 5. Slip fielders contributions more will be useful. 6. Make us to play on both the sides of wicket. Hope we will get these features in future updates.

Posted by Aryan Arpan 2016-10-13

Please add winning of the match ceremony, Original face like ICC pro 2015 quality, Jersey number and name like also ICC pro 2015 quality,Rain in the match then DLM use, All DRS system, Day/night match option, 15 man squad,more stadium like(Dubai,Perth, Hamilton Adelaide), manual fielding option in test match, match discussed, short highlights, New ball option in test match, Very Difficult time Captain will advise bowlers, More improvement players facilities etc...

New Update is HorriblePosted by Vivek Anand 2016-10-01

Graphics have completely gone south. Gameplay has become unnecessarily difficult (batting) because of stuttering graphics. Previously perfect horizontal-bat shots like the late cut, upper cut, etc. now result in a swing and a miss. Only the sweep shot works every time which defeats the purpose. Bowling actions seem really awkward. I used to play this almost every day previously, and now even 20 minutes is a nightmare...Please get back the fluid graphics this game was famous for.

Posted by Dhruba Jyoti Deka 2016-09-29

What an worst update!!! The bowling actions look like the bowler is playing "handicapped cricket". Green pitch is no more green. Reverse swing fail. DRS still failing. Fielder picks up the ball as if he is sleepy and lazy. Fast bowler balling like a slow bowler. Spin bowel bowling like he is dancing. No option of changing favorite team. No day-night match option. No Man of the Tournament. Why Adv for me while I have purchased the game for ad free??? Please fix the errors asap.

Just love this gamePosted by darksun 240 2016-10-17

This game is one of the best games I've ever played, I play it all day & just love the game very much. some additions will make the game more realistic as some new bats, rain during play, celebration after winning a game or a tournament, face editing option will also make the game more addictive, yes most of all top view camera angel should be included while boler runs to deliver the ball as like it's on tv or pc cricket games. best regards with the developers of Wcc2

Awesome....Posted by Rahul Rajoriya 2016-10-14

Undoubtedly this is the world' s best cricket game ever... I loved it so much... But i have some suggestions to making more interesting this game... 1. You can add every players chest and back numbers which looks more cool... 2. When fielder take catch you can add fielder name who takes the catch.. 3. Need some more fielding styles with little review.. 4. In the commentary section after every over a voice of total score just like Ind 123/5 after 11 over.. like this..

Posted by ganeshkumar saw 2016-10-16

This game is worlds best ever game I played but there is a ploblem. The ploblem is that we don't have ODI and T20 series like test matches. Update fast like UC browser because we all love the new updates of this game. Real face. Helmet should be off when batsmen makes his 100 or more than hundred. Sixes didn't go so far. When batsmen hits the ball, the ball can go over the the stadium or long away... SIKAAYAT TO SAB KRTE HAI PR MANO YA NA MANO YE GAME TO BEST HAI HE HAI

Amazing gamePosted by Shailendra Mourya 2016-10-15

Thankyu so much Developer & team u guys add 3 fast bowler & 2 spinner action thats very impressive & improved the grounds as well.I m enjoying a lot . A few things i want that plz add new bats and add some more grounds of india & other countries & add some more pitches and plz add new commentators , commentry must be improve and one last thing i want that plzz add day & night one-day matches plz plz plz add this in the next version If possible

Add PleasePosted by shrikant kumar 2016-09-29

(1) Man of the Series . (2) Require and current run rate. (3) T~ Shirt number and player name . (4) Player ka bawling and Batting statics in deatail. (5) Name of player taking catch and run-out in Scorecard . (6) Player ka ICC dress , ICC shine. (7) Direct hitt in wicket by player.(8) change bawling action of medium fast Bawler.(9)by run after missing throw.(10) For apeal by Bawler and fielder give sounds as Comentry itself.

Posted by Akhil Babji 2016-10-13

Wonderful game when my friend deleted this game iam very cried and beat him and ask him to I want my game beautiful world of cricket wcc2 I cried that much I like this game and now iset a password to this game thank you for wonder full updates I following you from battle of chepauk and wcc1 thanks for this wonderful of games I hope many good updates are come from your the job was done bye nextwave multimedia and wcc2 came keep going thank you love you so muchhhhhhhh!

Good gamePosted by Sagar Gupte 2016-10-01

Good game but needs a few more updates, such as ' team celebration after winning a match and a tournament ' , ' batsman should be able to come out on the front foot by option ' , ' would love to see more stadiums' , 'a moving crowd , may be with flags and added slogans and also shouting slogans' , and definately an updated commentary with more than 3 or 4 different comemntrators, that would be awesome, bt having said all that , its a wonderful game n i love it


This is an awesome app with good graphics..but some modifications are required............manual field settings in test cricket...wagon wheel for every batsman should be shown who makes 50 or 100 or 200....Some run outs should be from direct throws...Commentary should be improved. Sometimes wrong comments are used like in case of spinners..when a batsman misses the ball commentators says nice swing instead of nice spin. ..pls update this thing in your next update.

Posted by Sourav Kalal 2016-10-02

Add t20 series..and change the name of NPL TO IPL AND NEW TEAMS IN NPL..AND NEW STADIUMS..AND WRITE PLAYERS names correct .. give per player highest scores total score and batting and bowing average...and u should change the commentary add run rate /currents run mode day and night..and most attractive thing plzz add rain while playing .. man of the match award.. PLAYERS don't celebrate their century and 5 haul wicket plzz add it..... fielder are slow

Some flaws....plz review and make updates...Posted by Zuhayr Abbas 2016-10-15

ADD DAY NIGHT TESTS WITH PINK BALL This game is great however it's test lofted meter should be based on defensive technique as well as stroke play.... strokes are not the only aspect that determine the skill of a batsman. Rather it is the technique of defensive shots as well. Also, make the reviews more flexible. The decisions are always upheld. Try to make the test version more interactive for caught behinds and make slip section more involved please. Thanks!!

Well Developed Cricket GamePosted by Vivek Khaire 2016-10-14

The gameplay is very good.. if possible then plz make real names(take license for player) names for each player.. In tough situation decision must be taken by third umpire.. so u need to add third umpire TV in that situation.. U need to improve bowling structure with unique style.. This is really Excellent Cricket Simulation game for mobile As compare to other Cricket games.. This game surely going to ON AIR and for me it becomes no.1 Cricket game..

Very nice & interested gamePosted by kailas mankar 2016-10-15

Plz update to 1. Each player's name & number should be on the Jersey. 2. 15 members on the every team. 3. After the match tie- out should be bold or super over. 4. Change the every team Jersey. 5. Change the voice of commentary Hindi & English in Ravi shastri & harsha Bogle. 6. Add to player of the match & player of the series awards. 7. Plz add to the new celebration of 100 & 150 & 200 runs... Plz sir update to this improvement....

..king off the cricket game...)(Wow its is Great great cricket game for ever..Posted by anand kitty kitty 2016-10-15

Add more new... Add ipl game...add. stump out and keeper chich.. Add ipl add more graphics.. Add more add ipl cheers girls dance and music and steps..add more cricket uppdate...plyer100 runs complete. Pls remove player helmet a....add more stadium... Add plyer face and comentry room face....6 or 4 run different sound... Test 50 and. 100 runs helmet remove option.. I love the game... I play day night.. Pls uppdate more new difrent sot

Awesome gamePosted by Alston D'mello 2016-10-16

Great game. I really spent a lot of time playing it. Great way to spend time. Love the graphics and gameplay. Test match mode is very unique and it is one of the first games to have it. Just add the pink ball and day night tests. Also try to add career mode in which we can make our own player and we play matches controlling only him and he plays from domestic to international cricket till retirement. All in all its a great game and I highly recommend it .

Need more difficult guys.Posted by Abhijit Salve 2016-10-01

Its so easy to out batsman, just on the last moment change ball circle location. I can all out any team on the score of 0 runs. Graphic is too good i love this game but need more improvements eg. Edge on sleep, proper straight drive like Master Sachin, leg glance even if batsman miss timing shots high high catches, perfect six shots ball going out of the stadium. Bowler batsman shout and fight after bouncer. No day night match option? Please update...

Great update.. Loved new features.. Specially new bowling actions..Posted by kashish bansal 2016-09-29

Thank you for this smoothest update... Game runs very smoothly without any lag after the update... Thank you so much.. Great work whole nextwave team.. Keep working on other new features for next launches like rain, D.L method, manual field in test, direct hit run out, inside edges, use of drs for caught decisions, extra runs with bye and leg bye, step out shots, new commentary pack, day-night test with pink ball, etc... Thanks once again...

Posted by Pranjal Biswas 2016-10-14

totaly agree with you ,,, but kya marks de samaj maii nahi arahaa hai .because ,update to kar liya but 4-5 dino mai game totaly stop ho jayega . firse uninstall and fer install kar ne kai baad on hoga ...yee problem hanesa sai chale arahaa hai ,,so,dear sweet Developers, aplog thik karo iss game ko kitni STAR milna chahi hai _??, thank you for quick reply , ok I will helping to you through your suggestion ,kindly fix this problem .

Nice updatePosted by sidh jadav 2016-09-29

Excellent.. Now plz also improve in batting stance and make some shots proper like forward defense & other defensive shots, straight drive, on &offdrive.. These looks like talender's.. Improve slip catches& close catches in spinners in test matches, unable to split gaps opponent hardly out on normal delivery it's hardly mistimed or bit ball. so fix this .. Plz nxt update improve this..first time i m bit impressed.. Keep it up..

Posted by vishal kankaria 2016-10-16

Game s excellent but still plz avail custom field set for test match too... n loft meter shd not decrease by dot ball as it s test match n dot balls rather increases confidence .. den bring in slip fielders also in play. . N catching n throwing shd b manual... den t will b E1 interesting. .. n in odi n t20 opponents hit sixes in every ball v bowl.. do fix it... also include each players' career based on each device or account respectively

Test cricket is kept aside for manual fieldPosted by upendra thakkar 2016-10-15

I have issue of music player gets off when i start the game. Another issue i am not able to write anything in banner.for both reasons i have sent mails with screenshot and my mbl details. And for test cricket i will suggest every users do not play test cricket untill game allows us to keep fielding manually because in default fielding the player bats nagatively.i do not want loft batting in test cricket but require to set manual field.

Best cricket gamePosted by Anirudh Dharur 2016-10-13

Hello Team World cricket championship 2 is a great game .. I am addicted to the core If you can add special shots to the batsmen like how bowlers have (slow ball , out/in swing) it will be sensational. Even batsmen should have such updates it will be the best . And if possible try to gave a unique bowling style to the star bowlers. If the players face is fine toned and make them look how they look it will be a great improvement.

Nyc Improvements. Got Some suggestions! Hope ull like emPosted by Piyush Sharma 2016-10-01

After the Update the game has become fabulous! I can say best cricket game for mobile ofc. Here are some suggestions and if any is not possible , please let me know so that I wont repeat em. 1) Straight drive short issue. It is very stupid type of Straight drive tell u.2) Cut short issue. It's again very poor. 3)No flick Short. 4)No direct throw 5) No full squad(Asking since this game was made). 6.What about the pink ball test

Posted by Fazaan Fazaan 2016-10-16

Kya bekar update hai ya real cricket 2016 ma dakho Kyasa hai update test match aur one day series ka har match ka leya full scoreboard deya hai tum test match ku be 11 players dara aur one day match ku be 11 players dara aur is ma dakho real cricket ma dakho stadium Kyasa hai har world tour deya aur har Stadium deya us na tum Khali har state ka ek ek Stadium he deya hai full stadiums deyo Diwali offers ma update karoo plz plzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Laxman.k Kottapalli 2016-10-01

The best cricket game of android add some players of selection for the match &man of the match&man of the series &show the bowling& batting statics need more improvements such as commentry direct hits slip catches and disuss bowler & captain when bowler concided more runs &celebration for every haul please update all these things for more intresting to play the game thanks u

Awesome gamePosted by H.r. B. 2016-10-02

I like this game too much .new update of bowling makes it awesome but action is changed in another match that's a problem in the update. I want to give two suggestions for next update , first is for player's look like amla's long beard, malinga's curly yellow hair , harbhajan's sikh turbun etc....etc....second is century's selebration with open helmet........if these problems can fix then it game dedicates for 5 star....Thanx

Posted by parmesh Rampelly 2016-10-02

Add lee nd zheer khan bowling action also when we set manual fielding show they name nd show the name of the fielder who as done run out catch out also show the fielder name Include reserve bench players nd update the players in all teams some retired players are still there remove them and keep silly point players for fast bowling also nd keep matual fielding for test cricket also nd do some more updates to improve the game

Like the game but some suggestionsPosted by arundhathi yandapalli 2016-09-20 should have a multiplayer to play with other players 2.we should be able to make on team with desired batsmen and bowlers 3.the boundary should be far should be a bit more.difficult to hit sixes as now it is too easy I ended up hitting 23 sixes 5. We should be able buy bats and t shirts for team.thank u I would appreciate if game has following in next update and I will rate it with 5 stars thank you for making

Nice but zero rating because of ADsPosted by Chris Kishore 2016-10-13

Dear Developers, will u please take off real carrom ad on playing screen? It is seriously disturbing n disappointing especially when bowling. I am unable to select the ball direction. Ad is irritation too much. Ads in between overs are fine but not on the middle of the screen where we use every single second in the game. So please understand quickly or else people will delete this app for ever. So needed quick action.

Got stiff and stucksPosted by Jaspreet Heer 2016-09-29

New update is good but the game has become so stiff it used to be Hella smooth.. I'm using medium graphics but still no matter how hard I swipe the screen while batting the player doesn't even swings his bat,i got all out in just 5 overs cuz of freezing plus lots of glitching during game play I gave 1 star cuz of these reasons, you guys need to fix it asap! Then I will give 5 stars as I had given in previous update..

Good but requires improvisation.Posted by BHAVIK PARIKH 2016-09-24

Had been playing this game since 6 months. Glad to know that you have added test matches and DR'S rule which gives it a real experience of playing cricket. Some suggestions are that the faces of cricketers should be changed and you can give options to create a player and add accordingly.the loft meter should increase by hitting balls rather than scoring runs. Sponsors should be added and the fans should be lively.

I got hit with the "player 11" glitchPosted by lorenzo thomas 2016-10-16

I can't play more than one game without getting this glitch. It works fine for ONE game every time after reinstallation, after that "player 11" joins my team's roster, leaving my game unplayable. It won't let me start a match. Forever stuck on the edit player name screen until i reinstall again. I've invested time and money into this game and i cant even play it. I tried EVERYTHING. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Hi boss Posted by Tanvır Ahmed 2016-10-13

Thank a lot for the creator of this game . Please make this game more extreme to play ... And add some new sounds on commentary.. pls add more and more option doesn't matter if it close to 1 Gb or 2 Gb if you keep updating we will always play...look at fifa they have lot of option to do ...make it like them..fifa will well beaten by you guys)) ...without this things game is unstoppable ...good luck for you guys ...

Now , no any issue about sign inPosted by Kalidas Sonawane 2016-09-29

But plz add continues commentry with of voice Amitabh Bachchan or kapil dev, sunil gavaskar etc ,also open one another tournament or plz make free, also add some Virat Kohli types of face reaction angry to make game interesting !! Hey do this ,otherwise i will give only 1 star, read my review plz, dont ignore this, if possible add women crickets, because we respect women's ,okkay ,come on move on☺☺☺☺☺

Superb game but need some improvementsPosted by chandrabhan singh gurjar 2016-10-16

the graphic are too good,test match experience is classic but need some improvements like 1. please provide 15 players to choose playing 11, 2 . include career mode, 3.please available players profiles like statistics 4.include man of the match 5. Please include old players like Sachin, sewag etc 6.improve comentry, I think you can do it so make it more interesting and keep your great work going on.,., thanks

Everyone should play this game but some improvements neededPosted by Ganesh Gaonkar 2016-10-12

Best game ever!test cricket is the best.the Drs system is also good the graphic is also good. Whoever has created this game hats off to you guys . Everything is good but in test cricket the opponent can hit a six in the first ten balls and I can hit a six in the thirty ball. So pls improve this. This game will bring you success .and I hope you will pay attention on my complaints . Thanks for your reply

sign in problem in updatePosted by Vikas Yadav 2016-10-01

i can not sign in after update despite having a good net connection....if i uninstall and reinstall all the enhanced capabilities of my team players will reset to default..... so now thinking to uninstall it for increasing player capabilities to almost 85%(whuch is max) takes a hell lot of efforts..... and i cant comment on other improvements in update bcz have not played without sign in...

Posted by Ronald Allen 2016-10-01

Commentary needs a lot of improvement. Very poor, otherwise game is fantastic. For a whole over the commentator says nothing. Still waiting for stats on bowlers & batsmen at least top 10. Allow more characters so we can at least display the full last name. Fast bowlers run up has now become shorter, preferred the longer run ups and allow us to select the action we wanna use for a specific bowler

Best GamePosted by Manish Sharma 2016-10-13

I like your game but in this game we have no choice to select player of our choice.please provide at least 15 players or when we won any tournament we receieve less coins as compare to when we unlock any thing.unlocking anything like tournament,statdium we pay more as compare to we earn.Please reply or the game was very interesting . Please think about my point of view i shall be thankfull to u...

Amazing game just need more futuresPosted by Ali Hassan 2016-10-16

Like....1 more kit options 2 full squad 3 batsman average etc 4 reply option 5 commentary improvement commentators voices like rameez raja 6 super over 7 more actions for batsmans and bowlers 8 plz put some new kit customization options 9 leagues like bigbash psl bpl... 10 batsmans favourite shots... i love this game plz put these futures in this version or next version allah bless you good luck

New update is very badPosted by Raaj Singh 2016-09-19

I like old version. .which is better than new version. .actually im playing this game..last 2 years big fan of your team....but now im so worried obout your new version. facing many commentary pack and when i play batting many times i miss my bat hit the ball. .. new version is play slow...please. .please .please fix my problems. .i miss my old version cricket

#Posted by Iqbal Khan 2016-10-02

I love this game. I am sure this is one of the best mobile cricket game in the world .. but please add some fun... like man of the match ceremony, winning celebration, day/night match option, Hot Spot, 15 man squad, discussed match, drink car in the ground, Hard game, fielding throw option, Manual fielding in test match,New ball options in test match etc...and I'm sure next you get 5 stars

Great gamePosted by aashik- cool 2016-09-10

Best cricket game I've ever played. Graphics are so good. It has so much stuff in it, it makes me feel like I'm playing the real sport. Exciting part of the game include the change in camera angle, drs system and many other features. It also offers various formats of game like test cricket, quick matches, many tournaments and also on going series. I'm looking forward for further updates.

Cool but...Posted by Vimal Suthar 2016-10-16

Hello sir please upgrade players physics in this game. And player's elbow, hands, are sharp turn their sharpness into some smoothness and all player's face are same please fix this and change players batting style and their shot selection and Add cursor for shots just like real cricket then this game is lots better swiping for shots is boring please sir update with things fast as possible

Great jobPosted by Akash makwana 2016-10-15

Well I do have a suggestion and that is to put the loft meter in the 50 overs cricket as well.same should be continued in the 20 an10 over cricket.when the notification for battery pops up the match continues as well as a result some times we loose a wicket, please see through it.Any increase in the height and length of sixes would be a good option.otherwise u guys are fantastic.thanks

Loved this game but a requestPosted by Harshit SINGH ArorA 2016-10-13

Hey, the game's amazing. Just a request can you please improve the commentary. Like when a batsmen scores his 50 or 100 or when the match begins i.e when the toss is going on please do add some commentary And also In a test after i reach 100% loft and hit a lofted shot i'll have to wait and again score that 100% for the second loft. Please remove this or add something new!!!☺☺☺☺

Needs major changesPosted by Kartik Bharuntia 2016-10-01

Graphics are excellent.I don't know what is the need of Loft meter in test cricket .loft meter goes to 30% & then your ball does not even go near to boundary at all. The pace of bowlers are really slow.It is nearly impossible to find gaps in powerplay overs or in a very attaking field. These 3 things they should learn from real cricket. Please fix these issues as early as possible

GamePosted by Sourabh Chidri 2016-10-01

Best cricket game but you should still make some new tournaments & some different bats for different batsmans manual field in test cricket rain in middle of the match declare system different bowling actions current rate & required rate man of the match & series etc please I request u to involve all these in this game to make it more interesting & reply me soon sir

great gamePosted by keshav jha 2016-10-01

the gameplay is fantastic and the new updates with new bowling actions make it even better.The game works faster now and the celebration after reaching 50 or 100 is great .The stadiums also are fantastic.But why can't we leave the ball in different ways like the opponent,if you do that I would give the game 5 stars,but I would still say it is a game that should be installed once.

Make this more goodPosted by Fahad Daniyal 2016-09-24

The Store should open Offline also!!! Please make the store able to open in offline mode also pls ....then surely we will give you 5 star...please this is a kindly request to all Next wave Team! Because right now I'm facing so much trouble to play this game online ,I have already signed in with this game but then also I couldn't able to play this game online.. Pls fix ..this...

New update is gooddddPosted by Sibi Anandh 2016-10-17

New update is excellent ...but the fast bowlers running length can be long and short balls and full toss can be added also the wicket keeper close and away standing options can be included...also his standing distance can be of the players and their jersey numbers can be added with a 15player squad...NYC work till now.... Hope these can be also added in future

MERVALOUSPosted by Mss Hasan 2016-10-15

I GET IT BEST.BEST CRICKET GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. LOVE IT... BUT STEEL THERE SHOULD TAKE SOME IMPROVEMENTS..I WILL BE HAPPY ONCE IF THEY MIGHT TAKE SOME MOR CHANGES like **in test cricket there should be the lofted option in all the time though if there is no difficulties it will not much interesting but i want you to resolve or upgrate the issue.^^^.THANKS A LOT AGAIN.

Good but sign up :(Posted by wrong link 2016-09-24

The game is good but having to sign up even after having sufficient coins to unlock stadiums and tournaments is annoying and ridiculous.The best u can play without signing up is a mere 10-over game on the same stadium and thats it.Wish the unlocking of stadiums and tournaments could be there without having to sign up. Edit : all permissions on, still demands sign-in :/

Perfect gamePosted by Adnaan Riyaaz 2016-10-12

Something left you you should thinks about helicopter shot and we played shot name was come of that shot and bowling style like chinamong and beamer also included in this game in test cricket skills should be at least more than + 50 that's really goods in playing also make life time records of players and many more.....................................................

More than satisfiedPosted by Jonty Archer 2016-10-02

This game is very good compared to other cricket mobile games,i have liked other comments that I wanted to type and one more request is that pls add career mode... I'm a cricket freak and I'm enjoying test cricket here..... Pls add career mode like Don Bradmans game on x box, plz add watchable replays for the wickets ... It's something someone would expect to have

solve itPosted by Deepak Mohanty 2016-10-17

opponent teams r hitting sixes but I can't and this problem happens after update this game,,,yorker ball r not connecting with bat if a bowler gave a yorker to me then it must be a out ,,before i did 250 run in 10 over but after update 140 is limitation also test matches too,,so it's a bug so solve it...I mean to say balls r not connecting with bat easily...

Gorgious GamePosted by Mehmood Ayaz Gul 2016-10-14

Sir Plz Enter the LOFT Option as Like 5 ,10 Over Cricket,...... In TEST MATCHES...... Plz... Its boaring and No Chance for Hitting...... I hope this will be Acceptd....Remove The LOFT METER option...... So that we Will Play according To Our Own........ But The Game is Preety Well.... and One thing more........ EMPIRE should be Differnt in Differnt Contest,,.......

Have some queries thoughPosted by Vinayak Gopalarathnam 2016-09-20

1) In test cricket, how come we users can't hit a six till our confidence meter reaches 100% while CPU alone can hit sixes right from ball 1? 2) Why impact outside off stump factor is not being considered in drs? 3) Why is it that during Yorker length balls, in spite of perfectly timed shot or defence, the ball is missed and we get bowled?

Amazing cricketing experience.Posted by abhinav vadapalli 2016-10-13

This is one of the best cricket games out there. The smooth game play, brilliant graphics and detail in the executable batting shots make for a delightful game overall. Only problem is the names of the players have to be edited and is quite irritating. The makers should just get permissions from cricket boards to use actual names like the ea sports versions.

What a gamePosted by Vishwas Devgan 2016-10-16

Please include the new commentaters and includes aftwr win the match there were no celebration in team include this and march tied in blitz tournament Final he was winning me please added the super over and batsman get a completed hundred after he removes her helmet the game such a intrusting and includes the champions trophy tournamet and asia cup and others

New update sucks..Posted by Kashmiri-Ziddi The Injured Lion 2016-10-16

Game gone slow and graphics r not upto the mark in new update and main issue .. U introduce new balling actions.. But there is a prob .. In every match bowler action is changed.. Same bowler and action gone change that is so iritating .. Cz every tym has to bowl diff cz of diff action .. And plzzzz plzzz ad manual field set in test match ... Will rate u 5

Best GamePosted by Athiruban Paramaguru 2016-10-15

This is the best cricket game I have ever played. But it would be great if you could add the number and name of the player in the back of his jersey, make their faces look like their actual ones, red lighted stumps, direct hits in runouts, helicopter shots should be played by unique batsmen, the umpire gives unnecessary wides and does not give LBW often.

Slow downPosted by Vinayak Balla 2016-10-15

Hi team because of latest update pace of the game has been slow down.... Game is not working as smooth as before.. I think Commentary is not needed in the game, those who need they will download seperately that is best option. Including commentary in game making it heavy and its going into bit hanging state also.. Make it as smooth as it was before guys..

Posted by aathi krishna 2016-10-15

This is a very good game in all cricket games. I have some changes to want this game,given below 1)Every wicket to check no-Ball,2) Any other swinging option in bowling 3)Test field manual 4)quick ball throw in field & direct hit 5) i want to career mode that is lot of missions 6)wicket celebrations 7)wicket appeal button manually. Admin pls read it

Needs improvmntPosted by Anik Ranjan 2016-10-15

In test cricket ...fieldings should be accrdng to our choice btu in here we dnt get like that and aslo taking wickets in test way to tediousthat it makes it boring ..itmust hv some tricky to bowling option at least once in evry one over......hope you will fix it very soon.....i eagerly waiting till it getsus all those features ....till then im going off

AwesomePosted by imyahya 2016-10-01

Fabulous, Mind freshing game,please Show individual players name and Jersey number on player Jersey for more entertaining game, When we betting, we want a batsman out by caught behind, 1 , 2 & 3 slip against spinners. The batsman doesn't edge the ball at wicket keepers,1 ,2 and 3 slip against spin balling. please add some more out possibility.. ✝

For an older versionPosted by arshi dbt 2016-10-15

It is actually to hard to play. When we play and make a good score in batting then when the other team members hit sixes in whatever ball we give like short ball off spin leg spin full good length off swing in swing and others. It is like impossible to win in medium. Please just fix minor bug fixes and then it is the best cricket game I have ever used.

Posted by Harsha Amarasinghe 2016-10-12

After the update game became very difficult to score the runs ..and batsmen is getting quickly out.specialy in the test matches.batsman is not finding ball to hit.even can't cross the big scores... Game getting boring..because batting is the interesting please change it .after update only it's happen .even in easy level this happening.

Need urgent responsePosted by anuj goel 2016-09-24

Hii..the game is good but i have lost all my coins and unlock tournaments..which i hav done..i had my google acct backup..but still its not coming after i reinstalled the game on my phone..after it got its showing no tounaments unlock..0 coins..developer reply..wht to do now...i was having 4 lakh coins..and all my tournament was unlocked

Plzz add manual field in testPosted by SHIVAM KUMAR 2016-09-30

I am very very sad after update. Very boring .Add bowler run up is long. Blowers ball 160 km/ hr. some time stumps broken. Commentary in Hindi. Batsman profile like avg. Strike rate. I wait for manual field in test from 8 months. Add sniko. Why your team not add manual field in test plzzz give reason... I hope your team do this what I say. When update

AwesomePosted by rakesh maurya 2016-10-02

I hadn't thought ever about a game which feels like real cricket. I'm biggest fan of WCC2. I wanna thank to developers of this game to give chance of playing this superb game. Thank you so much..!!! I have little advice for you to add features for rainy season. Which may cause a draw and please provide Lucie method for limited overs match. Thank you.

Khatarnak Game..! all cricket fans plz download this updated wcc2 game...!Posted by Vnod Shitre 2016-10-17

Grafics was very very good controls was good. Camera angles was awesome. Every thing is nice n fabulous. Plz make a one change. Wining teim doing a celebration .. Otherwise the Game is tremendous awesome very very good no words. I am fully satisfied.... Thanks nextwave multimedia inc... Your fan. , VINOD SHITRE

Worst DRS review experiencePosted by naga chandra K 2016-10-12

The umpire will not give OUT when the OPPOSITION is batting when ball pitched outside and hitting the wicket clearly and shows msg as per rule pitching outside is aganist rule .But when I was batting ball pitched outside the stump and hitting wicket the umpire give OUT. ALWAYS FAVOUR TO OPPOSITION NO DOUBT ABOUT IT I faced this situation many times

Posted by Rahul patil 2016-10-01

This is a super game sir i loved it.but some suggestion like...1. add wagon wheel for every player. 2. Detailes and performance of player after playing match it should be add his performance in previous detaile. 3. Commentary with player name. 4.hotspot system. 5. Action of celebration catches and getting wickets. Etc. I hope u will mind it.

Awsome graphics. Gud gamePosted by Bifin K. George 2016-10-12

There are two bugs i think. When batting if you refer an lbw decision,u are given out when the ball pitches outside off and hits the stumps. But when u are bowling u review the same and its given not out if the ball pitches outside off and hits the stumps. U should allow to unlock overs without the internet because there is nothing to download.

Very hardPosted by Surya Dev Patel 2016-10-02

Cant win matches in easy level i will 5 stars if u fix keeper bug fix and chance of rain+dl method +batting average and a carrer for player for seperate formats and add snicgo and hotspot then every one gives 5 stars and unlock overs and tournaments for free please also add super over if match is tied and real commentators voice and make awesome

Good but troubling nowPosted by fida rehman 2016-10-16

I like the game but since yesterday one of my player made 4 century (400) runs after that mobile switch off and now i only can play test match . in tournaments i try to click play but unable. I use galaxy s5 mobile. If i uninstall the game so on reinstallation will my data be the same on sign in?

Some updates pleasePosted by Rajkumar Rathod 2016-10-01

Amazing game. But I have playe test match then fealding was only preeset not manual.... Please update "manual fealding"in test match ...... And one more thing batsman was then full century not open to in our hed helmet... Please update this one also.....And not in online playing this type of cricket game please fix online play with friends....

The best cricket gamePosted by 2016-10-15

The best cricket game I have ever played.l have been playing this game for 2 years .A very good gameplay and the test match is my favourite one. l liked the commentary too but you can add some more in the commentary.The replay and the DRS system is also very good so please don't miss this game .This game would be great for cricket lovers.

SuggestionsPosted by Mamilla venu gopal naidu 2016-10-13

Hallo sir I play this game daily,its simply super game,but one suggestion improve the players feelings like when hit the six bowler feels like angry,and when complete the 100 runs please show the dressing room and when match starts feelings at dressingroom and players hairstyles and tattoos and also show the audio between players thank u sir

Posted by waseem miyan 2016-09-19

I love this game. previously i used to play it on IOS but same game i can't play it on android . In andoird phone it doesn't give me an option to sign in. it takes me to a page where it asks me to register but in IOS i does have an option to sign with specific ID and this pisses me off .i want to sign in with same ID which i had in IOS

Posted by Neeraj Pakhre 2016-09-24

I have cleared background data and I have readuced low graphick but game hanging problam is not solve plz update tha app feature plz i realy love this game And i checked another handset new samsung galaxy A7 2016 and there ia a same problam please update ...still game is hanging fo new set samsung galxy A7 2016 plz update this app..

CricketPosted by Biswarup Barik 2016-10-01

This game is awesome...griphix is wonderfull all the senario available in that game...but team i have a rqst when we playing overcst condition of it ppssible then add the graphox play stop due to rain....supr sopr and cover out in the field....all that senario....if it possible then please add it....either its wonderful....please do it

Awesome game nowPosted by Ashu Sri 2016-10-12

Best game for cricket. After u updated, the celebration of making century is now very much effective but I want u to update it like the batsman is coming out of the crease and hitting the shots as in real cricket now and also gambhir should be included in the test team now. Please update it now I m becoming crazy about this game....

ABOUT UDRSPosted by 2016-10-13

When we take review for the LBW,when umpire gives OUT,That time pitching outside is allowed but when we take same review as a bowling side that time ball hits wicket but notification comes that as per rule pitching outside off or something else..I think it's not proper because everytime it goes at umpires favour or umpires call..

Not able to Sign in....Posted by arun .h 2016-10-17

Please help me to sign in my account I reinstalled the game through play store after formatting my mobile my account is not getting sign in now so my points and coins were not getting back and in ODI matches I bought all kind of ltd overs now due to not able to sign in all got locked please fix this bug.....immediately.........

WowPosted by Debjyoti Chakladar 2016-10-13

Ap ka e game bohat acha hai... But isme agar ap tour mode insert kare to or acha hoga,or isme ap agar substitute player insert kare to bohat acha hoga & ek jaroori bat agar test match mein cloudy weather ho.. To barrish hona chaiye.. Please please please jaldi update kijiye... Muje apki game khelna bohat acha lagtahe so....

Bakwas!!!,Mad,foolish gamePosted by AALEKH MAHESHWARI 2016-10-01


AmazingPosted by Raja JAWAD 2016-10-02

I m vry happy to look celebrations . Sooo plzzzz add man of the match awarded in crowd. Plzzzz add rain in test match in cloudy mood and i wil give u 5 star if u add Qaddafi stadium Lahore and Natinghum stadium LONDON. And plzzzz add celebration on winning tournaments plzzzz reply to me thnk uuuuu

Good cricket gamesPosted by sheikh abutalib 2016-10-16

Real cricket games is very good games update version so good but there need one update for 100 & 200 & 300 celebration style need different 100 style like this remove the helmet and celebrate also need the hat trick wicket celebration bowler celebration deferent style You will also update the Asia cup tournament.

:-(Lovely Posted by Ramesh Chapparam 2016-10-02

Great work guys.I played the old version of this game in my old mobile i.e,in Lumina 520 but it's nice to see the guys who've come up with great idea to introduce the mother of cricket i.e, "Test cricket". And the game is absolutely fantastic in all aspects.My request is to add the multiplayer. So that's all to my side...

World no 1 cricket gamePosted by Sameer Karbhari 2016-10-01

This is super game but add a 15 player squad in a team and add new commantry hindi/English,TSHIRT back side player name and number and,a new country league bblt2, cplt20 and more t20 league add super over in match tie time and add funny umpire and lbw snicko and add a chear leaders girls and match winning time add a fire

U guys messed up with latest updatePosted by Nishant Nair 2016-10-01

I was so happy with the graphical build up of the game. The latest update just spoiled the look and feel. Shorter run up doesn't looks smooth like the usual one. Grounds looking so bad now. U guys had made a difference by providing best in class graphics. Now ur new release will surely have some of ur users to move out.

Seriously?Posted by nomi khan 2016-10-15

Played on easy mode against UAE and guess what? They smashed me for 89 runs in 5 overs? That isnt even realistic, especially the shots they played. Fix this stupid problem. And also, how the hell is it not out when the umpire originally gave it out, and in the drs, the ball hits the stumps, yet the decision is overruled?

Fantastic updatePosted by mohammed munawfar 2016-10-01

But doesn't work in my laptop.dear addmin why. My suggestion about this game.please update existing players name to each group. and increase number 12 in to 15 players because we like to change the players in each game .I am playing this game in my I need more improvements. I am really like the game. I love it

Superb game!!!Posted by Nikhil Poyyara 2016-09-29

Well done developers!!! I really enjoy playing this game. Feels like playing in PC! And the developers are improving it. I have a suggestion, when a match winning moment, can you please try to add some special commentaries & Animations?? Now its only showing 'You Won' only.. Thank you, and keep up the good work :)

Want create new palyersPosted by Thulasi ram 2016-10-17

Sir it is only game for cricket with excellent graphic and play actions it is very nice sir thank for the game it is cricket lovers delight but option of creating new players will be very nice for the game please add the features of creating new player it will be very nice and the game would be very interesting for us

Nice but need to consider some aspectsPosted by niraj adhikari 2016-10-14

Sir I have recently downloaded your app and it is perhaps good in every aspect but I found some of the factors which can be improved to make it more than better... sir you can include career mode and use the licensed name of the player which can improve the game.. similarly you can also add qualifier mode.. thank you

Good, Excellent work but...........Posted by Sami Khan 2016-10-12

You should update commentary and test series.From this we should play test without paying coins For tea and lunch break and for stumps we should pay for stumps.And you should unlock t20 match and tournament.You should extract 2 over and blitz tournament. After doing this tour game will be make also No.1 game of 2016

OutstandingPosted by tajammal hussain 2016-09-11

As i am The Gaint Lover of Cricket.since Last 5 year i am playing hundreds of cricket game but This Game Is The King of all..i have never seen such a glorious and fantastic App... Its easy to Critise Something but Developer who did this All work are Actually know how Difficult it is to manage even a single Function.

NicePosted by Hardik Parekh 2016-09-24

Its a prity nice game but yes if u want then u can have some good change,changes like put advertisements below the score board 1 another score board is their in the ground u can put ober their.while their is a break their is a link of watch the video,yes u guys r earning from that just reduce d coin for skiping dt.

Some Updates needed likePosted by Bharath Aithal 2016-09-30

Some Updates needed like after the 1st innings show the wickets again ,how it the same for the second innings also. NEXT if a batsman scores a 50or 100or 150 etc show the replay playing shots after the innings.plz update this then I can rate 5stars. Thank you

excellent gamePosted by Sayak Ghosh 2016-10-16

superve.. i enjoyed this game.... Required some ipl or other match should have additional team squad which will play my 2..time out in ipl...some comentray change..just like voice..ravi ipl we will buying our team made and also other countries player

OutstandingPosted by Zain Ali 2016-10-15

I loved it too much nice graphics outstanding experience with the only thing is to just add day & night test matches and unlocking of new features are too expensive so please bring it down otherwise nice experience with. %. Great work you all done

Love it.Posted by Nitish Kumar 2016-09-20

Best cricket game i ever played but there should must be some improvements that grounds are so small; very easy to play even i can hit boundries on every ball;whatever did i score by any player should be showed in his identity.If these improvements are made then i will give 5 stars,but anyway thanks to nextwave.

Will star 5 if the smoothness is brought back.Posted by A.Vishnu Varthan 2016-10-02

After the recent update the boasted liquid flow graphics have become slightly 'gel -flow'. LOL. C'mon team.. make it smooth again. You can also include statistics for tournaments. High scorer, highest wicket will be a boost you know...

Posted by poonam dhiman 2016-10-15

Nsbcvndvdjdhwjhssowshsishkshjksjsjjjsnksjssjs Jansen's and has n#!#(*#+#*#!#+#-$(%9#$($837261542538412337484671873837377wuuewhxhejfbjdbxb12780372827928787827827288373847374637373744673676647468364836383737363763836383538363836383638273738283838182838283782749372837927387282837297229729283828739273863868728377333

Posted by Ashish Anand 2016-10-12

I would give it 5 stars...but for others tournament except blitz.....required coins are too much...2lac...5lac ...its very difficult to earn so much coins in game with given options.... Pls...either you increase winnings coins...or reduce the required coins for tournaments like world cup...ipl etc.... thanku...

A very engaging game but SPIKED with Ads. DELETING!Posted by Avishek Mitra 2016-10-02

It began as a very engaging game with comprehensive gameplay and subtle difficulty levels. But offlate the makers have spiked it with Ads. Seriously guys there is a thin line between good creativity and mass profitability. Fed up and deleting this as it's making a sizeable hole in my monthly 3G usage. BYE BYE!

Add direct throw system in fielding side.Posted by Md. Akram Hossain 2016-10-16

It's really an awesome cricket game ever.. but pls make it something more as like as a real game. Add direct throw system during fielding and make more stronger the opponents batsman. It's too much easy to out them. And make some difficulty for hit a maximum in every ball. Thanks and best wishes for the team.

Need improvementPosted by Om Kandpal 2016-10-16

Game is ok but still so many things were improvement can be bowler option, commentary, filed adjustments in test etc.. other than this series bowler stat. Batsman many six hitted in the series who has hit max six . Whi had hit longest six. Four n other you may better then us

Loving to play but. Need further new aspects.Posted by Arjun Shetty 2016-10-15

Pls introduce leave button while batting with different styles. And introduce the real faces of diffefent players and some times the updated bowling style is not working shane warne style of bowling is applying some times only. most of the cases shane warne style is not applying for all legspins. Thank you.

Superb gamePosted by 2016-10-02

I want to chage in test cri. You know you cant hit six in test cri.. Its take a lots of time to hit the six its good test cri.. but there should be atleast 2. Or 3 ball hit six in a over.. Then its become a more interesting & exiting... Like pc game.. EA sport.. Plz do it.. This change. Tahnks wC2...

Hi sirPosted by mdsalim ctg 2016-10-13

cricket is the most famous in the world at the moment,#world cricket champioship 2 awesome game..but can u do it,it is more stablish!?.it my request,we hope future this game graphics as a real cricket graphics,so fix bug,& add new option every updated..good luck sir,we want more intersting cricket enjoy

Nice gamePosted by Omar Enaam 2016-09-22

One major problem is that when we edit players name it doesn't remain the same. We have to edit every time and it takes lots of time which is quite irritating. Kindly fix it and pay some attention in the graphics section. Good game btw and can u plz tell me that how we can leave the delivery?? Well left ??


Hi team, the DRS is faulty, 2 out of 20 times if I bowl a googly or doosra then the drs fails to get the trajectory. Also always the decision of umpire is upheld, so no use of drs. Also the keeper in test matches are useless as they do not hold any catches. No outside edge to wicketkeeper in test matches.

Just need final touchPosted by Akshay Khedekar 2016-09-29

Dear admin, request you to make fast bowler run-up more also game is entangle while batsman score runs. Also add sum feature where rain come in a cloudy match. Also slips and close fielder attacking field for color cricket. Add feature where best wicket video can be save. Rest all game is awesome to play.

Best cricket game out therePosted by Kyle Newman 2016-09-19

Its enjoyable and kills alot of time. The most realistic cricket game ever played.. i just think in the test matches your shot metre should go up everytime you hit a perfect shot or block. Not evertime you make a run because then your run rate becomes unrealistic and your having to score runs every ball.

I liked this game after it is being updatedPosted by Rizv 007 2016-10-12

I liked this game after it is being updated but hitch thing is that we have only one tournament which im fed of playing it always we are stuggling to earn coin kindly i request you guys to decrease the coin amount to unlock tournament .Thank you

Best cricket game on androidPosted by Jatin Sharma 2016-10-15

In tests, there is a problem, hitting percentage rate should have to depend on no.of deliveries batsman facing not on no.of hits bring some change in there.......also increase the chances of edges so no.of wickets gone behind the stumps are more....please take these two things into consideration

Awesome gamePosted by imran molla 2016-10-13

This is best cricket game ever but need some more features. Like winning celebration and presentation ceremony and give man of the match..and some moving crowds and fans..and cheer leaders. If this features added then this games makes better and more interesting..thank you for give this awesome game..

Brilliant gamePosted by RAJ Jariwala 2016-10-12

This game is awesome but if you could just do one thing that when a new batsmen walks in u should show his profile like how many matches he's played no of runs scored,highest score,no of centuries , no of half centuries , no of double centuries , average etc.and also players should get different faces

My ComplaintPosted by Seema Verma 2016-10-14

Firstly I want to tell that i know that you didn't see the comments only set a fixed message to all commenters its not good So, my Complain is that in this game fielders are really slow not running fast and run rate , required run rate is not shown I will give 5 star when my wishes will be completed

Posted by Alagu deepan 2016-09-24

Pls add1. Hindi commentaries 2.pls add frustration of bowler when the batsman hit 2sixes continuously 3.add stumping behind the wicket.. 4,add ipl teams 5.add scoreboard!! 6.wagoon wheel of the individual batsman. 7.cheer girls. Game looks super.. I playing this game for last 4months which is superb

Posted by Rakesh Talreja 2016-10-01

Adds between overs are so irritatting.Game is not running and mobile is goes on hang mode.This problem is from when the rio olympics start.n i have to restart game from beginning.otherwise game is is not running smoothly in android version 6 after updating the game also plz give solution

Quick suggestionsPosted by kajal thakur 2016-10-14

This is the best game I ever played plzz update for this for me add a world tour mode and also try of IPL .if you add a new way runout like direct hit its to good.And also try that after not getting decision in ones favour the players show as unconvinced decision and also show the name of umpires.

Posted by siddharth parmar 2016-10-13

Nice updating to the game I would suggest to have manual replay and save the replay. There should also be multiplayer mode through WiFi or Bluetooth and the stats of the individual player should also be displayed. Very very very fantastic game. Hope for nice update next time. Awesome game loved it

AwesomePosted by Santhosh Palani 2016-10-02

Very improved top 1 cricket game. Please add when fielder gets ball he throw to wicketkeeper or bowler add throwing the ball directly through stump +when ball hits stump light should come from stumps+when match is over the player should talk to the commentry and congratulation please reply

Good Update! Bowling is enjoyable!Posted by Guru Prasath 2016-10-02

Good update... Spinners bowling is enjoyable now.. Need to work on fast bowlers actions though.. Again batting improvement is needed(couldn't Pierce d gaps).Replay angles are best in earlier version.. Adding kit no on d Jersey nd different greenish outfield textures will be pleasing.. Good luck!

App has been spoilt with Updates !Posted by B VENKATESH 2016-10-15

Till the new different Bowling Actions were introduced, Game was awesome without any lag. But now after the recent updates in Bowling Actions, game is not smooth and graphics have become brighter straining the eyes. Pls restore old update. Standard Bowling Actions are fine. Unable to enjoy now.

Not compatible with Mi 4i devicePosted by Kedar Mendjoge 2016-10-14

I'm having this app since long time but when connected to Wi fi or mobile data, it's not working well.. it hangs a lot, couldn't play shots or bowling. I tried to change the setting by having low graphics but all failed. Even when internet is off, it's not working with high graphics. Kindly help

Awsome Cricket GamePosted by Brijesh Kumar 2016-10-01

Woow Supeb Cricket Game Even Played in my mobile, loved it a lot. Thanks to developer. But they must add Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly, And Many Other Player Like That. So That Cricket Lovers And Their Fans Play along with them.. Also improve commentary as everytime similar comments looks boring!!!

Offline MultiplayerPosted by Hemanth Appu 2016-10-13

Plz Update the game by adding multiplayer mode...means the match is held between me & my frnd ... If one should "Host The Game" by create hotspot and another one should "Join The Game" by connecting that hotspot... So it helps to improve the number of downloads of this game..... Thank you

Posted by Shivam Dhawan 2016-09-22

In previous versions the game plays very smoothly but this update is very bad....because whenever i flick the ball or play the yorker defensively the batsman bowled every time. Pls fix this in new version. I still wait for the update bec. I love this game very much....pls pls pls fix this...

Posted by Ravi Sachdeva 2016-10-17

i have singed out in the game today and singned in and my all 2 lakh 97 thousand 9 hundred and 91 coins were becomed to 0 and my favouraite team india becomes afganistan! My coins are back but favouraite team is now also afganistan,प्लीज इस चीज को सही करे

Some extra features neededPosted by Rahul deo 2016-10-16

I like this game so much but there is manual fielding option is not available plz add this feature this is very important for the game. Thanks yours. Adviser. Rahul deo

Awesome GamePosted by Sunny Badhan 2016-10-15

Everything is fine I love this game osm graphic please sir update the new version because am so excited for new version please add the real pics of players when he coming the batting and bowling in the ground and please give me tips for test match game I want to win but am always lost .,.

My favorite game, All in one cricket gamePosted by Shubham Kumar 2016-10-13

Your some features are out of rating. Like DRS, Different bowling styles, bating little hard erc... Best of luck. New verson is too good. Please add some features- Man of the series, fastest fifty & fastest century, most wicked tacker bowler.

Good game but one problem,Posted by Saagneek Ghosh 2016-10-14

Its a very good game and has a very good graphics. Its also very addictive,but the main problem is that the player names are all wrong. When I try to change the name where you play the match but it only changes temporarily. So,I hope that you will fix it soon and then i'll rate 5 stars.

Please include thefollowingfeaturesPosted by Abhish M'lore 2016-10-13

Like 1)direct throw. 2) celebration of the players. 3)ceremony after thematch and after the final over .4) self appealing.5) creating a player.6)give more importants to slip.7) there should be raining in middle of the game please include these features and the game is awesome thank you

GoodPosted by kartik modi 2016-10-13

I would give 5 stars.But, players names are not perfect. Give proper names to the players. Also add some classic shots. Then I will give 5 stars. Also after every game the name of player changes to original one. Please add a feature that the changed name remains till it is not changed.

VinayPosted by Vinay Kumar 2016-10-12

Please add every batsman score in my game then how to I played.......and display his own records in my game how to I play….... Piease add every batsmen every match own best highest score display &every bowler best wicketes display...sir plzzz every batsman weagan well show it

Game is good but...price..Posted by Avneesh Grover 2016-10-01

It irritates when we have best internet connection(wifi) but it only shows loading events and whatever we open which played by internet connection... it irritates very much...and please reduce the price of stadiums and tournaments....please....if you help us then i will give 5 stars.

Tremendous Game.Posted by Azhar Moin 2016-10-15

Up date day & night test match I love this game & i playing this game when ever i fell free from my work. I want to one request to plz update this test match game i mean Day Night Test Match with pink ball. I hope I'll be play day night test match as soon as possible. Thanks

Loved itPosted by 2016-10-15

Best game but still some progress should be their like commentary in Hindi and player should remove his helment after 50 100. after winning handshake should be their .if this all will their I will give u 5stars but for now 4 only . please send next update my exam are going to start

Posted by Abhimon HD 2016-10-15

I loved this game before but now in some hot matches the background in pink in colour. What to do. Now when I am playing IND vs NZ in hot mathes New Zealands jersey is white in colour. It is black in colour. Barring these things this is a world class game with high quality graphics.

A good gamePosted by Rajkiran kommera 2016-10-14

One of my fav game ....but i think should be more updated. By player names. & Bowling actions and...try to build some more indian stadiums...and. Make. Century celebration unique.....(removing the helmet) ..finally do make. Manual from field set for test matches........THANK..U

BEST GAME....BUT....Posted by Akshat Mahajan 2016-09-22

Now what to say... Whenever I ask my frds about this game they say that they have uninstalled this game bcoz it is so EASY to play in difficult mode too..nd say that they hit six at every what's d FUN..same is d case wid me..ITS TOO EASY..plz REQUEST maje this game HARDER

Posted by Pradeep Yadav 2017-01-11

You add plz manual field in test match and skill for every player add ranji trophy full and available other player for choose squed manual for every match plz add hot spot for review and add more action of bowling add ipl full also

AdvertisingPosted by Kapil Munot 2016-10-13

It is so irritating that after every over there is a 30 sec advertise ... after every innings again an ad ..after every wicket again an ad ... why dont you sell your app completely ... chamge the name to advertisements with little cricket also ! DO NOT INSTALL AND WASTE YOUR TIME

World cricketPosted by inNσ'cєиT vα'яυN 2016-10-12

Hey there! Nextwave multimedia...i play this game from last 6 month's...very enjoyable...very entertaining....nd recently i got new update...and yes u fix all u r minor bugs in this update..just a bit i wanna suggest that if is possible will u improve a graphic quality as well..

Worst Game Ever...Posted by Mamta Goyal 2016-10-01

The time I have updated this game is not working properly.. I mean from last 5 days I have not played a single game as it get hanged while loading asset. I tried it on low graphic also. Why r u asking for updation if u r having such a worst service. Shame on u.. spoiled my mood

Few changePosted by Krunal gandhi 2016-10-15

I m loving this app n since it has been while i would like to hv some changes like... Give us selection of team frm 15-20 members as it has been the same playing 11..also bring batting n bowling stastics as player profile if possible which will increase charm of the game thanku

Posted by Chandan Ray 2016-10-15

Is game me bastman ka pura run ya bolwer ka pura wicket ketna match me wicket ya run bnaya he real name nhi dekaya jata he overall average pura career nhi dekaya jata he I hope next update sure brings the game more realicd thnks then fast and spin bolwer please actions change

AwesomePosted by Sai Krishna 2016-09-30

Add features like multiplayer it would be a great feature if u include it in next update, sniko meter, hotspot should be included, plz add buttons for appealing and defense in test match too too, make fielder to hit the stumps and throw should be hit the stumps randomly

Great gamePosted by balbir kaur 2016-10-12

What a game!!!test match oh great!!tournaments oh great quick play oh great batting oh great bowling oh great hot events oh great i am playing with name jasdiljit if any body wants to challenge !!lets do it please download it its a great game !!!!!!!! Thank you ☺☺☺☺

How to download and install World Cricket Championship 2 on Android/PC

In this text, the instruction how to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk will be specifically mentioned. At first, you are given some basic information about this hot game.
World Cricket Championship is on top downloaded game on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It is a miniature version of cricket which is commonly played in Europe countries. World Cricket Championship is a mobile sport game for cricket lovers. Its latest version – World Cricket Championship 2 is now on public. With this version, so many features are greatly advanced, which absolutely attracts you so much! You will want to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk immediately after reading the following part of this text!

Why you should have World Cricket Championship 2 installed

  • At first, you can customize your team. You have a variety of designs, colors for pattern, jersey, … and create your team’s banners as well to light up your team!
  • Now, you can record and share the best moments of matches on Social Media, make new buddies by talking to others on the shout board
  • There are more than 45 different cricketing shots in this latest version.
  • One of the most amazing features is that in World Cricket Championship 2, there are many animations, new controls and camera angels, 3D maps that can give you intense perspective.
  • Also, you can choose one of stadiums, famous venues, pitch condition (dead, dusty, green) and weather condition
  • Additionally, you can have lively matches under floodlights in the Day/Night mode to make them more exciting!
  • That’s all new amazing features that helps this game to be deserved to be one of the hottest game of 2016. If you are cricket fans, you will not regret to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Windows

    If you have problems in downloading or installing this game from Google Play and Apple AppStore, you can definitely download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for free after following steps below:
    • Install Android emulator (Nox, Bluestacks, MEmu for example) on your pc
    • Download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for pc here and save to your pc
    • Open Android Emulator on your PC
    • Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
    • Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
    • Downloading World Cricket Championship 2 is successful on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy fascinating cricket matches.
    You see? Download World Cricket Championship 2 game apk is extremely easy!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Mac:

    With Mac users, you can definitely follow the steps for Window users to download this game

    World Cricket Championship 2 on Google Play

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