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Decisions are not fairPosted by 2016-10-13

When the bowl is pitching outside the line, it is not out when India bowls when it comes to the opponents it is always given out at that time there is no pop up saying the rule of pitching outside the line, secondly when India times the ball it's rare to make a perfect shot but the other party does it without any error , Cricket game is perfect when all the rules and decisions are fair for both the teams.To add,can there be substitutes so that we may shuffle players before the toss? Can there be a third ump

Good game , annoying ad mechanismPosted by Virag Shinde 2016-10-01

Changing my review from 5 to 1 star. This game was awesome until a recent update which shows ads on the corner of the page while playing the game. I can live with any number of ads within overs or when the game is loading. But there should not be ads , even if on the corner of the screen while batting or bowling. The ads are extremely annoying and really affect what is otherwise a perfect game play. Next wave team, if you are listening, sincere request to you to change the ad mechanism to the old way.

Sorry for my previous mistaken review you really never used real names it was Real Cricket 16 which Posted by ashu patel 2016-10-14

I've always been a great lover of your Game i recommend it to all friends to try it BUT suggsting U 2 add ADVANCED SHOTS and try to make player look more open during the game i mean their body positions while playing looks same of all and yes some CATCHING celebrations look disgustin and Defensive shots while yorkr spin fast r same n STRAIGHT n Ondrive also looks very ODD i telling u to go and play Ea criket7/16 and observe carefully the movements and body postures of the players I HOPE U'll consider it.

Still the samePosted by Shaaz Hafiz 2016-10-02

Still u guys didn't include tower camera angle for pitch and fielding. Make gameplay a bit fast when bowler steam in to bowl its very unreal. And fielders still dont attack the ball. Returning of the ball from out of circle players is disgusting why they take so much time. When a ground shot is played and ball doesnt reach the boundary, fielder running behind to stop the ball goes ahead of the ball then take postion sits down then stops the ball funny. He doesnt stop the ball in the flow plz fix this.

New Update is HorriblePosted by Vivek Anand 2016-10-01

Graphics have completely gone south. Gameplay has become unnecessarily difficult (batting) because of stuttering graphics. Previously perfect horizontal-bat shots like the late cut, upper cut, etc. now result in a swing and a miss. Only the sweep shot works every time which defeats the purpose. Bowling actions seem really awkward. I used to play this almost every day previously, and now even 20 minutes is a nightmare...Please get back the fluid graphics this game was famous for.

Posted by Dhruba Jyoti Deka 2016-09-29

What an worst update!!! The bowling actions look like the bowler is playing "handicapped cricket". Green pitch is no more green. Reverse swing fail. DRS still failing. Fielder picks up the ball as if he is sleepy and lazy. Fast bowler balling like a slow bowler. Spin bowel bowling like he is dancing. No option of changing favorite team. No day-night match option. No Man of the Tournament. Why Adv for me while I have purchased the game for ad free??? Please fix the errors asap.

Need more difficult guys.Posted by Abhijit Salve 2016-10-01

Its so easy to out batsman, just on the last moment change ball circle location. I can all out any team on the score of 0 runs. Graphic is too good i love this game but need more improvements eg. Edge on sleep, proper straight drive like Master Sachin, leg glance even if batsman miss timing shots high high catches, perfect six shots ball going out of the stadium. Bowler batsman shout and fight after bouncer. No day night match option? Please update...

Posted by Pranjal Biswas 2016-10-14

totaly agree with you ,,, but kya marks de samaj maii nahi arahaa hai .because ,update to kar liya but 4-5 dino mai game totaly stop ho jayega . firse uninstall and fer install kar ne kai baad on hoga ...yee problem hanesa sai chale arahaa hai ,,so,dear sweet Developers, aplog thik karo iss game ko kitni STAR milna chahi hai _??, thank you for quick reply , ok I will helping to you through your suggestion ,kindly fix this problem .

Test cricket is kept aside for manual fieldPosted by upendra thakkar 2016-10-15

I have issue of music player gets off when i start the game. Another issue i am not able to write anything in banner.for both reasons i have sent mails with screenshot and my mbl details. And for test cricket i will suggest every users do not play test cricket untill game allows us to keep fielding manually because in default fielding the player bats nagatively.i do not want loft batting in test cricket but require to set manual field.

Posted by Laxman.k Kottapalli 2016-10-01

The best cricket game of android add some players of selection for the match &man of the match&man of the series &show the bowling& batting statics need more improvements such as commentry direct hits slip catches and disuss bowler & captain when bowler concided more runs &celebration for every haul please update all these things for more intresting to play the game thanks u

Nice but zero rating because of ADsPosted by Chris Kishore 2016-10-13

Dear Developers, will u please take off real carrom ad on playing screen? It is seriously disturbing n disappointing especially when bowling. I am unable to select the ball direction. Ad is irritation too much. Ads in between overs are fine but not on the middle of the screen where we use every single second in the game. So please understand quickly or else people will delete this app for ever. So needed quick action.

Got stiff and stucksPosted by Jaspreet Heer 2016-09-29

New update is good but the game has become so stiff it used to be Hella smooth.. I'm using medium graphics but still no matter how hard I swipe the screen while batting the player doesn't even swings his bat,i got all out in just 5 overs cuz of freezing plus lots of glitching during game play I gave 1 star cuz of these reasons, you guys need to fix it asap! Then I will give 5 stars as I had given in previous update..

I got hit with the "player 11" glitchPosted by lorenzo thomas 2016-10-16

I can't play more than one game without getting this glitch. It works fine for ONE game every time after reinstallation, after that "player 11" joins my team's roster, leaving my game unplayable. It won't let me start a match. Forever stuck on the edit player name screen until i reinstall again. I've invested time and money into this game and i cant even play it. I tried EVERYTHING. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

sign in problem in updatePosted by Vikas Yadav 2016-10-01

i can not sign in after update despite having a good net connection....if i uninstall and reinstall all the enhanced capabilities of my team players will reset to default..... so now thinking to uninstall it for increasing player capabilities to almost 85%(whuch is max) takes a hell lot of efforts..... and i cant comment on other improvements in update bcz have not played without sign in...

Need urgent responsePosted by anuj goel 2016-09-24

Hii..the game is good but i have lost all my coins and unlock tournaments..which i hav done..i had my google acct backup..but still its not coming after i reinstalled the game on my phone..after it got its showing no tounaments unlock..0 coins..developer reply..wht to do now...i was having 4 lakh coins..and all my tournament was unlocked

Plzz add manual field in testPosted by SHIVAM KUMAR 2016-09-30

I am very very sad after update. Very boring .Add bowler run up is long. Blowers ball 160 km/ hr. some time stumps broken. Commentary in Hindi. Batsman profile like avg. Strike rate. I wait for manual field in test from 8 months. Add sniko. Why your team not add manual field in test plzzz give reason... I hope your team do this what I say. When update

Bakwas!!!,Mad,foolish gamePosted by AALEKH MAHESHWARI 2016-10-01


Not compatible with Mi 4i devicePosted by Kedar Mendjoge 2016-10-14

I'm having this app since long time but when connected to Wi fi or mobile data, it's not working well.. it hangs a lot, couldn't play shots or bowling. I tried to change the setting by having low graphics but all failed. Even when internet is off, it's not working with high graphics. Kindly help

Posted by Shivam Dhawan 2016-09-22

In previous versions the game plays very smoothly but this update is very bad....because whenever i flick the ball or play the yorker defensively the batsman bowled every time. Pls fix this in new version. I still wait for the update bec. I love this game very much....pls pls pls fix this...

AdvertisingPosted by Kapil Munot 2016-10-13

It is so irritating that after every over there is a 30 sec advertise ... after every innings again an ad ..after every wicket again an ad ... why dont you sell your app completely ... chamge the name to advertisements with little cricket also ! DO NOT INSTALL AND WASTE YOUR TIME

Worst Game Ever...Posted by Mamta Goyal 2016-10-01

The time I have updated this game is not working properly.. I mean from last 5 days I have not played a single game as it get hanged while loading asset. I tried it on low graphic also. Why r u asking for updation if u r having such a worst service. Shame on u.. spoiled my mood

no reply by company after complaintPosted by Hardeep Rana 2016-10-14

my points will automatically deducted. no further point will be credited to my account even after lot of matches, almost 50000 points will be withdrawal from my app without using points anywhere, already sent 6 mails to team but no resolution given yet. no coperation by team.

Not allowed to sign inPosted by Vinkesh Shah 2016-10-15

This app is not allowed to sign in and due to this able to access basic features only... Already provided all the permissions but still not working... Already contacted to developer team but no update and still facing same issue... If you resolve my this issue I will give 5

You are just replaying the replies same replies to are not seeing reviewsPosted by Iam indian 007 2016-10-01

It is a best cricket game. Commentry is the worst.Please update it.Great game.Luvit.stadiums are costly,please add career mode.T tournament mode should be changed.Make it having groupA,B.then semis,final.then I'll give 5 stars

New update started consuming more batteryPosted by Munipradeep Beerakam 2016-10-01

After your new update which came on September 28, 2016 the game started consuming more battery and also mobile getting heated quickly. I am using in low graphics mode only. Before this update, there was no issues with the game. Please look into the issue.

TOTAL FOOLISH GAME...Posted by Vishvanath Upadhye 2016-09-25

The batsman is not able to place and play the ball properly even in the easy mode. Then what to play in the difficult mode. When I play a lofted shot, either the batsman gets out by LBW or caught out. The are other cricket games better than this game.

poor updated version for bowlingPosted by jekin panchal 2016-10-01

Current Update version of this game is so much poor that game is not for bowlers while playing .Bowlers are trying to throw ball in good length areas then also no results. Only for batsman run machine is in this game. Need to improve in next versions.

INAPPROPRIATE Shots.Posted by swapneel bhore 2016-10-02

Square cuts and Fine cuts are airial shots. Hence only way to get a successive boundary is playing a lofted shot, which makes gameplay unreal. Cover drives look lethargic when the ball is pitched up. When ball is in the air, it looks like a comet.

Update Gone BadPosted by mini fuzz 2016-10-01

The gameplay is way too choppy. I put the graphics on low but it's not getting any better. The bowler balls it and the next thing you know it's already near the wicket. Timing is impossible because of the slowness and choppiness. Please fix this.

Need more improvement in the game.Posted by vijay dasari 2016-10-12

First change the bat models all are using same bats. And add names real in teams and also add the leagues like ipl, KFC big bash, cpl, ram slam t20. Change batting styles for more realistic gameplay. Keep these points and add for next update.

Posted by Vaibhav Gupta 2016-10-16

Only problem is to get the enough coins to purchase the cups to play different types of levels. There should be per match at least 10000 with limit over between 5 to 20 and instead of 2. Too costly to earn coins and wastage of time also.

doesn't downloadPosted by mega star 2016-09-25

i mean game k but need more updates and tournaments like bigbash,another on like ashes ,match winning ceremonies wickets taken celebration,mom awards add many more animation reality ,commentary ,we want cricket game like fifa 16 graphics

So badPosted by Khalid Javed 2016-10-01

It would hit where i wanted it to and my fielders just stood there and nothing ever went to the boundaries don't download it sucks totaly please update it and make it better please make it better but i'm sorry for the bad requests

Posted by adnan javed 2016-10-14

Full of ads, we know u earn money from ads but it is completely disturbing the flow of the game,moreover it says to watch a video to skip lunch and tea break during a test match...I did watch the whole video but it dint work ...

WastePosted by anubhav agarwal 2016-09-24

One of the worst games I have installed. When you think a player cannot this ball, he hits you for a six and you put a slow hittable ball, player gets bowled. This is a pre programed game, it's not on How you want to play. Crap

Posted by Isaac 2016-10-03

No longer able to sign in to play games account since new update. Not able to skip lunch/tea breaks by watching ads. The ad plays and takes you back to the wait screen. Update is so bad I will no longer play this game.

Very poor if you update.Posted by Ajit Soni 2016-10-02

DO NOT UPDATE THIS GAME EVERRRR. AFTER UPDATE IT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO LOGIN. I tried logout and relogin but never get me in, all my game stats and coins set back to ZERO :( UPDATE IS STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

Posted by Faheem Saeed 2016-10-14

please some update a major update new look game and graphics performance please hurry up but this game is not bad iam play this game very good game from some cricket games. plxx major update this game

Such a waste gamePosted by Nithin Vs 2016-10-17

I really love the concept but why so many ads.... As a free player I can hardly play this game... Game hangs too many times... Ad pop-ups after every ball I throw... Waste of time and Internet.....

Canvas 5Posted by Prakhar Mishra 2016-09-24

Game is running slow and lagging too much after recent updates..... before this game was running smoothly...... solve the problem or I should uninstall it....I did all the things plz resolve it...

Worst after updatePosted by Bhavesh Panchal 2016-10-02

In previous version batting was right but now that is poor. If i play shot off side it automatically shot to legside and go for catch. If played cover drive it goes for flick so need to fix it.

Annoying AddPosted by abhinav saxena 2016-10-13

Can't play online every now n then Vodafone add carom n teen pati add comes n ruin the game sometimes it pause and my player got out on the ball.. good game but this crap making it of no use

Fixed the squads and add new players in the squads.Posted by Firdous Mondal 2016-10-02

Please give much better update for this game like damp pitch and rainy weather condition.And also fixed the stadiums with the game itself.Add manual fielding settings for test cricket game.

fix bug plzzPosted by Shuvo Saha 2016-10-02

after update this game performance lag on device.. but previous version has no problem.. I haven't use any background restrictions and my graphic is always on low... what should I do??

So big that it's a fail.Posted by Stylazation 2016-10-01

More advertisement, stadium turns out to be blur screens only. New update is full of bugs and advertisements. This is where big names gets to lose everything. Very disappointed.

Fix the bugs ..Posted by Umesh Gupta 2016-10-01

The latest update was not as prvious update there is many bugs ..bowling decision given by umpaire etc even short selection also...plz as soons as possible fix these bugs

Rahul IT ENGINEERPosted by rahul vaghela 2016-10-16

Bakwaas game test cricket very bad umpire decision opposite apna vaala ko out dete sale jab unko lbw hota hain onko very don't playing test cricket waste your time

Posted by Tushar Gaude 2016-09-10

This game u cant paly t20 world cup our more torments... they r saying dwnld but not bwnlding u have too put all function 1st allerdy then you can lounche game

Don't download it!Posted by Prince clifford 2016-10-02

Before last update it works fine with my Lenovo k3 note... After update stadiums not downloading faster... I really missed the best game... I uninstalled it...

Useless gamePosted by Paul Antony 2016-10-16

This useless game has the worst touching controlls. When I want the player to run he doesn't run and when I don't want him to run he runs thus becoming run out

Updated version is boredPosted by ravindra pawar 2016-10-15

Opposition team is too weak, it's very easy to all-out them on score of zero. Please update again make game interesting to play, make opposition team stronger.

Lots of bugsPosted by MAYANK ANAND 2016-09-29

Won a challenge from my friend and instead of any benefit it costed 10000 coins . the lot was 20000 but instead lost 10000 and 20000 by winning the challenge.

HangedPosted by Jash Shah 2016-10-16

The game is totally a waste the new update is full of bugs the game hangs when the bowler makes his new action and only hang when there is bowl thrown for 50

20 Major update stop this game as year of game of 2016Posted by Chetan Nimavat 2016-10-01

Your new update force me to uninstall my favourite game due to disappear of reality which was in past, with new update it is not possible to play really...

CrashesPosted by Indrani Sarkar 2016-10-16

I hate this game too bad I gave this game a five star it's a shame too that it was my favourite game fix the crashes then I will give it a five star again

Not able to playPosted by kishore kumar Reddy 2016-09-30

. between the overs playing ads are placed.So game is getting blur while playing.n it able to play shot with timing because of the blur or frames struck.

Good gamePosted by 2016-09-30

Bhai jasse 50 over match me loft on kar ke Mar sakte hai to ye test match me kyu nahi essa koi update do jo test match me loft on ho jab ham chahe ok

Good gamePosted by Ved Prakash Jha 2016-10-13

Bhai jasse 50 over match me loft on kar ke Mar sakte hai to ye test match me kyu nahi essa koi update do jo test match me loft on ho jab ham chahe ok

Couldnt download stadiums in live eventsPosted by aseem singla 2016-09-25

I am using wifi 4g or 3g every network i could but the download stops at 80℅ 90℅ or even 99℅....restarted the game almost 100 times but no use

Posted by Honeysinghsong Abbas 2016-10-17

hello hy ap ki game ham har roz khelta h plz ik naya update man af the match wo jo bol kar dey or player d batting style badla dojis k bohat score h

BadPosted by Anshul Riyal 2016-10-15

All game mess because of ads between game i play lots of games but i never see this type of game if you want to shown ads please show after game..

Not get started in my Asus Zenfone 5 upgraded MarshmallowPosted by Kutabuddin Patel 2016-10-16

After installing the game in my phone I am trying to start the game but it just showed black Blank screen..... No any status of uploading game...

Stupid gamePosted by Md Nawaz Rahaman 2016-10-01

This the most stupid game I've ever played. Too much midfields and catch drops. There is no team in the world who miss that much fielding.

Hated itPosted by alquma sabir 2016-10-15

Sir ap itna late se update krte hai ki game boring ho jata hai,na apne new pitch add kiye n direct run even apne hot spot v update ni kiya

The game is not openingPosted by Seema Lal 2016-10-15

The game is not opening it is stopping at assets . To many irritating ad's.And all cricket leagues and overs should be unlocked .....

To improvementPosted by Vicky jha 2016-10-13

Put bowler celebrations to take 5 wicket . this is best game but I am not enjoying because it easy to play & add some new features

Posted by ridder gujral 2016-10-13

Signing in problem always occur and I hate it and then I reinstall this game my all coins unlocks go plz fix it will give it a a 5*

Posted by Naveed Mohd 2016-09-24

We can't score if we play lofted shot we got out so it bad game for that i m giving 1 star fix it i will think about that of 5 star

Posted by milan gupta 2016-10-13

Overs-20, Level-hard, me avg-350+, opponent-30-70...., what a crap......atleast increase hardness......n multiplayer option too....

Literal cheatingPosted by Swaminathan G 2016-09-20

I use an aircel connection and anytime I play wcc 2 something gets activated on its own and I am being charged.. Cheating app..

worstPosted by vicky wadhwani 2016-10-14

me hot event khilta hu usme partnership kitne hue hai wo nahi bhata hai tournament khilta hu to usme bhata hai ku aisa reply me

Sept 2016Posted by Neil Jamieson 2016-09-22

Used to love this game. However will now be uninstalling it due to the fact that there are now 15 second ads after every over.

Worst cricket Game everPosted by pranavkhetan khetan 2016-10-15

Batting of opponent very strong they hit six and four ever ball and tooo tuff game to win looks like made for computer to win

Posted by 2016-10-13

After update it clears the statistics HEART BROCKEN!! And it doesn't give free coin even if we perform the tasks given by it.

Great when it worksPosted by vcvinny0721 2016-10-02

I like how the game looks and plays but I am having issues with the West Indies team which does not load at times.Please fix

Posted by Arjit Singh 2016-10-13

What the hell error trouble shooting again and again i have sufficient storage for it but it is not installing fixe it.....

Always HangingPosted by prabhu pandi 2016-10-14

Got irritated.. Previous version is super.. Performance issue while loading Ads. I think background it's start loading Ads

Australia tour of South Africa eventPosted by Mehul thakur 2016-10-13

Australia tour of South Africa not shown in hot event resolve this bug as soon as possible because match will expire soon.

Posted by Frndz club 2016-10-01

plz add real commentary and real voice, & plz make more challenging game like all mode challenging & real feeling

Posted by Venky Sai 2016-10-13

I tried and it is very easy game should be more difficult now it is boring because every match i am winning very easily

what is this???Posted by Shuvo Saha 2016-10-16

all the players skill has gone after uninstall and re-installation game... I have uninstall the game for that reason..

Wrong umpiringPosted by Sardarhamza Hamza 2016-09-22

In our batting the ball is not hitting the wicket and it gives out.2 in bollwing the ball is hitting it not gives out

Why why whyPosted by Sandip Shidam 2016-10-13

Can't sign in into the Game. Thats why i cant unlock new stadiums I send you mail personally but you guys not replied

DisappointedPosted by Juwel islam 2016-09-19

I have been playing for a week, just started to enjoy the game, bought coins but they were never there. Fix it ASAP.

Posted by Shivam Singh 2016-09-24

This is a very bad game I have 2-3 time play this game but it's not open 100 loading but not open update your game

Posted by Param Singh 2016-10-01

I dont like the new update bolwing actions please replace this with old actions and the smoothness of game is gone

Poor update.Posted by Dev soni 2016-10-02

New updates are really very ugly... I need Previous version as it was Awesome.o r I ll uninstall this game. Poor

Posted by Jyoti Mehta 2016-10-17

Worlds worst game whenever the user wins it hangs and the ball gets wide no use of downloading it's just a cap.

The worst gamePosted by Sohan Shahriare 2016-10-14

Worst game ever..... Guies don't install it..... Very bad game i have hacked it...... Hhhhhiooo very bad......

Bugs..Posted by manikandan civil 2016-10-13

Please fix one bounce four. It's like show like pitching outside. But it's a four only. Please make it Better..

Posted by Muhammad Khaqan 2016-10-15

Please add 15 players in every team like a real cricket team. Make test match difficult like real test match.

Its so hardPosted by 2016-10-16

Its so hard the bating other teem hit the sixes but m not play so hard change the game setting nd play easly

Very poor... Please don't downloadPosted by Ajay Bhimani 2016-10-14

After latest update I am not able to sign in at all... It just keep saying that signing in... Very poor...

Sucks! Too much time to sync but still couldn'tPosted by Mailth Lalaksha 2016-10-14

I spent over one hour to sync this game but still I couldn't finish it! What a time waste! Hate this game!

Sound problem still remainsPosted by Rifat Sameen Rahman 2016-10-14

I hav sent an email regarding this but there is no reply frm them.Sound is crashing.pls release an update

Game is getting cloaedPosted by peeyushsrivastava03 2016-10-02

I have downloaded it today and not able to play even 1 game, it is closing on ground search in my moto g4

Too much of adsPosted by lalit sehrawat 2016-09-29

I don't even playing one single delivery.. every time I am going to play the ad of India bet comes up..

Posted by sm Sadique 2016-10-16

Your new update is make game worst....bowler action and grphics are not good..plz improve it

Test matchesPosted by Nishant Tanwar 2016-10-15

No manual fielding in test matches, don't how much it will take to add manual fielding in test matches

Posted by hasaji sreedhar 2016-10-12

What is background data and how can I clear it and I already playing in medium graphics mode (edited)

Posted by Yash Govani 2016-10-13

Worsted cricket game ever I played whenever it's shows that I play perfect shot, batsman missed ball.

Yai sign nhi Hota haiPosted by Shahid Ahmed 2016-10-16

Mai chah ta ho ki mai stadium khol lu to yai sign nhi Hota hai khabhi is game ko download nhi karna

SanathPosted by Sanath Shenoy 2016-10-01

It is one of the best cricket game. Thanks to developers. Keep it up and bring new features in it.

Awesome Game ButPosted by 2016-09-10

Everything is good except batting and fielding.Batting and fielding needs little bit improvement.

Ads ads and more addPosted by Daniel Cashmore 2016-09-30

Before the update you had ads, since the update the ads have trebled its annoying and not needed.

Very bad my mobile gets hot by running this app and plying the gamePosted by Suraj Shirke 2016-10-13

My mobile has 3gb RAM it's redmi 3 prime but while playing the game it quickly gets hot bad app

Don't play while using mobile dataPosted by Ritik Bansal 2016-09-20

There are some ads in d game which deduct balance from ur number while u r using mobile data .

Not happyPosted by Nayeem Khan 2016-10-16

Deleting this game because the ads are getting too much after each over and that to video ads

Bakwaas game hai yaar sign in hi nahi hota haiPosted by Akash Gupta 2016-10-14

Sign ke register dikhata hai lekin sign in nahi hota hai matlab nahi kuch bhi faaltu game hai

Worst gamePosted by Harsh Kumar 2016-10-14

Worst game Ihve ever played bcse.. Once you lose the game than it's start form the 1st match

Posted by Nilanjan Banerjee 2016-10-13

Guys.... If u want to have a better cricketing experience.... Then try out real cricket 16..

I was cheated!!Posted by Kashif Khan 2016-10-12

I payed money for no ads and I am still seeing ads. This is ridiculous. You guys cheated me.

WtfPosted by Raj Kumar 2016-10-12

Always shows try later our server is busy.... how do i register if it shows more than I try

Not connectingPosted by 2016-10-01

My Google Id is not connecting to the game please do something then I will give five stars

World cup ipl 5over ash &drawn tie super over ashPosted by Shahab Uddin 2016-10-02

Draw & super over 50 over &20over disturbs takes ipl home & away match ash tnx

Not connectingPosted by Mehran Badar 2016-10-01

My Google Id is not connecting to the game please do something then I will give five stars

Good game but A5 2016 Samsung not working gamePosted by Pritpal Singh Kamboj 2016-09-10

New version wcc2 game install but not good working game.. slowly game please help me yaar

AddsPosted by 2016-09-20

While playing the game I am not interested because more number of adds are coming sir

BugsPosted by alka maheshwari 2016-09-23

Full of bugs sometime the third umpire giveswrong decision don't download it the game

Absence of Kashmir in map of pakPosted by Asad Halai 2016-10-01

Kashmir is the part of Pakistan. . you don't have right to separate it at any forum..

Error in signing inPosted by Khurshid Alam 2016-10-14

Worst game I have ever played .I am unable to sign in though I have Google play app.

To many addsPosted by Ratnakar Bhong 2016-10-15

I am not played cricket only watching adds.please remove adds.don't download guy's.

Plz remove the advertisePosted by Ishaque Khan 2016-10-02

I lost my all mobile data during play the game plz remove it.....................

New update not workingPosted by 2016-10-15

Since new update game not working in Acer iconia tab 8. Kindly resolve the issue

Posted by kedar veerkar 2016-10-14

Tried low graphics option,but still my mobile heats up after playing for 5 mins.

Useless app in the worldPosted by Prutha Oza 2016-09-10

I can't download commentary because your server is slow please check the server

SukhdeepPosted by Sukhdeep Singh 2016-09-20

Very good game but impairing very very very bad Rong design no lpw for batsman

UnhappyPosted by Shrishail Gadad 2016-09-22

We went through suggestion that copied sentence I don't want please update game

Worst game everPosted by manmohan harlalka 2016-10-15

If it would be possible to rate it 0 stars I would but I have to give it 1 star

Posted by Sudipto Roy 2016-10-12

Are madar chod tuje hindi ati he sala tuje gmae banane kon diya sale behen chod

Have 3gb ram with Qualcomm Snapdragon processorPosted by MdShahnawaz uddin 2016-10-14

But Still no smooth gameplay.are you people gonna solve this problem or not ?

HilariousPosted by Muzaffar Hussain 2016-09-22

They have removed the pakistan team from the game why? I'm going to uninstall

Umm...Posted by Shafee CAA 2016-10-13

I'd love to play this game...but does it need an internet connection to play?

AveragePosted by vinod samsung 2016-10-02

Need to show players previous status Runs/How many 100/50 and wicket taken.

Pakistan MapPosted by Usman Khalid 2016-09-20

1)Pakistan Map is not shown as it is considered in UNO.Ver cheap thinking .

Super gamePosted by 2016-10-16

This is a very nice game I love cricket.Good graphics and the sequel of WCC

Posted by sLY Tempah- 2016-10-12

Needs to be different camera angle when batting not everyone's right handed

Very bad appPosted by Sumit Saxena 2016-10-17

Online video not play in 3g or 4g connection and they gave very less coins

Decision reviewPosted by Muhammad Sohaib 2016-10-02

In DRS there is no impact feature and no umpire's call. Kindly work on it

Posted by RAHEEL AHMED 2016-10-03

why only blitz tournment is unlocked why all tournments are not unlocked

best gamePosted by Princess Hermain 2016-10-16

but one problemin this game my fielding setting is not when I do batting

Posted by sujal pandey 2016-10-01

What the hell! Someone tell me how can i leave the ball in test matches

Posted by 2016-10-14

Problem when I hit boll it is catch and aponent team hit ball it is six

Freeeeeeeze.Posted by Malik Noman 2016-10-17

This app is not running smoothly on my fone. Please fix this problem.

Fuddu gamePosted by vishal kumar 2016-10-15

It's very hard to score runs and even it gets hang when we do batting

GraphicsPosted by 2016-09-10

Best graphics & really enjoyed this i like game from every game

Batting too easyPosted by Muthu Krishnan 2016-10-02

Even hard level sucks ... CPU players field better than my players.

Worst updatePosted by akash bhardwaj 2016-09-29

I am not able to login after this new update.Please response fast.

Posted by Amul Rawal 2016-10-01

Very good but some lags and most of advertisement after each over.

I can't updatePosted by Vaibhav Kumar 2016-09-30

I try last 5 hour but I can't download what's the problem behind.

High battery usePosted by Moneyramjaat Bikaner 2016-10-01

I don't know why my phone battery get sucks when I play this game

Posted by Bilzz Usman 2016-10-15

Very bad graphics in terms of gameplay it's hang during the play

No live DRSPosted by pradeep belagali 2016-10-12

As you show in video there is no live DRS in mobile game...why?

New version very badPosted by Soudip Mondal 2016-10-16

New version is very bad.there is too much hang in this version

lPosted by 2016-10-13

This is a good cricket game than other cricket games than ever

Posted by 2016-10-13

I love so much this game this the most and best game for boys.

Posted by Devi Y 2016-10-03

Very waste wast of time and very difficult we it self better

Fix FastPosted by Saxon Scolyer 2016-10-16

I can't even get into the crap game need to fix the junk fast

PoorPosted by Anush Garg 2016-10-15

Poor graphics. Please do not play this game it is atime waste

Posted by c hpatil 2016-10-16

Game is not running on a7 samsung solve the problem Samsung

HataPosted by Taha Rehman 2016-10-12

when match starts the game shut down and it done every time

Nice game but not supported with samsung s3 neoPosted by farhan ahmed 2016-10-12

S3 ko support ni krti ,low graphics pr b smooth ni chal rae

Sign in problemPosted by Sonu Joshi 2016-10-12

Can't sign in .Game hangs during bating and bowling time :(

FackPosted by Prakash Junjadiya 2016-10-02

I download this app but not installed (error installation)

DisappointedPosted by Sangeeta Kalavadia 2016-09-20

The assets are not loading and after that Game freezes...

Posted by physicist 749 2016-10-02

Players should have orignal face.... Increase ball speed

Posted by karthik appu kathik 2016-10-15

Wat is ths..the app not instld in mA phone..whot i do??.

Unable to sign in.. Plz helpPosted by Piyush Joshi 2016-10-15

Please help, I am not able to sign in... It doesn't work

Worst gamePosted by 2016-10-13

Do not download it is the worst cricket game I played.

Posted by imad khan 2016-10-13

I don't know hoy we play batting help me I rite 4 star

LAGGING !!Posted by Gareth Walker 2016-10-17

Afrer updating the game is lagging a lot ,pls fix it.

...........................Posted by Kusum Lata 2016-10-13

I can not say about this boring game.........bakwasss

Posted by Vinay Attri 2016-09-20

I reduce graphic but nothing change I hate this game

So much adds taking activation with put my knowledgePosted by Jacob Joseph 2016-09-22

Lost 500 rs from my balance so I'm not going to play

Posted by Maddala Kalyan 2016-10-02

Still need upgrade to feel it as a real cricket game

Posted by raju mallick 2016-10-01

Need realistic commentary and players Jersey nunber

GreatPosted by pennada vasu 2016-09-20

This app was really great to play test match ever

Posted by Virender Singh 2016-09-23

I will give it 1 star only becausz upgrade a game

Good game but some problemPosted by Abhishek Mishra 2016-10-15

Not change in helmet and not use in cap this game

Posted by Anil Verma 2016-10-02

Best game ever please add hindi Cominteri pack

BorePosted by Abdullah Masoomi 2016-10-14

Very bore think hundreds time and than download

Posted by Afzal Salmani 2016-10-14

Sir please put the option of partner ship chart

Posted by Rekha Rani 2016-10-16

Itni badiya game thi pehele lekin ab nahi hai.

No updatesPosted by jeswanth reddy 2016-09-10

Please update there is so many issues in game

Posted by Pushpendra Tiwari 2016-10-01

the umpire always give the wrong decision lbw

Woorest game everPosted by mr sambhu kumar 2016-09-22

No good features without signing to the game

Posted by Kismat Luck 2016-09-10

Hindi commentary or hindi score card lagawo

Didn't PlanPosted by Uzair Khan 2016-10-02

This game can't play on my tab so I hate it

Loser teamPosted by rohit kumar 2016-10-14

My earned coins nd experience had been lost

Worst game everPosted by Sanju Jagdish 2016-10-17

Full of ads and ghatiyapa after every over

Don't waste your timePosted by sugan surendar 2016-10-17

Much better games are there than this...!!

Can't Sign inPosted by Muhammad Faizan 2016-09-29

I can't sign_in in my account please help

Sign in problemPosted by mohammed bandukwala 2016-10-15

I cannot sign in..plz rectify the problem

Posted by 2016-10-14

Mad and bad game no download it so boring

Posted by 2016-10-13

This is so amazing game.I like this games

Posted by SUMIT RAJ 2016-10-15

Old version is better than from this one

Posted by Nageswarao Galaba 2016-10-12

Still Sructs all time in lenovo vibe p1m

doesn't workPosted by Moiz Tanveer 2016-09-25

it doesn't work in QMobile Noir A12 why

Nextware multimedia say future future heis so bad i hatteeeePosted by Tanish Dhuria 2016-09-25

And online matches with wfi and hotspot

Nice gamePosted by Soumyaranjan Pradhan 2016-09-10

But there is no different stadiums yet

How to download and install World Cricket Championship 2 on Android/PC

In this text, the instruction how to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk will be specifically mentioned. At first, you are given some basic information about this hot game.
World Cricket Championship is on top downloaded game on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It is a miniature version of cricket which is commonly played in Europe countries. World Cricket Championship is a mobile sport game for cricket lovers. Its latest version – World Cricket Championship 2 is now on public. With this version, so many features are greatly advanced, which absolutely attracts you so much! You will want to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk immediately after reading the following part of this text!

Why you should have World Cricket Championship 2 installed

  • At first, you can customize your team. You have a variety of designs, colors for pattern, jersey, … and create your team’s banners as well to light up your team!
  • Now, you can record and share the best moments of matches on Social Media, make new buddies by talking to others on the shout board
  • There are more than 45 different cricketing shots in this latest version.
  • One of the most amazing features is that in World Cricket Championship 2, there are many animations, new controls and camera angels, 3D maps that can give you intense perspective.
  • Also, you can choose one of stadiums, famous venues, pitch condition (dead, dusty, green) and weather condition
  • Additionally, you can have lively matches under floodlights in the Day/Night mode to make them more exciting!
  • That’s all new amazing features that helps this game to be deserved to be one of the hottest game of 2016. If you are cricket fans, you will not regret to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Windows

    If you have problems in downloading or installing this game from Google Play and Apple AppStore, you can definitely download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for free after following steps below:
    • Install Android emulator (Nox, Bluestacks, MEmu for example) on your pc
    • Download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for pc here and save to your pc
    • Open Android Emulator on your PC
    • Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
    • Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
    • Downloading World Cricket Championship 2 is successful on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy fascinating cricket matches.
    You see? Download World Cricket Championship 2 game apk is extremely easy!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Mac:

    With Mac users, you can definitely follow the steps for Window users to download this game

    World Cricket Championship 2 on Google Play

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