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Disappointed!!!Posted by godzi lla 2016-09-10

There should be full squad to pick a team for different versions. Unfair as we have restrictions to loft a shot while cpu can play a lofted shot even if he was hit or beaten several times before. Manual field setup has to be there. No direct hits from fielders. No stumping or caught behind when we are bowling even on a green pitch! Please fix this game. If you do so this game would be one of the best! I can only suggest. It's up to you guys to make this game better. Otherwise you know the word Uninstall

Posted by BHARATH V 2016-09-24

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A good game with some weird logicsPosted by Primal Sharma 2016-09-24

The core product is a good one. Every aspect including batting bowling fielding is well made. But the problem lies with everything else. Here are a few problems. Poor reward system, no way except coins to unlock locked events. A game should be progressive in nature, this is unjustified. Very poor design of test matches. Test matches aspect of the game really sucks, primarily because there should be a way to skip bowling without obnoxious coins used. Y on earth can you not set your own field??

New update is very badPosted by Raaj Singh 2016-09-19

I like old version. .which is better than new version. .actually im playing this game..last 2 years big fan of your team....but now im so worried obout your new version. facing many commentary pack and when i play batting many times i miss my bat hit the ball. .. new version is play slow...please. .please .please fix my problems. .i miss my old version cricket

Good but sign up :(Posted by wrong link 2016-09-24

The game is good but having to sign up even after having sufficient coins to unlock stadiums and tournaments is annoying and ridiculous.The best u can play without signing up is a mere 10-over game on the same stadium and thats it.Wish the unlocking of stadiums and tournaments could be there without having to sign up. Edit : all permissions on, still demands sign-in :/

Perfect gamePosted by Adnaan Riyaaz 2016-10-12

Something left you you should thinks about helicopter shot and we played shot name was come of that shot and bowling style like chinamong and beamer also included in this game in test cricket skills should be at least more than + 50 that's really goods in playing also make life time records of players and many more.....................................................

Slow downPosted by Vinayak Balla 2016-10-15

Hi team because of latest update pace of the game has been slow down.... Game is not working as smooth as before.. I think Commentary is not needed in the game, those who need they will download seperately that is best option. Including commentary in game making it heavy and its going into bit hanging state also.. Make it as smooth as it was before guys..

Seriously?Posted by nomi khan 2016-10-15

Played on easy mode against UAE and guess what? They smashed me for 89 runs in 5 overs? That isnt even realistic, especially the shots they played. Fix this stupid problem. And also, how the hell is it not out when the umpire originally gave it out, and in the drs, the ball hits the stumps, yet the decision is overruled?

Game is good but...price..Posted by Avneesh Grover 2016-10-01

It irritates when we have best internet connection(wifi) but it only shows loading events and whatever we open which played by internet connection... it irritates very much...and please reduce the price of stadiums and tournaments....please....if you help us then i will give 5 stars.

BEST GAME....BUT....Posted by Akshat Mahajan 2016-09-22

Now what to say... Whenever I ask my frds about this game they say that they have uninstalled this game bcoz it is so EASY to play in difficult mode too..nd say that they hit six at every what's d FUN..same is d case wid me..ITS TOO EASY..plz REQUEST maje this game HARDER

Not up to the markPosted by 2016-10-15

Tournament has limitation. All 17 match or team should devide in to two group and also quarter, semis and final match feature should be available like in real cricket. 17 match knock out makes boaring to player, functionality to increase the number of over is not available.

Tilted in favor of the opposition !Posted by Nostradamus D 2016-10-01

A wonderful concept in terms of graphics, features & modern quality but that's it! Batting is very confusing as are the key swipes! While bowling good & short of length deliveries are both hit for 6's on a green top?? Invitation tournaments are for 20 overs

Posted by haseeb005 naseer 2016-10-12

opponent hit six very easily no matter how we bowl they hit a six this is not good ..ball coming on foot and they hit a big six....not good at all...A team like nepal ,netherlands is hitting six at every ball no matter how we ball they hit six....thats prety unreal

Posted by Nitin kumar Singhal 2016-10-02

Jo player catch leta h uska naam kyu nhi aata h. Plz update this. And batsman ya bowler ka overall record dikhana chahie ki pichle match tak kitne run, 100, 50 banaye aur wicket liye and best score. Player ko man of the match award lete hue dikhana chahie

Good game with worst setupPosted by gaurav rao 2016-10-14

Drs is the worst thing in this game. Never goes against the umpire call and the balls swings as it likes in DRS. Even if the ball is hitting wicket it shows missing. I have screenshot also.. and too many commercial ads between play which leads in lagging .

Causes problem after updationPosted by mohit jindal 2016-10-13

After update it causes problems like sometimes in quickplay mode it doesn't show any stadium, in hot events stadiums are in whole pink colour, sound stucks in middle of the match. These all problems comes after updation. Please solve it.

How much time needed for new update?Fixed the squads and add new players in the squads.Add dry,wet pPosted by Firdous Mondal 2016-10-16

Please give much better update for this game like damp pitch and rainy weather condition.And also fixed the stadiums with the game itself.Add manual fielding settings for test cricket game.Add the pink ball for test cricket game.

Tournaments sucks!!!Posted by Abdul Rehman 2016-09-20

Plz for God's sake remove easy medium hard options atleast from the tournaments and make them short like real groups make it auto like first matches should be easy and semifinal and final should be hard.. Do it for good

Too many adsPosted by RITESH SHARMA 2016-10-15

I am addicted to this game but now a days too many ads are there. After every over there is one ad. This really irritates me. Now I am going to uninstall this game. This games drain battery and phone gets too much heat.

where is IPLPosted by syed moin 2016-10-02

I bought Npl primer cup by 4;00000 coins but it is very old. My 400000 coins are wested .all teams are old name what's new update .all old ipl teams please update correct teams in ipl and correct names and flags ....

Wat type of update Is thisPosted by riyaz rathod 2016-10-02

The new update of the game is the worst coz I can't play live events the sign in option is unable here I would have give 5 star but coz of the new update I m unable to play live events kindly fix the bugs

Worst updatePosted by faisal ahamed 2016-10-02

The last updatr veraion has many bugs for batsman and not even able to strokre the ball... or even play straight down the grpung and later actions in updated version. No other version wer like this. Fix that

SpammersPosted by Sundarraman Srinivasan 2016-10-15

As they gained popularity, it resulted to much of ads. Some are malwares that just opens in a browser when the game in progress. Rated it 5 initially for the gameplay...downgrading it now for spamming!

Best game Need more improvement and become live playPosted by J Jene 2016-10-14

There's no highlight available ie, four six and wickets. Run out & caught replay clearance poor. Opened team asking three more reviews. Unable to choose best of eleven players in team.

Stuck :( :-/Posted by Muhammad Ali 2016-10-15

Installed, updated and then installed. By this effort this is proving to be fu****g stuck material on my Tablet. Why can't you provide update for test cricket in Windows phone????

UnstablePosted by Bushra Sahab 2016-10-15

Game closes on its on.Doesn't respond to finger clicks.Reinstalling game has no effects on its unstable error.Make it stable for tabs so that this game can run smooth on tabs too

Posted by Sayan Speak 2016-10-03

Too many bugs after updating to the latest version of the game.please do fixed it as soon as u can !!! Really it's damn annoying while playing this game lag occurs !!

Batting and bowlingPosted by Rajeev Karn 2016-10-13

In batting we can't bet 6 but the opponent team can beat. In bowling we can take just 2 wickets and opponents team can take 10..... And also toooooooo many ads

Seems so unreal. Very bad updatePosted by aniket Choudhary 2016-10-02

The game has even got worse after the update. Addition of new bowling actions is a good idea but for no good if those actions are just so stupid and even worse

Batsman hit in same sidePosted by arun sharma 2016-09-30

Good game , but one big problem that when you are batting, every shot goes in same side. Square Leg side of righty or square cut side for lefty batsman...

Not able to sign inPosted by Dhruv Ambani 2016-10-02

I am not able to sign into the game despite having a good internet connection. Also my game progress is not syncing. I hope u can help me fix this issue.

Sign in problemPosted by Shubham Uikey 2016-10-16

In 4g net aur wifi sign in problem is occurring it automatically get sign out then sign in I have many troubles in playing the game please fix it

Worst test CricketPosted by Bhalala Parth 2016-10-17

Test cricket you made is very easy....there is no eaches or any much swing..there is no any difficulty which have to be present in test match

Posted by Rakesh Gampa 2016-10-14

Loved the game but the ads in between each over are very irritating .. Would give u 5 stars without ads.. going to delete this now

Posted by shamoal syed 2016-09-20

Make the graphics better and make the ball swing, when u defend the ball goes through the bat and u get out then I give 5 stars

Fine but should have some more featuresPosted by Deepak Lalwani 2016-10-14

Love this game. But there should be a feature like world cup. Where we could get to play group matches, semifinals and finals.

Posted by Deeparam Dookia 2016-09-23

I'm not playnig test game plij help me that how play test game this game all time need coins what happen i get coins

Posted by Ruchir Mali 2016-09-22

I can't sign in plzz help ....nothing is happening after clicking on sign in...plzz android version is 4.2.2

Its not workingPosted by Asluf Hero 2016-10-12

Its waste game .waste data and time .do not download the game. The TV decisions not update the TV decisions

For this versionPosted by kapil official 2016-10-02

this game older version performance is much good but in latest version graphics is running slow plz...improve it

Game is Good but some issuesPosted by Apurba Samanta 2016-09-24

Good game but not good when fielder throw ball then player taken more time to throw ball, correct it issue

A glitch to never losePosted by Avinav Sharma 2016-10-13

If you play square of the wicket. U are surely going to score 20+ every over making it a predictable game.

Game is ok!Posted by Paritosh Acharaya 2016-09-24

Game was good but recently its gvng me trouble! Game is not opening...why plz fix it...m using samsung j5

Lastest update is poorPosted by Rupjyoti Sarma 2016-10-02

After the latest update the ads appear too frequently and hangs the game and mobile. Had to uninstall it.

Test Mode is the worstPosted by Tech Arena 2016-10-14

My openers can't hit a boundary after 20 balls but opponent's 10th man can hit a six on the first ball.

Except test matches nothing else loadsPosted by Reece Barboza 2016-10-12

There's a background with a stadium and nothing loads when you opt to play a quick match or a tournament

Not signing inPosted by Harsh Dwivedi 2016-09-23

When I tap on sign in it doen't sign and stay as it was. Please do something. I want to play this game.

Posted by bangaram pasha 2016-10-01

For every bowler different bowling action and triple hundred drs for not only for lbw also for catches

Bad gamePosted by owahid kashemi 2016-09-30

The game need much improvement.people should try the real cricket 2016.the game is good than the game

So laggyPosted by Aditya Gupta 2016-10-13

It hangs so much on my phone n I can't play.. although it's awesome game. Plz fix the problem asap!

BugPosted by Hunain Ellahi 2016-10-16

I am unable to play any match. The game stuck before the toss. Plz help me. What should i do now?

Needs improvementPosted by Naveed Ahmed 2016-10-14

Still Bowling actions are same of every bowler , Make it like Actual cricket ,,correct the names

AdvisePosted by 2016-10-13

I think u should improve jersies by new styles. And should include new players and new teams

WCC2Posted by Mohammed Zaki 2016-09-20

As soon as I'm trying to login I'm losing all my stats and achievements please fix this bug

Posted by shubham offset 2016-10-02

It is showing updates in the game but when we are directed to play store there is no update

Posted by toby mathew 2016-10-15

I am forced to watch 30sec ad everytime when an over is finished . It's really hell like

Tournament modePosted by Meet Thakor 2016-10-13

Please free this mode size increase This app No problem add the day night test mode

DRSPosted by Jasmine Soni 2016-09-10

DRS are fake batsmen was out it given not out & I was not out but given me out

Sing in problemPosted by Jawad Rocky 2016-09-20

Wcc2 is a good game but my android mobile can not sing in .... tell me salution..

how to sign inPosted by Syed Maaz 2016-10-03

m trying last 2 days to sign in ... but unfortunately it didn't respond anything

superPosted by patawar abhishek 2016-09-23

win team give prize distribution man of match and cup and give sponsor win team

Posted by Sushant Sharma 2016-09-20

Waiting for the new update hope to see with new features and new stadiums soon

Too much no-ball!!!!Posted by sheldon sharpe 2016-10-02

10 no-balls in a over is just ridiculous. No way u can compete much less win.

I want to play this game but stadium is not downloading at allPosted by Akash Gupta 2016-09-30

Wats the problem stadium is not downloading in event and normal playing

Posted by Simarpal Sekhon 2016-10-02

DRS system sucks it doesn't give out even when the ball hits the wicket

Ads sucksPosted by madhu chandra 2016-10-16

Ads kill the fun .. u will really get pissed of after every each over

Causes too much heatingPosted by Ashwin Bhatia 2016-10-16

Game is decent..but heats the device a lot and ads are a big concern

VirusPosted by ABDUL RAHMAN Sd 2016-10-15

Don't download as it contains virus which forces the phone to reboot

Too many adsPosted by Bharath Ram 2016-10-12

It keeps displaying ads for every 3 balls or so...very distracting

Bowling actionPosted by Jasmine Soni 2016-10-02

After one match the new bowling action has been totally stopped

Restart and hangPosted by Hasnain Raza 2016-10-16

Why the game is hanging and again again restarting in my set

Its okyPosted by Karan Dubey 2016-10-15

It has nothing much for bowlers... Its mostly a batsman game

Heating issuePosted by pradip kumar 2016-09-24

My phone is redmi note 3 fir bhi bahut jyada heat hota he

Tournament modePosted by Meet Thakor 2016-09-30

Please free this mode size increase This app No problem

VjPosted by Vijay Pawar 2016-10-17

New update kafhi isuy h.... Thoda or hard hona chye

Posted by 2016-10-14

Graphics are good but advertisements are irritative

Best gamePosted by ROBIN DEDHA 2016-10-16

Game is too hang when i am playing and adds is bad

Posted by burhan kachwala 2016-10-02

Clear all my match which was pending after update

Not able to sign inPosted by Ankit Bhardwaj 2016-10-14

After update iam not able to sign in pls fix this

How I hack this game? Plzz helpPosted by abhishek kumar 2016-10-15

I want to unlock all the stadiums nd tournaments

Poor graphisPosted by Suroj Sk 2016-10-14

Do not waste your time ...please do not download

Not supportingPosted by Chidambar Mastamardi 2016-09-24

This game is not supporting for Red me note 3..

Posted by Bongonuru Sai Bhargav reddy 2016-09-30

It bakara ka game plz add all action of bowlers

Posted by Abdul Azim Khilji 2016-10-02

It is very popular because all peoples like it

not workingPosted by Shariq Rana 2016-10-01

its not working properly in samsung on5 pro.

BugsPosted by Gaurav Sharma 2016-10-13

Game is good but it is lagging in my Nexus 6

Posted by Millin Arora 2016-10-15

Best cricket game and I want more updates

Sign inPosted by Prachal Khandelwal 2016-09-30

Sign in problum in samsung grand prime..

Sami UllahPosted by 2016-09-30

Good Graphics Plz Another Update Please

Player careerPosted by Parvez Alam Zahid 2016-10-16

Plz plz plz make a player career for us

Please remove adds in game playPosted by Rakesh Gaddam 2016-10-13

I like this game but adds irritating me

Please show there man of matchPosted by Waqas Jutt 2016-10-13

And write name of shart player name pls

Posted by Pramit Chatterjee 2016-09-25

Controls are too bad. Response is slow

Wcc2Posted by Shaikh Shagufta 2016-09-10


MalikPosted by Malik Omar 2016-09-22

20 30 40 50 ovar on nahi ha kha karro

Unable to sign.Posted by Ashi sharma 2016-10-13

I cNt sign in it, its really bullshit

Not openingPosted by Dev Ganatra 2016-10-17

Game isn't working after Wi-Fi is on

Posted by Shubham Mane 2016-10-16

Improvement in commentry.... plzzzzz

For this versionPosted by kapil official 2016-10-12

how to clear background data sir??

Not gud need to updatePosted by Saifu Deen 2016-10-01

Plesase speed up the game process

BestPosted by Mohammad Auon 2016-10-12

Nice cricket apps any application

Posted by Chandra Shekhar Patel 2016-10-17

Unable to login with google play

Posted by skanda desai 2016-10-17

Not so bad but not good for sure

About game featuresPosted by Deepak kumar Sahoo 2016-10-15

1. No facility of multi players.

NicPosted by Fahad Fahad 2016-09-25

Awesome game Awesome graphics

Real cricketPosted by Gopal Dutta 2016-10-02

This is the best cricket game

Posted by Talha Shakeel 2016-10-01

Too Much Bugs And Quite Slow

Too many adsPosted by SAURABH BAJAJ 2016-10-16

Too many ads are irritating.

Plz update umpirePosted by 2016-09-20

Very easy to hit boundary's

Ads I don't have money to wastePosted by MOHIT THAKKER 2016-10-15

A lot of ads no use of game

Posted by Ali Hamza Rizvi 2016-09-10

plz quickly update ur game

Wcc2Posted by santosh ampolu 2016-10-16

Mind bloing game u have it

Posted by mannsi Bedi 2016-09-20

Please make the game fast

Posted by 2016-10-17

Very good game of cricket

Posted by 2016-10-15

Very amazing game like it

Time westPosted by 2016-09-23


Posted by Srinivas M 2016-10-16

Good ,but too much adds

Posted by এস.এম তারিকুল ইসলাম এ্যানি 2016-10-15

Batting System Is Hard.

Posted by Obayeed Hassan 2016-10-14

Too much advertisement

Posted by tharun Pranaav 2016-10-13

Must update everything

Posted by Dharma Oganiya 2016-09-20

not bad and not good

Not working properlyPosted by Rajneesh Rastogi 2016-10-03

Not working properly

Posted by Ravi Tuteja 2016-10-02

Need more improvment

Posted by 2016-10-17

Not good game I hate

Posted by 2016-09-10


KaliPosted by Shaikh RAiyan 2016-10-16

Nice game good game

More outs then runsPosted by Tarun Kiran 2016-10-14

More outs than runs

So goodPosted by Ehtesham Mallk 2016-09-22

World cricket game

Why so much of adsPosted by Sanjay Talan 2016-09-22

Irritated from ads

I dislike itPosted by 2016-10-12

No squad selection

Weal and goodPosted by Zeeshan Khan 2016-10-01

Acha game he bhai

Posted by Mohit Bhatt 2016-10-17

I love this gamr

SohelPosted by Sabina Sultana 2016-10-16

Controls are bad

Posted by alpesh kawane 2016-09-25


Not tooo badPosted by yash suryawanshi 2016-09-30

Need to improve

Posted by Shithin Thampi 2016-10-02


Posted by Shahid Khan 2016-09-20

Butifull game

Posted by SANDEEP MISHRA 2016-09-29

World cricket

Posted by sunny yadav 2016-10-01

Good graphics

Posted by Bilal Suhail 2016-09-10

Hang problem

Easy to playPosted by Paul Cherian 2016-09-25

Nyz graphics

Posted by Devayudh Sen 2016-10-16

Not. Working

Technical problems [email protected]Posted by unnikrishnan tr 2016-10-12

Since #2015#

Posted by Raman Singh 2016-10-03

raman singh

Posted by ABHIJITH R 2016-10-12

full ads...

Posted by 2016-09-10

Nice photo

NasirpatelPosted by Nasir Patel 2016-10-16


JaveedkhanPosted by 2016-10-15


Your frndPosted by Harish Yadav 2016-09-10

Sexy game

ask mppPosted by rakesh mittal 2016-09-20

very good

Posted by Razeen jas 2016-10-02


Its so coolPosted by Pameel Singh 2016-10-01

I like it

Posted by Manisha Bhagwat 2017-01-11


Posted by Habib Hsbib 2016-10-15

Nice game

Posted by Adsid Hoq 2016-10-14

Very hard

Posted by Sachin Rahane 2016-10-13

Nice game

GamePosted by Abhay chatterjee 2016-10-13

Hard add

Good gePosted by Sabeel Hamid 2016-09-10

qza ЅA

santoshPosted by Santosh Bakki 2016-09-10


Posted by mahesh kale 2016-10-14


Posted by Sayan Mondal 2016-10-13


Posted by Gaurav Shiwach 2016-10-12

Love it

AhawpnPosted by jasimuddin shawon 2016-09-10


Posted by rahul shekhawat 2016-09-19


Posted by 2016-10-02


Posted by Saddam Saddu 2016-10-17


NasirPosted by Nasir Patel 2016-09-22


I love this gamePosted by Redwanul hossain 2016-10-15


Posted by ayaz ali 2016-10-14


MitraPosted by Sanju Mitra 2016-10-12


Posted by Maulin Makwana 2016-09-10


HiPosted by Biswajit Das 2016-09-10


Mumraiz KhanPosted by Mumraiz Khan 2016-09-20


JHANGEER KHANPosted by muhamad jalil 2016-09-20


Posted by Sanjana Bharodiya 2016-09-20


Posted by Md Moin 2016-09-22


Posted by ashish choudhary 2016-09-22


JahangerPosted by jahangir khan 2016-09-22


LouraPosted by Priyanshu Sharma 2016-09-24


Posted by Spandan Sahoo 2016-10-02


NicePosted by Adish 02699 2016-10-01


Posted by Syed Murad 2016-10-01


Posted by Montu Randhawa 2016-10-17


XnusjPosted by Devendra Verma 2016-10-16


Very goodPosted by MD KALEEM 2016-10-15


Posted by SM Fahad 2016-10-15


Posted by pankaj kumeri 2016-10-03


Posted by kunal mehta 2016-10-15


Posted by মাহফুজুর রহমান রহমান 2016-10-01


PPosted by prasant singh 2016-09-25


I Posted by Sachin H G 2016-10-13


Posted by jaysukh nakum 2017-07-07


Posted by Mohamed Umar 2017-07-07

Average but descenT!

Posted by Anidu Suriyaarachchi 2017-07-06

I hate the ******* umpire he doesnt give me lbw s in tests and my objection are over.Therefor i cant do anything.

Posted by suhail pasha 2017-07-06

Unable to sign in the game

Posted by HABIB UR RAHMAN 2017-07-06

Pls there is no name in any player on jerssy and comentator not call any player when he shot the ball and not shot position the player shot the ball in the ground no told Fielding position

Posted by Azhar Afridi 2017-07-06

Game me kuch galtia bondri lagte waqt ball k sath jo line he hatm krdo or dosra jo he hindi ki comentry change krdo boht bekar he

Posted by saurabh singh 2017-07-06

The latest version is irritating and unrealistic. Previous version was kind of realistic. In latest update it goes only for 6's,4's. Whatever length you put the ball it's useless unlike previous version. Even fielding option is poor. It's like dropping each and every balls on boundary lines. Previous version had active fielder's even within the circle. Everything is good. Please improve the fielding points and fielder's and make this game perfect like it's previous version.

Free hit issuePosted by PIYUSH KHETRAPAL 2017-07-06

After a no hit doesn't end in whole of the innings....which is very irritating....solve that issue...... otherwise game is very good

Posted by Aboobakar Siddieq 2017-07-06

ads prblm

How to download and install World Cricket Championship 2 on Android/PC

In this text, the instruction how to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk will be specifically mentioned. At first, you are given some basic information about this hot game.
World Cricket Championship is on top downloaded game on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It is a miniature version of cricket which is commonly played in Europe countries. World Cricket Championship is a mobile sport game for cricket lovers. Its latest version – World Cricket Championship 2 is now on public. With this version, so many features are greatly advanced, which absolutely attracts you so much! You will want to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk immediately after reading the following part of this text!

Why you should have World Cricket Championship 2 installed

  • At first, you can customize your team. You have a variety of designs, colors for pattern, jersey, … and create your team’s banners as well to light up your team!
  • Now, you can record and share the best moments of matches on Social Media, make new buddies by talking to others on the shout board
  • There are more than 45 different cricketing shots in this latest version.
  • One of the most amazing features is that in World Cricket Championship 2, there are many animations, new controls and camera angels, 3D maps that can give you intense perspective.
  • Also, you can choose one of stadiums, famous venues, pitch condition (dead, dusty, green) and weather condition
  • Additionally, you can have lively matches under floodlights in the Day/Night mode to make them more exciting!
  • That’s all new amazing features that helps this game to be deserved to be one of the hottest game of 2016. If you are cricket fans, you will not regret to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Windows

    If you have problems in downloading or installing this game from Google Play and Apple AppStore, you can definitely download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for free after following steps below:
    • Install Android emulator (Nox, Bluestacks, MEmu for example) on your pc
    • Download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for pc here and save to your pc
    • Open Android Emulator on your PC
    • Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
    • Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
    • Downloading World Cricket Championship 2 is successful on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy fascinating cricket matches.
    You see? Download World Cricket Championship 2 game apk is extremely easy!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Mac:

    With Mac users, you can definitely follow the steps for Window users to download this game

    World Cricket Championship 2 on Google Play

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