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Good update but require more improvements.Posted by Gagandeep Singh 2016-10-01

Initially was happy with the new update, but good things got bad. Have to work in some more points like, 1. Skip now by watching advertisement is not working (played full add twice during test match break) but its still not continuing after both adds) 2. Good change in bowling actions fast and spin needs new for medium pacer also & fast bowlers runup got shorter (its even shorter then pace bowlers) which look quite awkward and disappointing. 3. Sometimes fielder act much faster than ball which shud b imprvd

Not good updatePosted by Vikas Dalvi 2016-10-02

I am crazy about test cricket and very happy after seeing this new updates and I immediately update but disappointed you have changed only. graffics but nothing changed in game you have given lot of authority To CPU ,CPU can hit four and six hit straight drive for and six but we can't that make frustration if you include stumping and direct throw run out add shot quality like if we can hit shot powerfully on the ground and in the air out of the ground and you didn't work on my suggestions like adge

Good but!Posted by Sunita Gupta 2016-10-02

I want more different match statistics, more good shots to play, free tournaments ,overs,stadium .I want development in commentary with new words and proverbs.when batsman or bowler come to perform a box come where his age,high score,no. of runs, wickets he make or take,average,economy, style to bat or bowl, no. of fifty,s and hundred,s make by that batsman will seen on that box.i want award ceremony in end of each match.please!Please!Please! Develop in these features that i have written pleeeeeease!!!!!!

Good gamePosted by Praveen Kumar 2016-10-16

Hi sir it's a best cricket game awesome graphics , but much more things to be updated like leading run scorer in all d format and commentary, crowd is to be changed but when the batsman score a 50runs his celebration is good but when he scored a 100 he has to take his helmet nd celebrate nd where is the player name on his shirt nd when the batsman is out umpair should tell their name nd first change their faces all are same nd make opponent much harder please update the leading run scorer in all the format

Game developers are very irritating Posted by Sonu Singh 2016-10-01

Hi Developers, what have you done with update? Opponent fielding and throw is not yet improved. In test match, you have just done a formality. (see attachments in my mail sent to you). Where is follow-on? Game have man of the match but don't have man of the series! Why? All team players are same. However team getting changes in real-time. You guys not yet put 15-16 players team as other game have. Sorry I have to say you guys even don't know about cricket and it's lovers.

Posted by Mohd Atif 2016-10-13

test cricket is not interesting as it should be... opponent batting is too strong and u can use only use your main bowlers.. can't use part timers..hitting boundries is so tough as there r not much gaps between fielders..and lofting power should increase at the basis of how much bowled player played not how many runs he is scoring on every ball.. for example real cricket 16 game features.. plzz fix all these things otherwise game is too good and graphics is much better than other games. THANK U

Some flaws....plz review and make updates...Posted by Zuhayr Abbas 2016-10-15

ADD DAY NIGHT TESTS WITH PINK BALL This game is great however it's test lofted meter should be based on defensive technique as well as stroke play.... strokes are not the only aspect that determine the skill of a batsman. Rather it is the technique of defensive shots as well. Also, make the reviews more flexible. The decisions are always upheld. Try to make the test version more interactive for caught behinds and make slip section more involved please. Thanks!!

Well Developed Cricket GamePosted by Vivek Khaire 2016-10-14

The gameplay is very good.. if possible then plz make real names(take license for player) names for each player.. In tough situation decision must be taken by third umpire.. so u need to add third umpire TV in that situation.. U need to improve bowling structure with unique style.. This is really Excellent Cricket Simulation game for mobile As compare to other Cricket games.. This game surely going to ON AIR and for me it becomes no.1 Cricket game..

Good but requires improvisation.Posted by BHAVIK PARIKH 2016-09-24

Had been playing this game since 6 months. Glad to know that you have added test matches and DR'S rule which gives it a real experience of playing cricket. Some suggestions are that the faces of cricketers should be changed and you can give options to create a player and add accordingly.the loft meter should increase by hitting balls rather than scoring runs. Sponsors should be added and the fans should be lively.

Cool but...Posted by Vimal Suthar 2016-10-16

Hello sir please upgrade players physics in this game. And player's elbow, hands, are sharp turn their sharpness into some smoothness and all player's face are same please fix this and change players batting style and their shot selection and Add cursor for shots just like real cricket then this game is lots better swiping for shots is boring please sir update with things fast as possible

Needs major changesPosted by Kartik Bharuntia 2016-10-01

Graphics are excellent.I don't know what is the need of Loft meter in test cricket .loft meter goes to 30% & then your ball does not even go near to boundary at all. The pace of bowlers are really slow.It is nearly impossible to find gaps in powerplay overs or in a very attaking field. These 3 things they should learn from real cricket. Please fix these issues as early as possible

New update sucks..Posted by Kashmiri-Ziddi The Injured Lion 2016-10-16

Game gone slow and graphics r not upto the mark in new update and main issue .. U introduce new balling actions.. But there is a prob .. In every match bowler action is changed.. Same bowler and action gone change that is so iritating .. Cz every tym has to bowl diff cz of diff action .. And plzzzz plzzz ad manual field set in test match ... Will rate u 5

For an older versionPosted by arshi dbt 2016-10-15

It is actually to hard to play. When we play and make a good score in batting then when the other team members hit sixes in whatever ball we give like short ball off spin leg spin full good length off swing in swing and others. It is like impossible to win in medium. Please just fix minor bug fixes and then it is the best cricket game I have ever used.

Worst DRS review experiencePosted by naga chandra K 2016-10-12

The umpire will not give OUT when the OPPOSITION is batting when ball pitched outside and hitting the wicket clearly and shows msg as per rule pitching outside is aganist rule .But when I was batting ball pitched outside the stump and hitting wicket the umpire give OUT. ALWAYS FAVOUR TO OPPOSITION NO DOUBT ABOUT IT I faced this situation many times

Very hardPosted by Surya Dev Patel 2016-10-02

Cant win matches in easy level i will 5 stars if u fix keeper bug fix and chance of rain+dl method +batting average and a carrer for player for seperate formats and add snicgo and hotspot then every one gives 5 stars and unlock overs and tournaments for free please also add super over if match is tied and real commentators voice and make awesome

Good but troubling nowPosted by fida rehman 2016-10-16

I like the game but since yesterday one of my player made 4 century (400) runs after that mobile switch off and now i only can play test match . in tournaments i try to click play but unable. I use galaxy s5 mobile. If i uninstall the game so on reinstallation will my data be the same on sign in?

ABOUT UDRSPosted by 2016-10-13

When we take review for the LBW,when umpire gives OUT,That time pitching outside is allowed but when we take same review as a bowling side that time ball hits wicket but notification comes that as per rule pitching outside off or something else..I think it's not proper because everytime it goes at umpires favour or umpires call..

AmazingPosted by Raja JAWAD 2016-10-02

I m vry happy to look celebrations . Sooo plzzzz add man of the match awarded in crowd. Plzzzz add rain in test match in cloudy mood and i wil give u 5 star if u add Qaddafi stadium Lahore and Natinghum stadium LONDON. And plzzzz add celebration on winning tournaments plzzzz reply to me thnk uuuuu

U guys messed up with latest updatePosted by Nishant Nair 2016-10-01

I was so happy with the graphical build up of the game. The latest update just spoiled the look and feel. Shorter run up doesn't looks smooth like the usual one. Grounds looking so bad now. U guys had made a difference by providing best in class graphics. Now ur new release will surely have some of ur users to move out.

Will star 5 if the smoothness is brought back.Posted by A.Vishnu Varthan 2016-10-02

After the recent update the boasted liquid flow graphics have become slightly 'gel -flow'. LOL. C'mon team.. make it smooth again. You can also include statistics for tournaments. High scorer, highest wicket will be a boost you know...

A very engaging game but SPIKED with Ads. DELETING!Posted by Avishek Mitra 2016-10-02

It began as a very engaging game with comprehensive gameplay and subtle difficulty levels. But offlate the makers have spiked it with Ads. Seriously guys there is a thin line between good creativity and mass profitability. Fed up and deleting this as it's making a sizeable hole in my monthly 3G usage. BYE BYE!

I liked this game after it is being updatedPosted by Rizv 007 2016-10-12

I liked this game after it is being updated but hitch thing is that we have only one tournament which im fed of playing it always we are stuggling to earn coin kindly i request you guys to decrease the coin amount to unlock tournament .Thank you

Posted by Ravi Sachdeva 2016-10-17

i have singed out in the game today and singned in and my all 2 lakh 97 thousand 9 hundred and 91 coins were becomed to 0 and my favouraite team india becomes afganistan! My coins are back but favouraite team is now also afganistan,प्लीज इस चीज को सही करे

GoodPosted by kartik modi 2016-10-13

I would give 5 stars.But, players names are not perfect. Give proper names to the players. Also add some classic shots. Then I will give 5 stars. Also after every game the name of player changes to original one. Please add a feature that the changed name remains till it is not changed.


I esprit in the next update to please remove the lofto meter and allow batsmans to hit a lofted shot whenever they want and another problem I faced is that the my players(batsman) becomes bowled for all the yorkers bowled by the opponent.Other than this the game is fantastic.

Good gamePosted by Darshan Menon 2016-10-02

I have been playing this game since a very long time. But after the latest update the game has started lagging and can't bat properly anymore because due to lagging i am losing my wicket. I have uninstalled the game now. Waiting for a new update to install the game again.

Posted by anand baid 2016-09-30

Test cricket wat d hell ??? Plz remove test cricket from game...otherwise improve it...opponent just played 1 Ball and how he can play lofted shot next ball..?? is there any rule in test cricket that u cant play lofted shot every Ball...Disgushting idea by maker

PleasePosted by Abdul Qadeer 2016-10-16

please in next update add some thing like you create a player & also i have problem with bowling whenever i bowl full length delivery or some difficulte bowl and it's always easier to Batsman to hit shots or stroke so please fixe that issue in next update.

Overall great game but full of bugsPosted by Zain Zaidi 2016-09-25

One noticeable annoying bug:In any mode most noticeably test mode when you miscue a ball no matter how light you hit the ball will remain in air for like 4,7 seconds which is enough for a fielder to run somehow 10,20 yards in game and take the catch.

I like the game very muchPosted by Asif Ali 2016-10-15

But i want this app to allow to play music during playing game become I love to play cricket and listening music at same time and now the latest version doesn't allow this so I am reqsting the apps developer to allow the fact which I told thank u

excellentPosted by mohamed imran 2016-10-12

this is best game but need some improvement in graphics one major thing is missing ( man of the series) man of the match is always not given the player who deserve it run rate and req run rate also missing watch video and skip break is not working

I loved it until nowPosted by Rahul Sahu 2016-09-10

I love this game mostly the test match, but now it just stuck in loading asset 100℅.. I cleared the cache and ground and commentary restart my pH tried to play still now working... Now I am not even able to play quick match... Plz do fix it...

Needs updatePosted by Naufar Mohammad 2016-10-17

50 overs game is no different to a 20 over game.. The opponent still plays like a 20-20 in a 50 overs game and gets all out within 10 overs.. Then make the opponent stronger in test matches cz they don't even score 100 or play for a day either..

Best GamePosted by Hemant Goyal 2016-10-14

Dear sir hum aapke game ko daily khelte h hum aapke update bahut pasand aaye but isme ek updates nhi h ki isme batsman ke real face and every bowler apne apne balling style me balling kr ske plz plz sir ise jaldi se jaldi update kr dijiye

Deserves 5 stars....... But......Posted by aayishan waghmare 2016-09-10

Best cricket game. But while it's synced to there server, the game crashes after every over. An advertisement begins and the next second the game crashes and starts from the beginning. Please solve this problem then I'll give 5 stars.

RobberyPosted by Subramaniyane S A 2016-09-30

I lost 30 thousand coins(twice) suddenly from my game account once when I am idle and next when I opened stores. But I didn't purchase anything. But one thing guys the first drs version has lot of bugs. You must rectify devs.

5 starPosted by shrikant sonawane 2016-09-30

Add old helmet , gm & kookaburras bat , live logo ,country logo on t shirt & helmet .animation hand shake after match , bowler batsman argument .,drinks ,presentation ceremony. Also round cap , glasses to player.

Changes requiredPosted by Eshank Shah 2016-10-12

Even in the hard mode in Test cricket...the opposition gets bowled out in 1 session...and the match ends on day 1 itself...which kills the fun of test cricket shld bring in more levels or make hard more difficult

Posted by Jitu Bhatia 2016-10-01

After the new updates ...I feel the smoothness is not as good as the old version ...the add logo in the side is quite the middle of the play it's get on if you touch it by mistake ...please rectify...

Too much adsPosted by Ravikiran Rao 2016-10-15

The game is excellent. The graphics, the motions, players, customization, controls are perfect. But, after every over there comes an ad which annoyed me the most. To worsen it more, the same ad was popping every time.

Nice Game.. But very easyPosted by Dipanjan Das 2016-10-12

This game is cool... But batting is very easy even in hard mode. AI does not understand which bowler is doing better or do not make field arrangements according to the shots played. That makes the game play boring

Liked it but too many ad'sPosted by akhil kumar 2016-09-20

I liked the game but the only thing that is irritating are ad's they keep popping up after every single over and that kinda sucks and also if you add an offline multiplayer feature over WiFi that would be awesome

FinePosted by Ranit Mondal 2016-10-13

But the names of players only support upto 10 characters which is why it is becoming very difficult to name players because of this restriction. So plz can u increase the characters to atleast 20. Plz plz plz....

ProblemPosted by 2016-10-15

When i dont use Internet those days i played very gud scores (390&355) .After some days i use Internet then i saw there is no double scores when sync it. Once I download stadiums it doesn't work all formats

Rankings in Game.Posted by Maani Khan 2016-10-15

Please add some rankings in game and skills for batting & bowling some good changes need .. the game is really addictive, could be more addictive if rankings available.. i'll give 5 star after the update.

modification neededPosted by AMEY PARAB 2016-09-22

Since u need to think about creative and out of he box field settings in test cricket, I request you to make manual field settings available in test matches rather than having default settings for fielding.

THE GAME IS GOOD BUT THERE IS PROBLEMPosted by Abhishek Bhatia 2016-10-16


Good game but..Posted by Soham Mhapankar 2016-10-13

Its a good game but has drawbacks. The decision of umpire never goes wrong,then what is the use of the review. And also plz giv the real names of players. Hope that u will correct this in next update.

So soPosted by Aunik Zaman 2016-09-20

More Stadiums & pitch should be open.and obviously more tournament should open.random stadium & pitch & weather should be there & sound is pretty good.all the best :)

My best gamesPosted by Kuldip Raj 2016-10-02

So good graphics,plz downlod this games ,test like real test ,owsom ooooooooooooww.plz real cricket fan than you plz download.and some or update graphics ...when i start ame than game off why...

Good gamePosted by Mohammed Shahid 2016-10-17

Sir hello, you told that in new update 5 bowlers are added but i cannot find that and in test cricket the team is same why i cannot change the player in test team plz solve the problem. Thank u

Posted by Asif Hayat 2016-10-17

A very nice game but please add a another way to sign itno the game because I have installed this game twice but unable to sign in to the game .why this happened? My Andriod is 4.4 kitkat

Posted by shibam gurjar 2016-10-12

1.Plz add day naight system by odi series and quick play and add winning celebration 2. Batting improve opponent team always hit six and never paly full 50 over the plz improve this

Batting is tooo boring now.....Posted by pradeep kashyap 2016-10-13

Plz add batting indicator in odi t20 like that test cricket.... Every ball goes for a six its not possible in Cricket.... So please make it real cricket for true cricket fan. Thanks

Good i loved it but......Posted by vishnu narayanan 2016-09-29

Please ad the players real face .. And player coming for batting that time shown his runs and his data. I love the game bowling Actions are very nice but direct throw has not added

You repliedPosted by Syed Naqi Ali 2016-10-15

I uninstalled the game just because graphics were poor but i have increased the rating and looking forward for a better and improved graphics and then i will be seduced to play it

AwesomePosted by Ravi Telore 2016-10-01

One word It's awesome; But one ridiculous thing I found in it.... I need. Fair play into game in the sense ground's 50 over games and some wanting stuffs is not cheap it's costly

Posted by Varun Gulati 2016-09-10

Is it possible if you add tours in the game..where in single tour we play test, one-day and t-20 also series stats where we find individual stats in the tour was good

For add player statusPosted by Sonu Kumar 2016-10-16

Sir add all player status that who player how many game play and his average his highest run in career and his total career runs how many fifty and hundred. Please replay me.

It's okPosted by Kruthin Raj Goud 2016-09-20

I don't understand how an batsman's power/ability decreases by defending balls. I don't like it, his power should be stable in test cricket. Make changes, i want more games.

GreatPosted by Varundev Singh 2016-10-01

all short not given like palluscope no batting speed and bowling it not like real Cricket how did commentary did the batsman is out or not out know before giving the review

Batsman power going down in test matchPosted by Dodiya Ravi 2016-10-17

I don't understand the reason behind power of batsman going minus 2 for dot ball. Its test match game of patience so there will be lots of dot balls. It Should not go minus.

Posted by Vinod Popli 2016-10-17

It's has a problem wen while batting our team lbw is out wen bowl outside d leg stamp and wen oppent team bats wen bowl outside d leg stump is not out its bad and it's wrong

RashidPosted by malik 7865544 2016-10-16

How to rigester this game .uniqe name mn kia ata hy .baar baar yehi a jata hy enter the uniqe name .name likho phr bhi nhi hota .bs yehi problm hy sir .plz btain kesy ho ga

GoodPosted by Jayant Bobade 2016-10-13

It is all well but if you gave statistics of runs and record for played in the game and rankings of team and player and career records of bowler and batsman thank you sir

Need some improvement.Posted by Jyoti Sharma 2016-10-02

Still need some improvement like Player profile,dream 11 and some fielder are not working properly. Please resolve it ASAP.If you solve it then i will give you 5 star.

ZahoorPosted by Zahoor Ahmad Chachar 2016-10-15

Jo Saddam badgujar ne likha he vo belkul acha likha he meen abhe ap se yahe kahena chahata hoon .or mane is game meen 1over meen 6 sixes lagaye heen ye mera record he

Kudos for test matches butPosted by Devraj Mukherjee 2016-10-14

Would you please add basic controls. Where or how would I be able to duck the ball in test matches. There is no 5 wicket haul celebration too. Otherwise the games good

Need some improvementPosted by Deepak Lakhnotra 2016-09-30

I would like to say that it awesome game but there are some issue need to be fixed like graphics,some more graphics are required and equipments should be introduced

Good Game, But......Posted by aniket jadhav 2016-10-16

Overall game is good but I strongly recommends to improve the commentry as it is very much poor commentry its irrelevant to actual situation in the playing match..

Add facebook featuresPosted by nazim Uddin 2016-10-17

Add fb and play with fb friends live. it's more interesting features and made team with my fb friends then play other team. u need to promote ur app in fb.thank u

zia khanPosted by Zia Khan 2016-09-22

i have qmobil x800 2Gb rm i installed this game i paled very well but i didn't make my betting & bowling skills what's the problems plzz fixed it????

I wan a change my decisionPosted by Jyoti Kachoria 2016-10-13

I was wrong it is not as good as I thaught. Great problem in connectivity. I would request to improve it . As my mob is not connecting with google play games.

Loved itPosted by Akang Tzudir 2016-09-30

The game is awesome but please work on da commetery side the commertery are same only ..too come with the real name and face..if u too so I will rate 5 star

AveragePosted by ramesh vemareddygari 2016-10-03

After changing action,,, every Bowler bowling action is same like all spinners are bowled in same action and fast bowlers action also same.. It's very bad

Ads are disturbing!Posted by Jay Grover 2016-10-16

The game is fun......But ads are disturbing between the game.Normal ads are fine but video ads take a lot of time... So i hope that video ads are removed

Posted by Kapil Gautam 2016-10-16

Is there is fieldre drop catches or mis field on the field or missing the run out on direct throw..can u add these options in game...plz add all that .

Hang issuePosted by Sanjay Limbachiya 2016-09-20

Game have too many bugs plz fix it when I play test lunch time tea time or I close the game n then open n game hang solve this issue I give u 5 stars

Posted by Rakesh kumar Mali 2016-10-03

No doubt this game is very good but if the game graphics will improve like as the Don Brad man cricket 14 then this will be the awesome and best game

Attention pleasePosted by Sh Jibon 2016-09-22

Need some upgrade, in tournament mode there should be top run scorer n top wicket taker name. fix it! We are wait for next update, do it fast!!!!!

Posted by ali AB 2016-10-13

Over all good but World cup or other tournaments is so expensive . Please unlock in next update. Your game is top on Android store. So keep up

Good game ; need to work om in app purchasesPosted by Faizan Ather 2016-10-13

First of all , live matches , stadium is coming to be pink and in test cricket of pak vs win , dress is coming colored , fix such bugs , thanks

Good game..Posted by Sam khan 2016-10-14

Gd game but i think that their is increase some features like world cup match will be for 10_20 overs nd t20 world cup nd others features.

NicePosted by Arun Kumar 2016-10-13

Its a nice game but boring while long play need sound when bowlers appeal and umpires voice, more batting styles and replay styles please

Need some workPosted by 2017-01-11

Like player wagon wheel in test cricket partnerships man of the match buying player skills by spending coins and many more possibilitys

Few more updatePosted by Chirag Rana 2016-10-02

I think in game there should be career mode in which we make one player of our name it should play all level state,under19,t20,and etc

Posted by Jeffrey Charles 2016-10-01

Gameplay was good in previous version of the game I would suggest not to update the game. I'm not happy at all with the latest update.

Posted by Rushikesh Kadam 2016-09-20

There should be cheer leaders to encouragd the players after hitting a 4 or 6 or even taking a should be clearly visible.

Previous update is better than latest updatePosted by MANOJ KUMAR 2016-10-01

Yes since the latest update, game is lagging. Before update the game is really good. But after latest update it has been lagging...

Excellent gamePosted by sanjay kumar 2016-09-25

Overall Love this game!!! Superb graphics!! I'm playing this game closed to 7months never got bored..need to check the new update!!!

BugsPosted by harpreet kaur 2016-10-02

There are a lot of bugs .I was having 1.93 lakh coins but it suddenly became 1.73 lakh .so it is a request please resolve this issue

Test wicketsPosted by Aavash Dahal 2016-10-02

I am very disapointed as wickets are hard to get though in easy level and when u bat it easily goes down wicket. plz add ipl epl etc

Game is good.Posted by Prince Sharma 2016-10-01

But it gets slower and stops sometimes after this recent update.Drs is not fullproof..and sometimes the runout decisions are nasty..

Average gamePosted by Chetan Yerlekar 2017-01-11

It needs to improve on graphics. Everytime barltsman misses the ball and if it goes to keeper.. batsman is always out... Not cool ,

Nice gamePosted by dharmesh parekh 2016-10-17

This game is really good game. but I could not play world tournament because sign in features not please please fix bugs

world cricket championshipPosted by 2016-10-14

this game is best awesome and very fun but now its not running in my phone what i have to do? its not runing in phone do something?

GoodPosted by Nishit Parmar 2016-09-30

Good update but when i open hot event the game automatically selected to hard level plz i request that it convert to medium level.

Not badPosted by Sandeep Saini 2016-09-24

Good game, but I can never sign in so haven't got full features. Followed steps given and allowed permissions but cannot sign in

Better then previous versionPosted by chaitanya raj 2016-10-12

But the commentary as same as we hered in wwc so try to change commentary pls except this everything is just so cool and awesome

No updatePosted by Sowmith Reddy 2016-10-13

I didn't see any change in bowling action.... Though I like the game...I was looking forward to the change in bowling action...

online full matchPosted by RSA TV 2016-09-30

It's a good game, but the wi-fi router with the system of the game are not visible. dream league soccer live match as needed.

Highly focussed on earnings!Posted by MANISH ANAND 2016-10-16

Even gameplay options such as Autoplay requires you to spend coins. To start the next day in a test match requires coins too.

Some reformsPosted by Setendre singh 2016-10-01

1 how can every batsman h ave similar face how bowlers have same action improvement required in drs pitches should be bouncy

Posted by bhavik desai 2016-10-02

Not able to play quickplay matchs after update..only able to play test Cricket only..and game stucks sometimes while playing

Posted by H.N Mohan 2016-10-15

I am giving it three because rain stoppages can be added in matches which will make it more realistic...and more fun to play

Hot event stadium issuePosted by Pujan Burad 2016-10-15

In hot events downloaded stadium appears pink.I went to settings and cleared stadiums but no change. Please look into it.

Unable to sign into the gamePosted by balaji arul 2016-10-13

I am unable to sign into the game for playing hot events. I tried multiple times. It keeps signing in without any action.

Mention record of individuals recordPosted by shaikh naeem 2016-10-13

Please save in it the players profile such as record both bowling as well as batting maintain that update it..

Something missingPosted by RAHUL BALKE 2016-10-12

1. Batsman Score 100 celebration to open Helmet. 2. When sometimes feilder Quick catch it it not possible on match.

Posted by Ammar Vepari 2016-10-13

This game is just fantastic.......but plz keep manual field setting in TEST MATCHES otherwise this game is too good

Maqsood ur rehmanPosted by Maqsood Ur Rehman 2016-10-12

This game is awesome but sir it,s not working on android KitKat 4.4.2 so plz solve this problem plZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Raja Ali 2016-10-16

Hi this game iz Awesome but u guy's include a one thing & thats is a player's profile meanz player's career..

Posted by Iqrar Memon 2016-10-14

Yar bekar update kia he har dafa umpire galat review dita he aur left hand batsman jab khelta he to hang hoti he

Posted by Ranbir Bhagat Ji 2016-10-02

Sucks stadium is not downloading .....wht the hell is happining .....plz solve this problem as soon as possible

Abhisek paridaPosted by abhisek parida 2016-10-17

Plz kindly improve the batting and bowling skills of our opponents and load the players total scores and wicket

NicePosted by Navneet Dalvi 2016-10-02

Add real bowling and batting. It is pure fake batting and bowling. Only they can hit too much sixes and fours.

New updated version bugsPosted by Durgesh Gupta 2016-10-01

Slow downloading of stadium & take too much time to loading assets even using on 4G. Please do the needful

Just crashes some timePosted by Govind Pandey 2016-09-22

I had re download twice nw..after the game crashes nd doesn't open.. otherwise its a fab.. plz get over it..!

Need to make cometary more realistic and rewardsPosted by Rehan khan 2016-10-12

Cometary not up to the mark need to add some effect and there must be some awards like man of the match extra

TEST PROBLEMPosted by Sparsh Kumar 2016-10-14

In test match, whether I do perfect defense the batsmen gets out, it's bad. It's only okay with lofted shot.

Posted by 2016-10-02

I have 50000 I want to unIock one stadium it said to sign up I signed but stadium is not unlocking

Posted by Dipanjan Bose 2016-09-20

Pls give me more stadiums of Australia and England..and give me 2 and 4 test's series..pls update it again

Some bug fixesPosted by Goutha Vinay Kumar 2016-10-13

First I gave 5 stars but now after update the game was running very slowly so please solve this problem

I loved that game but............Posted by Samay M Telang 2016-09-10

Emprove your 3rd umpire run out decision out is cold n.out and n.out cold out what is this take action

This is not so goodPosted by TALHA RAAJ 2016-09-10

I am sing in problem I put my Name you say these name are already exist plz tell me unqiue user name

Great game have bugsPosted by islam jahidul 2016-10-02

After winning the match it don't, show any match winning celebration . please add celebration feature

Pls don't go for the latest updatePosted by Sun Sang 2016-10-01

You will lose the fun in the game as the controls will malfunction without warning ruining your game

Posted by Ateeiq Ibrahim 2016-09-30

Their is a bug in faisalabad cricket stadium and also bowlers bowling with same old bowling actions

Posted by Siva M 2016-10-02

When I go fr review when bowling eventhough if ball hits stump umpire gives not out..issue is ter..

Can't understand some paymentsPosted by ANSHU .kumar 2016-10-02

Really can't understand why autoplay costs so much...... That sometimes makes us bored to continue

Good.. PAKISTAN Team..Posted by shahzad akmal 2016-10-14

But RDS not work propetly.. only umpire decision if umpire out then take RDS, line going legside..

Superb GamePosted by Yashesh Shastri 2016-10-13

Love To Play The Game Called "World Cricket Championship 2"...Really I'm a Big Fan Of This Game...

Good gamePosted by waqar riaz 2016-10-16

But i am facing sign in problem...and i can't buy anything from store..please solve this problem.

UpdatePosted by 2016-10-14

Update quickly ... Jersey name and number should be mentioned and player profile should be there

Posted by 2016-10-12

Game is good but it will more better if all the championship and all stadiums already unlocked

Posted by ZAHEER Sajid 2016-10-01

I don't know how to snd u on ur email address please help me I lost my coins about 300000

Unable to sign in after the updatePosted by Salman Ahmed 2016-10-01

Why am I not able to sign in after this update. Please fix this otherwise an awesome game

UNABLE to sign inPosted by Ankur Sharma 2016-10-17

Team, I m unable to sign in for enjoying extra features of the game. Pls do the needful

Posted by Bhushan Bhakre 2016-10-17

New update is very bad is works slowly old version was awsome but new 1 war bad sorry

Gets you angryPosted by Safwan Rahman 2016-10-16

Really grinds my gears when the game is unresponsive and the ball goes right through.

Good gamePosted by Nagi Reddy Somula 2016-09-22

There are so many adds are coming during the match reduce the adds during the match

Posted by JUBAIR ANSARI 2016-10-02

Its a good game, but after update of this game ,i m not able to sign in in this game

Posted by Aravind Subramanian 2016-10-16

How about a bowling tutorial to learn not to get whacked for a six every other ball!

Worst updatePosted by Vivek Sam 2016-09-30

Each and every spin bowlers are well Dancing and try to improve the bowlers style..

Aus stoppedPosted by Waqar Ahmed 2016-09-10

I love this game but aus team are stop in odi why he cannot play with another team

Very badPosted by Saptarshi Guin 2016-09-20

Why we are unable to set field according to us ....very bad .... ok correct this

For more faver and supportedPosted by Gaurav singh 2016-09-20

I am the user of this apps , I am happy and to feel good for operate this apps .

Posted by Rawhaet Raut 2016-09-25

Wrong decision is given during lbw...and bowlers are unable to change the sides

Great gamePosted by Arib Labib 2016-10-01

Great gamee but one problem please make all overs free.Then i will give 5 stars

Posted by Satish Pareek 2016-10-13

it 100 time worse than cricket career main to kahata hoon ise download mat karo

Wcc2Posted by Krish Goyal 2016-10-14

I love this game but boucer ball is very important in game please correct this

Posted by 2016-10-16 dezaypiz

Once again sign in problem what i do nowPosted by GSS ENTERTAINMENT 2016-09-30

My os is marshmallow and i am tick to all 4 permission and clear cached also

Heating issuePosted by Ansi Ansi 2016-10-01

Fone getting heated a lot after d update will uninstall it if not corrected.

Best game for cricketPosted by Asif Husainnaik 2016-10-13

After uninstalling and reinstalling works nice... gud game for time pass..

Posted by Anupam Sahu 2016-09-24

Drs is not working it stands by the umpire . Else everything is excellent

Need some more in shortPosted by Daniel Messi 2016-09-20

Need more good shorts in batting and need the keeper to stumping also

A s janPosted by Ali asgar samejo 2016-10-15

Games bast all friend in the Best games all friend new cricket update

Hey team pls make less coins to take new stadiumsPosted by nithir sayed 2016-10-13

Team make less 25000 to unlock new stadium becoz 50000 is huge target

OkPosted by Adil Adi 2016-10-16

Plz update the game with name number on t shirt and add tournaments

Just gudPosted by Satheesh M 2016-09-22

Graphics z not gud. No remaining Okey some times it's will not work

Nice to play .##Posted by akshay katkar 2016-10-14

This game is so easy but after you win matches you face hard match.

Posted by lever lever 2016-09-10

It has good graphics much more entertainment . I Like this game

It's coolPosted by Kittu Kittubittu 2016-09-23

Can u give the 15 members squad and allow to choose the best 11

Posted by Rohit Raina 2016-10-16

plz...fix bugs in hot events and add more other bowling actions

Posted by Junaid shaik 2016-10-01

Need to more changes like every ball reply when ball delivered

Wcc goodPosted by Vala Harpal 2016-10-14

Umpire dishison not happy from all time not out dete he lbw me

game lagsPosted by jayaramsudheer jujjavarapu 2016-10-13

game lags in my mobile after the latest update.please fix it

Please addPosted by Soujanya Telang 2016-10-13

Please add the celebration after winning the match (any team)

Hang problemsPosted by chigurupati rohithsai 2016-10-15

Last update revils problems like Automatically stops it self,

Unable to loginPosted by nitesh sen 2016-10-14

Unable to login to the game since updating to lateat version

graphic issue.Posted by Abdul Moiz 2016-09-10

boht khaaraab ghraab graphics hein .. or improvement chahie

Hot events bugPosted by Renesh Chambala 2016-09-29

In hot event kolkata ground stadiums look in pink in color.

DisappointedPosted by harpreet singh 2016-10-16

Whenever it is connected to Internet this game freezes alot

Posted by RON ALI 2016-10-17

world tours ,statistics features ,all cup, bag kits submit

Posted by Chandan Nayak Boda 2016-09-29

Good update but much needed as LED stumps and much more

Posted by Om Mehta 2016-10-02

The game has lost its smoothness after the recent update

good but need imprvmntPosted by naveen chauhan 2016-10-15

prbolem in starting test mode....freeze at asset 100%...

Posted by Rajus Pilankar 2016-09-24

Game doesn't start it take 5 attempts to start the game

Good gamePosted by Aditya Sharma 2016-10-14

I gave three stars because i can't sign-in to the game

It's good nd addictivePosted by SYED SIDDIQ 2016-10-16

Try to add another bowling style. . Left arm orthodox

Posted by Mahipal Singh Bhadauria 2016-10-15

Don't install it because its main features are online

Nice gamePosted by Jyotsana Thakkar 2016-09-20

I think in the starting 2 over in not enough to play

Login not workPosted by SARAVANAN P 2016-09-22

Games is good but login not work play only 1champion

Posted by Vaqqas Haafiz 2016-10-13

Be yaar low chalta hai...or har over par advertising

some what goodPosted by murali p 2016-09-10

It's gets just bore no if not why it is some better

Nice gamePosted by Zainul Abid 2016-10-13

As I am a cricket lover...i just love this game...

Issue of stucking in the middle of the game.Posted by Tamojoy Chakma 2016-10-13

Enjoying the game but still there is bit sticking.

Posted by Akash Jain 2016-09-22

Very good cricket game some improvement is needed

Posted by Jessica-love Coetzer 2016-10-03

Add a store from where we can buy shoes and bats

Good graphicsPosted by gopal reddy yeruva 2016-10-16

To interduse the pink ball matches (D/N MATCHES)

BestPosted by 2016-10-03

One of the best game of the world best graphics

Posted by Appu Raja 2016-10-02

it would be better if u install player rankings

Please update gamePosted by Talha Azhar 2016-09-20

Good game but more innovation come to the game

Through very slowPosted by Shahzad Rasheed 2016-10-02

The fielding players thorgh the ball very slow

sign inPosted by shashank agrahari 2016-10-13

I can't sign in with my account.. Plzzz fix

Posted by REVANTH KUMAR 2016-10-13

Excellent but slow loading and download ing

SuggestionPosted by Yogender Singh 2016-09-24

When play this game too many ads appearing.

TEST CRICKEYPosted by Muhammad Ali 2016-10-01

PLease improve test cricket for android 4.0

Posted by Wasim Pathan 2016-10-01

Please low the tournament prise and stadium

How to download and install World Cricket Championship 2 on Android/PC

In this text, the instruction how to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk will be specifically mentioned. At first, you are given some basic information about this hot game.
World Cricket Championship is on top downloaded game on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It is a miniature version of cricket which is commonly played in Europe countries. World Cricket Championship is a mobile sport game for cricket lovers. Its latest version – World Cricket Championship 2 is now on public. With this version, so many features are greatly advanced, which absolutely attracts you so much! You will want to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk immediately after reading the following part of this text!

Why you should have World Cricket Championship 2 installed

  • At first, you can customize your team. You have a variety of designs, colors for pattern, jersey, … and create your team’s banners as well to light up your team!
  • Now, you can record and share the best moments of matches on Social Media, make new buddies by talking to others on the shout board
  • There are more than 45 different cricketing shots in this latest version.
  • One of the most amazing features is that in World Cricket Championship 2, there are many animations, new controls and camera angels, 3D maps that can give you intense perspective.
  • Also, you can choose one of stadiums, famous venues, pitch condition (dead, dusty, green) and weather condition
  • Additionally, you can have lively matches under floodlights in the Day/Night mode to make them more exciting!
  • That’s all new amazing features that helps this game to be deserved to be one of the hottest game of 2016. If you are cricket fans, you will not regret to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Windows

    If you have problems in downloading or installing this game from Google Play and Apple AppStore, you can definitely download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for free after following steps below:
    • Install Android emulator (Nox, Bluestacks, MEmu for example) on your pc
    • Download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for pc here and save to your pc
    • Open Android Emulator on your PC
    • Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
    • Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
    • Downloading World Cricket Championship 2 is successful on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy fascinating cricket matches.
    You see? Download World Cricket Championship 2 game apk is extremely easy!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Mac:

    With Mac users, you can definitely follow the steps for Window users to download this game

    World Cricket Championship 2 on Google Play

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