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Request for a bit extra touch.Posted by Dhaval Chaudhari 2016-10-01

At the end of a match simple"YOU WON"&"YOU LOSE"is very bland!!The gameplay/graphics/UI everything is really fantastic but after a match, display of above message is quite awkward because the conclusion of the match is not meeting the standards of the gameplay.Players should really feel rewarded.I would like to suggest to add at least a little animation for celebrations/presentations(in form of rewarding cheques of "ur coins")as in real matches & it would be highly encouraging, making it look more pleasant.

Best Cricket Game ever PlayedPosted by ajinkya kulkarni 2016-10-13

This game gives realistic feel it is awesome but I would like to suggest some points there is some problems in DRS when we take it it always goes there side...if ball is pitching outside line and getting on stumps we were given out and in our case it doesn't work should be more perfect and one more suggestions we have choice of pitch and weather ...some times rain must interrupt In match and wind effects on ball while bowling add more pitches and as per pitch it should effects bowling&batting.

Awesome Game. I loved it.....Posted by lav sharma 2016-10-01

I request you to pls introduce super over also as when match gets tied it leads to loss of coins.and pls make manual field placement in test cricket .make the features of caught and bold in the game and also batsman should be out in slight edges in the test cricket and other modes of the game. add more squad so that we can choose our team accordingly from team of 16 members and there should be chances of rain in game so that game can be interrupted and players need to be retired hurt and gets out in game.

Sam WebsterPosted by Samuel Webster 2016-09-25

Hi guys this game is really amazing the details an graphics are awesome. Some things you guys could maybe try fix for future updates is running between wickets maybe a double tap first one for the striker to run then the second for none striker. Just thought that could create confusion an make it a little more of a challenge. Something like that so that one batsman can be stranded at one end? Another thing is inside edges in drc reviews we all know that's a big pain in a crickets life been given out lbw.

Kudos to Testing team for fabulous jobPosted by Sharique Ahmed 2016-09-24

This game gives me a feeling of having lays,kurkure, reason - When v start having lays. V feel like will finish with last one , this as last one again end up completing full pack(which would have been offered by ur Friend ;) , similarly this games creates u an addiction once u start playing, u will continue continue and continue............ My one Suggestions to ur team - The tournament should design in such a way, if u complete one , it should take us to next one instead letting us wait for coins....TQ

Really Good update, please update in field direct throw on stump when Run out, please add this it wiPosted by Yogesh Katkar 2016-10-16

Sometime direct throw on stump when Run out, please add this it will make real cricket,( New players can play Easy & Medium level at Starting,) but there is No Hard Level for Daily players, that's why Daily player always win in HARD LEVEL also, it's too boring so Make more hard to hard level like increase chances to edge, catch out when play big shot in hard level OR In Timing meter make Green spot small in Hard level but Don't STOP LOFT, Is it possible to update Hard level in coming update?

Great game...Posted by venu .A.R 2016-10-02

Its an awesome game... the best cricket I've ever played in android. But the replays could have been more detailed and it could have been done on the player's wish at any point of the game... and please try to bring on each players individual signature moves and characteristics such as face, body built etc which could make the game more interesting. Along with that, please try to bring in a create your own player options where the player can design his appearance and attributes. ... thank you. ..

New update :(Posted by bala krishnan 2016-10-02

Hate this new update of new actions in each match for a particular bowler! I mean how's it possible in real life. No logic!! Becomes a disadvantage wen you're bowling importantly. Also need to have access to ipl with less money! Dude earning 4lakhs is tough! It will take a year? Probably! Wagon wheel and projected score or wasp is needed! runout by direct hit,rain,super over if the match is tied in all the tournaments are needed! Commentary is just BADDD! That needs major concentration!! 4stars!

Quick suggestionsPosted by Haider Wasty 2016-10-02

Firstly the developers deserves a huge round of applause.... Secondly the work on DRS and celebrations on the 50 and century are great..... If more celebrations were made at bowling side after taking a wicket it would be amazing.... Please change the players as they are old and some teams now have new players in the team..... The commentary still needs improvements especially after winning the tournament they speak nothing and players makes no celebrations after winning a match or a tournament.

It's a nice game but could improvePosted by Dheeraj Skanda 2016-09-20

I like it but u could have added some awards for every tournament like leading run scorer, leading wicket taker etc. U could have even added presentation party after every match. There should have been player profiles which contain runs scored by him and wickets taken by him in test match, 50 overs match, t20 match to make it more realistic. After every innings u could show highlights of some incredible shots and catches. If you add these things i will give you 5 stars. Im waiting for update

Posted by Aryan Arpan 2016-10-13

Please add winning of the match ceremony, Original face like ICC pro 2015 quality, Jersey number and name like also ICC pro 2015 quality,Rain in the match then DLM use, All DRS system, Day/night match option, 15 man squad,more stadium like(Dubai,Perth, Hamilton Adelaide), manual fielding option in test match, match discussed, short highlights, New ball option in test match, Very Difficult time Captain will advise bowlers, More improvement players facilities etc...

Add PleasePosted by shrikant kumar 2016-09-29

(1) Man of the Series . (2) Require and current run rate. (3) T~ Shirt number and player name . (4) Player ka bawling and Batting statics in deatail. (5) Name of player taking catch and run-out in Scorecard . (6) Player ka ICC dress , ICC shine. (7) Direct hitt in wicket by player.(8) change bawling action of medium fast Bawler.(9)by run after missing throw.(10) For apeal by Bawler and fielder give sounds as Comentry itself.

Good gamePosted by Sagar Gupte 2016-10-01

Good game but needs a few more updates, such as ' team celebration after winning a match and a tournament ' , ' batsman should be able to come out on the front foot by option ' , ' would love to see more stadiums' , 'a moving crowd , may be with flags and added slogans and also shouting slogans' , and definately an updated commentary with more than 3 or 4 different comemntrators, that would be awesome, bt having said all that , its a wonderful game n i love it


This is an awesome app with good graphics..but some modifications are required............manual field settings in test cricket...wagon wheel for every batsman should be shown who makes 50 or 100 or 200....Some run outs should be from direct throws...Commentary should be improved. Sometimes wrong comments are used like in case of spinners..when a batsman misses the ball commentators says nice swing instead of nice spin. ..pls update this thing in your next update.

Posted by Sourav Kalal 2016-10-02

Add t20 series..and change the name of NPL TO IPL AND NEW TEAMS IN NPL..AND NEW STADIUMS..AND WRITE PLAYERS names correct .. give per player highest scores total score and batting and bowing average...and u should change the commentary add run rate /currents run mode day and night..and most attractive thing plzz add rain while playing .. man of the match award.. PLAYERS don't celebrate their century and 5 haul wicket plzz add it..... fielder are slow

Awesome gamePosted by Alston D'mello 2016-10-16

Great game. I really spent a lot of time playing it. Great way to spend time. Love the graphics and gameplay. Test match mode is very unique and it is one of the first games to have it. Just add the pink ball and day night tests. Also try to add career mode in which we can make our own player and we play matches controlling only him and he plays from domestic to international cricket till retirement. All in all its a great game and I highly recommend it .

Nice updatePosted by sidh jadav 2016-09-29

Excellent.. Now plz also improve in batting stance and make some shots proper like forward defense & other defensive shots, straight drive, on &offdrive.. These looks like talender's.. Improve slip catches& close catches in spinners in test matches, unable to split gaps opponent hardly out on normal delivery it's hardly mistimed or bit ball. so fix this .. Plz nxt update improve this..first time i m bit impressed.. Keep it up..

Posted by vishal kankaria 2016-10-16

Game s excellent but still plz avail custom field set for test match too... n loft meter shd not decrease by dot ball as it s test match n dot balls rather increases confidence .. den bring in slip fielders also in play. . N catching n throwing shd b manual... den t will b E1 interesting. .. n in odi n t20 opponents hit sixes in every ball v bowl.. do fix it... also include each players' career based on each device or account respectively

Nyc Improvements. Got Some suggestions! Hope ull like emPosted by Piyush Sharma 2016-10-01

After the Update the game has become fabulous! I can say best cricket game for mobile ofc. Here are some suggestions and if any is not possible , please let me know so that I wont repeat em. 1) Straight drive short issue. It is very stupid type of Straight drive tell u.2) Cut short issue. It's again very poor. 3)No flick Short. 4)No direct throw 5) No full squad(Asking since this game was made). 6.What about the pink ball test

Posted by Fazaan Fazaan 2016-10-16

Kya bekar update hai ya real cricket 2016 ma dakho Kyasa hai update test match aur one day series ka har match ka leya full scoreboard deya hai tum test match ku be 11 players dara aur one day match ku be 11 players dara aur is ma dakho real cricket ma dakho stadium Kyasa hai har world tour deya aur har Stadium deya us na tum Khali har state ka ek ek Stadium he deya hai full stadiums deyo Diwali offers ma update karoo plz plzzzzzzzzz

Awesome gamePosted by H.r. B. 2016-10-02

I like this game too much .new update of bowling makes it awesome but action is changed in another match that's a problem in the update. I want to give two suggestions for next update , first is for player's look like amla's long beard, malinga's curly yellow hair , harbhajan's sikh turbun etc....etc....second is century's selebration with open helmet........if these problems can fix then it game dedicates for 5 star....Thanx

Like the game but some suggestionsPosted by arundhathi yandapalli 2016-09-20 should have a multiplayer to play with other players 2.we should be able to make on team with desired batsmen and bowlers 3.the boundary should be far should be a bit more.difficult to hit sixes as now it is too easy I ended up hitting 23 sixes 5. We should be able buy bats and t shirts for team.thank u I would appreciate if game has following in next update and I will rate it with 5 stars thank you for making

Best GamePosted by Manish Sharma 2016-10-13

I like your game but in this game we have no choice to select player of our choice.please provide at least 15 players or when we won any tournament we receieve less coins as compare to when we unlock any thing.unlocking anything like tournament,statdium we pay more as compare to we earn.Please reply or the game was very interesting . Please think about my point of view i shall be thankfull to u...

#Posted by Iqbal Khan 2016-10-02

I love this game. I am sure this is one of the best mobile cricket game in the world .. but please add some fun... like man of the match ceremony, winning celebration, day/night match option, Hot Spot, 15 man squad, discussed match, drink car in the ground, Hard game, fielding throw option, Manual fielding in test match,New ball options in test match etc...and I'm sure next you get 5 stars

Great jobPosted by Akash makwana 2016-10-15

Well I do have a suggestion and that is to put the loft meter in the 50 overs cricket as well.same should be continued in the 20 an10 over cricket.when the notification for battery pops up the match continues as well as a result some times we loose a wicket, please see through it.Any increase in the height and length of sixes would be a good option.otherwise u guys are fantastic.thanks

Loved this game but a requestPosted by Harshit SINGH ArorA 2016-10-13

Hey, the game's amazing. Just a request can you please improve the commentary. Like when a batsmen scores his 50 or 100 or when the match begins i.e when the toss is going on please do add some commentary And also In a test after i reach 100% loft and hit a lofted shot i'll have to wait and again score that 100% for the second loft. Please remove this or add something new!!!☺☺☺☺

great gamePosted by keshav jha 2016-10-01

the gameplay is fantastic and the new updates with new bowling actions make it even better.The game works faster now and the celebration after reaching 50 or 100 is great .The stadiums also are fantastic.But why can't we leave the ball in different ways like the opponent,if you do that I would give the game 5 stars,but I would still say it is a game that should be installed once.

Make this more goodPosted by Fahad Daniyal 2016-09-24

The Store should open Offline also!!! Please make the store able to open in offline mode also pls ....then surely we will give you 5 star...please this is a kindly request to all Next wave Team! Because right now I'm facing so much trouble to play this game online ,I have already signed in with this game but then also I couldn't able to play this game online.. Pls fix ..this...

New update is gooddddPosted by Sibi Anandh 2016-10-17

New update is excellent ...but the fast bowlers running length can be long and short balls and full toss can be added also the wicket keeper close and away standing options can be included...also his standing distance can be of the players and their jersey numbers can be added with a 15player squad...NYC work till now.... Hope these can be also added in future

More than satisfiedPosted by Jonty Archer 2016-10-02

This game is very good compared to other cricket mobile games,i have liked other comments that I wanted to type and one more request is that pls add career mode... I'm a cricket freak and I'm enjoying test cricket here..... Pls add career mode like Don Bradmans game on x box, plz add watchable replays for the wickets ... It's something someone would expect to have

Have some queries thoughPosted by Vinayak Gopalarathnam 2016-09-20

1) In test cricket, how come we users can't hit a six till our confidence meter reaches 100% while CPU alone can hit sixes right from ball 1? 2) Why impact outside off stump factor is not being considered in drs? 3) Why is it that during Yorker length balls, in spite of perfectly timed shot or defence, the ball is missed and we get bowled?

Posted by aathi krishna 2016-10-15

This is a very good game in all cricket games. I have some changes to want this game,given below 1)Every wicket to check no-Ball,2) Any other swinging option in bowling 3)Test field manual 4)quick ball throw in field & direct hit 5) i want to career mode that is lot of missions 6)wicket celebrations 7)wicket appeal button manually. Admin pls read it

Needs improvmntPosted by Anik Ranjan 2016-10-15

In test cricket ...fieldings should be accrdng to our choice btu in here we dnt get like that and aslo taking wickets in test way to tediousthat it makes it boring ..itmust hv some tricky to bowling option at least once in evry one over......hope you will fix it very soon.....i eagerly waiting till it getsus all those features ....till then im going off

AwesomePosted by imyahya 2016-10-01

Fabulous, Mind freshing game,please Show individual players name and Jersey number on player Jersey for more entertaining game, When we betting, we want a batsman out by caught behind, 1 , 2 & 3 slip against spinners. The batsman doesn't edge the ball at wicket keepers,1 ,2 and 3 slip against spin balling. please add some more out possibility.. ✝

Posted by Harsha Amarasinghe 2016-10-12

After the update game became very difficult to score the runs ..and batsmen is getting quickly out.specialy in the test matches.batsman is not finding ball to hit.even can't cross the big scores... Game getting boring..because batting is the interesting please change it .after update only it's happen .even in easy level this happening.

Awsome graphics. Gud gamePosted by Bifin K. George 2016-10-12

There are two bugs i think. When batting if you refer an lbw decision,u are given out when the ball pitches outside off and hits the stumps. But when u are bowling u review the same and its given not out if the ball pitches outside off and hits the stumps. U should allow to unlock overs without the internet because there is nothing to download.

Some updates pleasePosted by Rajkumar Rathod 2016-10-01

Amazing game. But I have playe test match then fealding was only preeset not manual.... Please update "manual fealding"in test match ...... And one more thing batsman was then full century not open to in our hed helmet... Please update this one also.....And not in online playing this type of cricket game please fix online play with friends....

Posted by waseem miyan 2016-09-19

I love this game. previously i used to play it on IOS but same game i can't play it on android . In andoird phone it doesn't give me an option to sign in. it takes me to a page where it asks me to register but in IOS i does have an option to sign with specific ID and this pisses me off .i want to sign in with same ID which i had in IOS

Awesome game nowPosted by Ashu Sri 2016-10-12

Best game for cricket. After u updated, the celebration of making century is now very much effective but I want u to update it like the batsman is coming out of the crease and hitting the shots as in real cricket now and also gambhir should be included in the test team now. Please update it now I m becoming crazy about this game....

Nice but need to consider some aspectsPosted by niraj adhikari 2016-10-14

Sir I have recently downloaded your app and it is perhaps good in every aspect but I found some of the factors which can be improved to make it more than better... sir you can include career mode and use the licensed name of the player which can improve the game.. similarly you can also add qualifier mode.. thank you

Good, Excellent work but...........Posted by Sami Khan 2016-10-12

You should update commentary and test series.From this we should play test without paying coins For tea and lunch break and for stumps we should pay for stumps.And you should unlock t20 match and tournament.You should extract 2 over and blitz tournament. After doing this tour game will be make also No.1 game of 2016

Some Updates needed likePosted by Bharath Aithal 2016-09-30

Some Updates needed like after the 1st innings show the wickets again ,how it the same for the second innings also. NEXT if a batsman scores a 50or 100or 150 etc show the replay playing shots after the innings.plz update this then I can rate 5stars. Thank you

Love it.Posted by Nitish Kumar 2016-09-20

Best cricket game i ever played but there should must be some improvements that grounds are so small; very easy to play even i can hit boundries on every ball;whatever did i score by any player should be showed in his identity.If these improvements are made then i will give 5 stars,but anyway thanks to nextwave.

Posted by Ashish Anand 2016-10-12

I would give it 5 stars...but for others tournament except blitz.....required coins are too much...2lac...5lac ...its very difficult to earn so much coins in game with given options.... Pls...either you increase winnings coins...or reduce the required coins for tournaments like world cup...ipl etc.... thanku...

Need improvementPosted by Om Kandpal 2016-10-16

Game is ok but still so many things were improvement can be bowler option, commentary, filed adjustments in test etc.. other than this series bowler stat. Batsman many six hitted in the series who has hit max six . Whi had hit longest six. Four n other you may better then us

Loving to play but. Need further new aspects.Posted by Arjun Shetty 2016-10-15

Pls introduce leave button while batting with different styles. And introduce the real faces of diffefent players and some times the updated bowling style is not working shane warne style of bowling is applying some times only. most of the cases shane warne style is not applying for all legspins. Thank you.

Nice gamePosted by Omar Enaam 2016-09-22

One major problem is that when we edit players name it doesn't remain the same. We have to edit every time and it takes lots of time which is quite irritating. Kindly fix it and pay some attention in the graphics section. Good game btw and can u plz tell me that how we can leave the delivery?? Well left ??

Just need final touchPosted by Akshay Khedekar 2016-09-29

Dear admin, request you to make fast bowler run-up more also game is entangle while batsman score runs. Also add sum feature where rain come in a cloudy match. Also slips and close fielder attacking field for color cricket. Add feature where best wicket video can be save. Rest all game is awesome to play.

Best cricket game out therePosted by Kyle Newman 2016-09-19

Its enjoyable and kills alot of time. The most realistic cricket game ever played.. i just think in the test matches your shot metre should go up everytime you hit a perfect shot or block. Not evertime you make a run because then your run rate becomes unrealistic and your having to score runs every ball.

My ComplaintPosted by Seema Verma 2016-10-14

Firstly I want to tell that i know that you didn't see the comments only set a fixed message to all commenters its not good So, my Complain is that in this game fielders are really slow not running fast and run rate , required run rate is not shown I will give 5 star when my wishes will be completed

Posted by Alagu deepan 2016-09-24

Pls add1. Hindi commentaries 2.pls add frustration of bowler when the batsman hit 2sixes continuously 3.add stumping behind the wicket.. 4,add ipl teams 5.add scoreboard!! 6.wagoon wheel of the individual batsman. 7.cheer girls. Game looks super.. I playing this game for last 4months which is superb

Posted by Rakesh Talreja 2016-10-01

Adds between overs are so irritatting.Game is not running and mobile is goes on hang mode.This problem is from when the rio olympics start.n i have to restart game from beginning.otherwise game is is not running smoothly in android version 6 after updating the game also plz give solution

App has been spoilt with Updates !Posted by B VENKATESH 2016-10-15

Till the new different Bowling Actions were introduced, Game was awesome without any lag. But now after the recent updates in Bowling Actions, game is not smooth and graphics have become brighter straining the eyes. Pls restore old update. Standard Bowling Actions are fine. Unable to enjoy now.

Offline MultiplayerPosted by Hemanth Appu 2016-10-13

Plz Update the game by adding multiplayer mode...means the match is held between me & my frnd ... If one should "Host The Game" by create hotspot and another one should "Join The Game" by connecting that hotspot... So it helps to improve the number of downloads of this game..... Thank you

Good game but one problem,Posted by Saagneek Ghosh 2016-10-14

Its a very good game and has a very good graphics. Its also very addictive,but the main problem is that the player names are all wrong. When I try to change the name where you play the match but it only changes temporarily. So,I hope that you will fix it soon and then i'll rate 5 stars.

Loved itPosted by 2016-10-15

Best game but still some progress should be their like commentary in Hindi and player should remove his helment after 50 100. after winning handshake should be their .if this all will their I will give u 5stars but for now 4 only . please send next update my exam are going to start

Posted by Abhimon HD 2016-10-15

I loved this game before but now in some hot matches the background in pink in colour. What to do. Now when I am playing IND vs NZ in hot mathes New Zealands jersey is white in colour. It is black in colour. Barring these things this is a world class game with high quality graphics.

Few changePosted by Krunal gandhi 2016-10-15

I m loving this app n since it has been while i would like to hv some changes like... Give us selection of team frm 15-20 members as it has been the same playing 11..also bring batting n bowling stastics as player profile if possible which will increase charm of the game thanku

Best game everPosted by Vidit Srivastava 2016-10-12

I just love this game . This is a superb game . Few things can be added such as lightning wickets ,Spectators moving, Hindi commentary, More detailed faces of the player please add these things in the next update this is a request to the developers and i will give you 5 stars

Good realistic effectsPosted by Amardeep Jain 2016-10-12

Nextwave as always I loved your game. Only I had a little suggestion. The gameplay just sometimes gets stuck or gives off. For example while playing straight drive in test matches sometimes the ball goes through the bat hitting the wickets. I request you to correct this bug.

Posted by 2016-10-13

It is a very good game but I could have given 5stars but it has some problems in this game there is no odi and t20 all the overs in quick play is not open so I kindly request can u unlock them for free and unlock all tournaments if you will do this I will give u five stars

Payment ans suggestionPosted by Leslie JOHN 2016-10-17

Please reduce the payment for this game in android. As for iphone this full version cost just 60rs and android 470rs. Please put this into consideration .and kindly show partnership ans ball to runs in test as well just like ODI. Hope thiss update will be soon.Thank you

The best in the marketPosted by Dhinesh Raj 2016-10-02

It's unbelievably awesome game in Android market for cricket lovers. The only thing I felt missing is the non availability of real match challenges and versions in the world cup tournaments like 2003 2007 2011 2015 wc tournaments. But it's seriously more than awesome

Good game butPosted by sanjay sabnis 2016-10-15

Some times when we bowl we take the drs view when it is hitting the stumps the umpire is giving him not out please fix this problem and add sime thing more sentences in the commentry then I will give it 5stars please help me and try to make more progress thank you.

Good graphicsPosted by Shubham Goyal 2016-10-02

Its an amazing game for sure. But there are places where improvements shall definitely be appreciated. The number of coins it takes to autoplay an innings needs to be reduced. Its hell lot of coins. Commentry needs improvement. They speak d same things agn n agn.

Really Nice game with Awesome GraphicsPosted by Dhyan Sumathi 2016-10-01

Like to Give 5 stars, if few things are added.. 1. Batsman can wear cap during spin bowling. 2. Playing the lofted shots by coming down the track like The INSIDE OUT. 3. Direct hits during Fielding.. Otherwise in all aspects I am 200% addicted to this game

Posted by Mansoor Pasha 2016-10-14

I would like suggest few additions like...bowlers catching it back..lively crowd ..and please make bowling bit difficult.because i can take an all out within. 5 overs in a twenty over match..and score big totals in kindly try these additions ..thank u

Decent Cricket GamePosted by Harish Bugata 2016-09-22

Has good graphics ... And the features inside the app are also good ... If would be good to make the game more realistic to viewers .. It would be awesome if you could add a cricket career mode in this app .. A mini don Bradman :) .. Hope u get these this soon

Good game but..Posted by ramesh reddy guntaka 2016-10-17

I played daily...with out play I can't sleep, 4days back latest version updated its running slowly, runs and bating also running slowly...before version is superb WORST VERSION,........UPDATE UPDATE OLD VERSION PLZZZZZZZ,,,,,,N9oooooooooooooooo Reply worst....

Quick suggestionsPosted by Haider Wasty 2016-10-15

Please improve the celebrations of the batsman and runner when a ball is hit for a four or six or if 6 sixes in the over are hitten and better commentary must be made on that point.... I hit a triple century today with an individual but no commentary was made.

AWESOME GAMEPosted by PAVAN KUMAR 2016-09-25


Posted by Pasupuleti Raviteja 2016-10-01

Sir really fantastic but u need to work on players stat as i said before in the previous comment and also the commentry should be live and there are lot of ads u should fix them and if u fix these we will give u what u r expecting from us that is five star

Improve the commentary ....Posted by Faeez Isane 2016-10-16

Commentary its very simple in it.They only spek about batsmen four six out and fifty....... Two hundred.... Pzzz sir give the coment on team score and wicket also the its look fabulous game..... But still i liked it but plzz improve the commentary level......

Statistics updationPosted by Deva Senapathy 2016-10-13

I play the game offline without Internet connection. I often notice that the statistics are not getting updated and even the achievement records are not getting opened. The case remains even during Internet online. Other than this, it is a wonderful game app.

Suggest test matchPosted by 2016-10-02

Dear sir i give you suggest . Sir plz update cricket ground. Some more bolling action . Some more batting ideas. new bat new bolls. New test match dress. And update new test match big shorts. Updat new pich . And working 5 day very slow

Need few updatesPosted by Mihir Shah 2016-10-13

1. Direct run out features.....2. Manual field setting options in test matches....3. In autoplay give more option like make it 10/20 overs along with current 5over.....4. Signin problem many a tyms.....5. Repetitive commentary (bring changes ).....

I have issues with free coinsPosted by Jitender Rathore 2016-10-15

I have installed couple of apps to get free coins from store inside your game. But i have not received free coins after installing and runnig the app. I have screen shots and installation proof. Kindly help with this as i even paid for some app.

Posted by Dhruv Agnihotri 2016-10-02

Excellent but there should be commentry of many languages and an awarding ceremony. Make sure in next version it its there. And yes one more thing , in commentry it only say two or three line everytime it is very boring. Add some more comments.

GoodPosted by Parin Mehta 2016-10-17

You can get night match with pink ball, coming out of the crease and hitting options, dive options in case of running between wickets, direct throw, manual option of fielding in tests. Option to choose which end to throw the ball and much more.

Get gamePosted by Devender yadav 2016-10-12

It's the best game I've ever played on phone. The improvement which I feel should be there is manual field placement in test matches. As all of us know test cricket is real Cricket and it must allow to place fielders according to the strategy.

Nice gamePosted by vamsi a 2016-09-25

Nice game. 1.) try to add REGIONAL Tornuments like IPL, KFC etc like we to the tornuments slot..... It will the best game if we get that to in the game 2.) try to improve the wicket keeper action, because its slow in runouts and stumping

Addicted to it! Genuinely the best thing in cricket games since the release of EA Sports PC game!Posted by Achal Shah 2016-10-15

Could make the auto play without coins because went auto playing a test match innings it takes away everything so all one can do is abandon test cricket version. Career mode and tournaments and fixtures will make the game more interesting! :)

Update plzPosted by Pankaj Garg 2016-10-13

Make commentary as better as possible like for coverdrive ir must be good commentary...plz make sure of goos commentary system...either it should be download...we will download it eithwr it is of 50mb or 2gb..but make a stand for commentary.

greatPosted by Manzoor Ahmad Afghan 2016-09-20

One suggestion add 2007 pc feather thats batting chang up from which you can bat both opposition for example if the match is between india vs austrailia let us bat for both innings or if someone loves bowling let them bowl for both innings

1 suggestionPosted by Aryan Farooqui 2016-10-16

Sir the game is excellent but one mistake in test cricket which spoils the fun of it that every dot ball decreases the confident meter which must be reverse. Hope you'll consider this problem and plz make 15 member squad to make custom team

Update It!Posted by M H SHOHAN 2016-09-10

Please add winning of the match ceremony,All DRS system,Day/night match option, 15 man squad, more stadium, manual fielding option in test match, match discussed, short highlights, New ball option in test match etc...

WellPosted by Vishal Vikhe 2016-10-15

हेलो सर आपने मॅन ऑफ ध मॅच और खिलाड़ियों का रेकॉर्ड दिखना शुरू कीजिये प्लीज़. please responce my report Thanks.

Posted by Arnab Dey 2016-10-16

Wonder full game but u must have many more upgrades in this game.... Pls pls do this .we are waiting for that.......pls and upgrade and add many more stadium..pls its the request by all the players who played this and enjoy a lot

About the New versionPosted by Indranil Majumdar 2016-09-30

getter better with every update...App developers are sedately awesome as they take users reviews into consideration regularly..4 stars coz there s room for improvement...make it little more tough for players Playing in hard mode

Posted by 2016-10-13

Please make this game more intresting by make the batsmen to play hard to hit six or four. In this game to hit six and four is easier so, there is not any close contact. So please do this change after that I give 5 out of 5 star.

This is a good gamePosted by Arif arbaz 2016-10-12

This is a awesome game but need some update.. such as man of the match award, Man of the series award ceremony, Trophy collection and team celebration etc..Please add these such things otherwise this is a awesome game.. thank you

Timing of Ads is horriblePosted by Gaurav Dastane 2016-10-01

The Ad starts just when first ball of the over is about to be bowled, and by the time the ad finishes the ball is already bowled. Lost lot of wickets on such balls... Keep the ad between the overs. Otherwise quite nice game..

SuperPosted by bipin reddy 2016-10-12

We need pretty improvement because there is no players name properly team Jersey should be proper playing is good if this above said items are there then it ll be more attractive and we need new day and night one day matches

Awesome.... But...Posted by Arunabha Khan 2016-10-12

Game itself was awesome. But plz add more bowling option nd new equipment like bat,gloves,helmet etc.... Plz add this things nd latest squad update for all teams in all formats of game. I m waiting for next update ........

Awesome updatesPosted by ashok kumar 2016-10-15

Kuch hard mode batsman ke liye hona chahiye kyunki batsman kuch jyada hi run bana dete hai left hand spinner ka pahele ka action acha tha tha.toss shouls be tossed by both captain. Fielder ko direct throw karna chahiye .

Feeling good, better gameplay version 2.1Posted by Farhan Jamshed 2016-10-13

The improvements are very good in version 2.1 bowling actions, 50,100,150 and 200 celebration are very exciting. Stadiums gets better now. Keep it up WCC2 and bring some more exciting changes and features in the game.

Posted by usama jamshaid 2016-10-02

all the things in this version is superb you should add the presentation ceremony that can increse the game level + add the two to three comentators like ravi shastri ,sidu pagi and rameez raja , dany morrison etc

Nice experiencePosted by Lucky Sachdeva 2016-10-15

Real like experience. One feels like a captain as this gave give all the flexibility to change fielding, bowlers, batsmen. Good experience. The limitation is locked fields and the claimed coins are no where stored

Cricket ka DONPosted by Aryan Johnson 2016-10-02

The game is awosome but in the review system their should be some improwement as their must be hotspot and snicko metre and their should be talking between players and umpires thax i hope you will think about it

Its nicePosted by Rohit Charaniya 2016-10-02

I like the graphic very much.need to add batsman highest score his total runs.his fifties and hundreds and bowler best bowling figure his totals wickets please add this also.I hope implement will be done ASAP.

Good gamePosted by Umesh Burnwal 2016-09-30

Its a very good game. Newly added features like test cricket is very good. One thing I would like to say that plz write individual players name in their respective t-shirts. U haven't applied my idea till now

OkPosted by Niranjan E 2016-10-01

You people are updating the game to a bad Condition fast bowlers are very very bad i uninstalling this game plese correct fast bowling and bring loft for test am waiting for reply iam playing now bring update

Nice & Real cricketPosted by Jawahar Durai 2016-10-02

It feels like real cricket. But, its always favour for opponent side. Because if we hit the ball, it goes for catch and If opponent team hit the ball, it goes for six or four even ball speeds in fast or slow.

Posted by Srujan Kandula 2016-10-16

Sir the game update is so good but the game is lagging & the game is strucks & becomes slow during play so please update it without any crashes & plzzzzz update it soon sir plzzzz

Awesome updatePosted by Siddharth Srivastava 2016-10-12

Really liked the bowling action you have added in the latest update.Just have a request.Can you add diving option for the batsman while taking run.It will make the 3rd umpire decision look more realistic.

Good cricket game BUT..Posted by prabhat khadka 2016-10-15

great cricketing experience but please also include NEPAL in tournament ie. World t20 cup..all nations are there why not would be wonderful if it is done and i think the game will be played more

Excellent.but,Posted by Dulanga amarasinghe 2016-09-10

Please add Day,D/N & Night game modes for matches,i think very interesting it is.and please add fielders names off,behind are boaring not real,anyway thanx to add srilankan stadiums & DRS system

best game for androidPosted by muhammad shariq 2016-10-02

but need more updates such as aoudience moving real players face and their bowling & bating actions different humpair & different comatrary and also need to add game & recodes saving option.

best gamePosted by Mridul Mohan 2016-09-25

It is very great game with good graphics and amazing gameplay but it should allow us for manual field placement in test match and the name of the players should be correct. Overall it is a good game .

quick of the match award at the end of the game[Need IPL season at free of cost]Posted by Narayanan Iyer 2016-10-02

A nice cricket game ever improvements can be:D/L method,super over,rain ,improve audience graphics,improve difficulty in game,add more commetry,full toss ball(to the hip level of batsman)

ADD MORE LEAGUESPosted by Humza Razzque 2016-09-20

Probably the best cricket game on android however well the content is a bit limited .I mean it needs more tournaments from differnt leagues other than just IPL add other leagues like grand slam etc

Posted by Sabari vj 2016-10-01

Nice game....I want batting wagon wheel after 50 or 100...I wish to have this feature.....commentary can get improved....otherwise I am satisfied with this game..good job on commentary

Awesome gamePosted by Sindhu Mohan 2016-09-20

WCC 2 is one of the best games I have played but there are few things that will make it best there should wider range of replays and more route of dismissals like getting an edge etc. That's it

Nice gamePosted by Aniket Tomar 2016-09-24

But i the problem is that test cricket is all about leaving balls but when i leave ball the loft meter decreses and that i am not liking and all other things r perfect but please fix my problem

Posted by Kamran Bhati 2016-10-13

I loved it. But 4.4 audition after update the feature are mostly distrub, so I request to the team of this app please correct all things. Thanks

Best game at everPosted by 2016-10-12

But only one problem i can buy new phone i can regain my backup data but he says this username is already exists please solution i can download this game again i was solve my signing problem

Posted by 2016-10-17

The Best Game of Cricket I ever played on Mobile.Simply Favolous Graphics,Animation and Visuals.I loved this game.Awaiting for New Updates on it.But Still Problem On Feilder throwing Ball.

AwesomePosted by Ovais Sattar 2016-10-12

Nice Game. But since updated last time its sometimes hanging or become slower when playing, (this thing happening with my friends as well) please fix it so we all can enjoy it completely.

Good gamePosted by Ankit Tandel 2016-10-15

Hi developers I have followed your information but then also I did not get 50130 coins please reply me and fix this issue please reply me today and fix this issue today please reply me.

Nice game.Posted by vikas yadav 2016-10-12

Game is too good but need to make some changes in after winning its just shows you won...there need to be ceremony for player of the match and hand shakes for both team.

GOOD GAME BUT NEEDS SOME IMPROVEMENTSPosted by Faizan Ahmad Gaba 2016-10-03

(1)Improvement in batting and bowling skill when better performance in previous matches (2) allow more than 1 match to play hot event matches

Posted by Sushant Sharma 2016-09-30

Really nice to see your new update it's so so amazing with new bowling Action and many more things but disappoint to not see new grounds and led bales anyway happy for new update....

Mind Blowing GamePosted by Minks Bhardwaj 2016-10-02

Its make fun whenever i start playing cricket from india by naming players of my name ..& its really very interesting when i beat pakistani team again & again by long margin

RealisticPosted by jeeva vijay 2016-10-02

Good to batting.but one suggestion that why don't you add the multiple playing via LAN WiFi? Because, it helps to play others together in the same match.totally it is a superb game.

Posted by Keshav Kolapkar 2016-10-01

The game is excellent but the time it requires to download a stadium is very annoying. I have 4G internet then also it takes time. Please fix that bug.Otherwise 5 stars for the game

Too many adsPosted by Rajdeep Jana 2016-09-30

It is really a good game with brilliant graphics..but I must say that there are too many aads which are quite disturbing and sometimes game stopped working after the end of an over

Good game ! But still...Posted by Howaiz Iqbal 2016-09-20

It cn be much better if we focus on updating it like adding WORLD CUP , T20 CUP n accesing user to put players from sub and many more ... I wish u will focus on my points

Posted by Jay Joshi 2016-09-30

Game is good but plzz change the system to re download the stadiums add the hindi commentry add more different bowling actions and add the all england ang australia stadium

add realistic commentary ..Posted by RH JIHAD 2016-10-01

add realistic commentary.where commentators comment on players..then taking interview from players after & before the match should added...then it will be great game...

V good gamePosted by kumar lalwani 2016-09-10

I played this game in my friends mobile but when I installed it on my phone when I play a match while loading the match it automatically close it shows loading and closes

Superb....Posted by Akram Shaikh 2016-09-30

Very realistic... But some improvements is most... Field changing manual option in test and in practice it contains two option for choice go for the batting or bowling...

Posted by Swapnali Kadam 2016-10-02

Whenever ı keep close slip , after few deliveries he goes back behind the keeper, and also make him to keep manually more near the keeper, if this problem fixed then 5*s

Fantabulous game but,Posted by Bhupesh Patil 2016-10-01

Please add player upgrade option using coins.Also add option to save the replay. So we can see replay whenever we want. Also display the player profile during his entry.

I like it butPosted by 2016-10-15

I like this game and it is very grateful game But icme jo bich - bich mee ads deta hai usase game khelne mee problem hota hai. Please ads ko game ke bich mee mat dijiye.

Great app but needs some improvementPosted by Mahadev Patil 2016-10-14

Their should be direct throw run out,the fielder should give ball to baller rather than giving ball to wicket keeper always.Include manual fielding in test cricket also

Need a update plz update this with this featutesPosted by vineet rocks 2016-10-14

The game is very good Need a update Plz add cheers after winning the game plz give trophy after winning plz update game with more fun plz give real experience thans

Good graphicsPosted by Bala King 2016-10-01

Game is awesome with nice graphics.Too many ads kills the game.In hot events for past two days the stadium is not shown properly it's pink in colour.kindly check this.

Posted by Alamin Khan Sharif 2016-09-30

Some missing plz entry the man of the match. Man of the serise. And player update. Some colour and jersy pattern. This is nice game. And many sound and talk comentry.

Great Game!!!Posted by Harsh Bhoi Harsh Bhoi 2016-10-17

Game is fabulous but Bowling Action of Bowler And Bowl action is different.So fix it and Get more awards.So plz add this & original uniform of international team.

Good game everPosted by Tushar Bajaj 2016-10-16

Grounds and tourmant not buy from the money a man play different tournaments and different grounds according to their ability not from money so open it also from xp.

Players statistics are not increasing above 85%Posted by Sourabh Salvi 2016-10-15

Sir...i've tried my level best ,but the stats do not increase beyond 85%... previously the stats could even go beyond 101% but its not happening now...why is it so??

Amazing gamePosted by Jass Badesha 2016-10-02

No doubht its best game n i love it ... but need some more improvments in batting n add some more bowling variations n also need relastic commentry with real voice

Good ButPosted by Sudipta Barua 2016-09-10

We Need a improvement like Online Cricket Battle Fight Against Each Other 2 5 over match.also need a Country Ranking Part..It would be Amazing.If this added on it

Issue Which Should be ResolvesPosted by Mujeeb Shaikh 2016-09-30

In Test Cricket LBW From Leg side Over the wicket Bowling.. Umpire is not giving LBW Out Either It is PLUMB then having a Review clear in DRS, then he gives OUT

Improve tournamentPosted by SaTyam Singh 2016-09-30

man of the tournament players and man of the tournament bowlers and other you can out of tournament so look who is win... please next update this thanks you.

GoodPosted by Milash B NAIR 2016-10-01

The game is awsome. Hats off to you guys !!!! The reason I gave four stars is because the commentary is the same as in WCC and DRS system has to be improved.

Good gamePosted by Shehryar Khan 2016-09-20

Its better cricket game ever but plz improve the test cricket shots selection there is no lofted shots available for that its major problem solve it please.

Player updatePosted by Prince Fernandes 2016-10-16

Many new players are coming and they are not in playing list why and give a option of 15player so that we can select our favourite 11 please look forward it

Nice gamePosted by Zafar Hussasin 2016-09-22

I play this game at least 5 month my suggestion is 1st improve slip corden in test cricket and give player state as per game after this I will give 5 star

Nice GamePosted by Manish Devluk 2016-10-15

Dear sir. I Like this game I play everyday This game... But Pls Remove add Video and Update Player Profile like name Dress etc... pls Update This ...

Have some BACKGROUND issuesPosted by deyon abeyratne 2016-10-14

Some grounds i.e Cape Town/Karachchi/Dhaka have pink colour background. No details or whatsoever. Apart from that smidge of error love the game. Well done

Posted by Akshansh mishra 2016-10-13

best cricket game for mobiles but after recent update my all grounds are locked so what can I do...and they not downloaded as easily as in first time...pls

Good game butPosted by Puneet Gupta 2016-10-13

Good ga,e.Nice Graphics. Difficult to unlock stadiums with coins as it asks to sign in again and again. New updates stops all the progress that u have made

Great gamePosted by Aafizahra Afreen 2016-09-20

Plzz add the version of LED wickets in this game I hope then this game will be best around the globe so please consider my comment and work on LED wickets

Posted by Rushikesh Kadam 2016-10-02

Kids as well as youngsters also watch ipl t 20 odi & there are also cheer leaders so no bad impact by placing cheer leaders in game.decision is yours.

world cup mode should enjoy league matches.Posted by Vasudev Lahase 2016-10-13

in tournament world cup mode should enjoy league matches instead of direct entering to semi final & final . structure should be like actual world cup.

Good but..Posted by Shreyash Pandey 2016-09-10

In the test match of this game the oppenent team's batsman can score two balls two six but if i hit six once my loft meter decreases to 85% or something

Needs more improvmentPosted by AVINASH RATHINA MUTHU KUMAR 2016-10-13

Great game but auction for national premier league makes it more better please give auction for national premier league please do it on the next update

Awesome GamePosted by Vibhor Vibhuti 2016-10-16

I love this game .i just want to say there should be a regular new updating in this game like Day Night test matches,Manual ball throwing in field..etc

Good gamePosted by Lacolep 100 2016-10-13

Good game but having no option to save statistics of players. Please add auto stats saving option to save career of players like international matches.

Please release commantatory in Hindi alsoPosted by akhilesh raj 2016-10-01

Sir this is absolutely good but commantatory is not in Hindi language so please fix it sir then It will be awarded by 5 stars by me...please done soon

GoodPosted by Nataraj Kolamuri 2016-10-17

Sir aapne DRS system diya leykhin India team captain &keepertho dhoni hi but DRS System mey wicketkeeper choodkey dhoosra player review maangare?

Last update is very badPosted by rahul pandhare 2016-10-16

The game is good before last update after update game is Graphic is very bad after50 and hundred batsman is the same same action please give me reply

AwesomePosted by Ganeshkumar Thennavan 2016-10-01

Giving the experience of playing real cricket but we not want to play not only one tournament we want to play all tournaments without net connection

Posted by Ragul Maruthu 2016-09-20

Good game but some problems are there..even if we timed perfectly for a shot it won't go for a four or six.. And drs needs improvement not accurate

Have this suggestion.Posted by ravi malik 2016-09-22

Provide local wifi gameplay options with friends in next update. It will be best then. Rest is perfect in game. Do have a look at this suggestion.

Posted by akhilesh kumar 2016-10-13

Best cricket game. But unlocking levels in tedious. Requires you to keep playing the same levels till you have enough coins. Can get boring there.

Liked it !! Best cricket game !!Posted by Rahul Jalan 2016-09-24

Need 2 improve on 1 thing that the in d manual option be there in test cricket! !!!!!!!!;) Otherwise it's d complete cricket addiction game ;)!!!

Upgrade the bating stylePosted by Manoj K Yaldodi 2016-10-13

Bowling is fine, even the fielding is good. But the bating should upgrade and when Batman's leaves the ball, make the position little bit better

Nice game but...Posted by Narendranath Bonta 2016-09-10

Its an awesome interesting game but some controls d't work properly and players reacts so late while on fielding.. please take care of this ...

GoodPosted by Nagarapu Santhosh 2016-10-02

Can you team plz reduce the coins required for unlocking the more thing in 90 overs test match we are losing the toss everything.

Good game....Posted by Praveen Kumar 2016-10-16

It is a good game but there is a problem is that it takes a lot of money for start the next tournament and stadium are didn't unlocked from me

गूड गेम बूट मनी एड्जPosted by Nilesh Kumar 2016-10-01

U should play this game but in free time.Dont play for so many hours as your eyesight becomes weak and u will get problem TAKE CARE बाइ

Best gamePosted by 2016-10-16

It's first cricket game with full graphics but the player face should be a realistic like dream soccer league test is nice but bats are same

Posted by Onkardeep Singh 2016-10-13

Please add per batsman scorecard & his career runs scored by an individual batsman & strike rate of per batsman when the game starts

Posted by Mushtaq Ahmad Durrani 2016-10-01

The game is quite good in all aspects. But after the installation of updates last night i am unable to make sign in to play quick events.

Posted by SHREYAS OWE 2016-10-15

There is no stumping done by wicket keeper in any match. And batsman play lofted short by standing on one place only so please fixed it.

For new versionPosted by ninad gadge 2016-10-14

Good graphics as compare to old version please remove tail from ball it will look better and graphics for ball after hitting ground shot

Posted by SE THE SECRET EYE 2016-09-22

I will give a 5 star if i could make my own club please.... also can u make the game more realistic for example fans.... just like FIFA

Incorrect decision else all goodPosted by Hassan Rishi 2016-10-16

Empire gives incorrect LBW decision. The decision should be based on whether the ball has "HIT the Wicket" rather the ball was "inline"

ExcellentPosted by Navdeep Singh 2016-10-13

I detuct one star because I want man of the match ceremony also and moreover man of the series test match day and night with pink ball

Sham kingPosted by Sham King 2016-09-10

This game good but not install this process between and android back word at prim performed and test match and guard action not really

Best cricket gamePosted by Mohammed Shiraz 2016-10-01

Every thing is good, but it lacks online game play 1 on 1 like fifa,pes, 8 ball pool. It will work wonders if online feature is added.

Need just an improvementPosted by 2016-10-17

If we bowl outside leg. umpire gives not out.and if opposition did bowl outside leg umpire gives out.please make it review and correct

Awesome gamePosted by ARVIND RAJ 2016-10-16

WWC 2 is an excellent cricket game that I've ever played on mobile. Everything is superb but I'm waiting for the Test cricket in WWC 2

Posted by sairaj s 2016-10-16

Sir please improve DRS system and provide series like border gavaskar trophy ashes series. And both teams play test one day t20 series

Dear sir,Posted by Mustafa Baloch 2016-10-14

It is a good game but in next update can we put our own photo in bating suppose when a bats man come so it should have our own photo

Posted by Sameer Ranade 2016-10-16

Nice update. Added any fitures and series tournaments. Add a rainy season. Add a manual fielding in test cricket and day night test

Brilliant and Ausome graphicPosted by Dhairya Vadhera 2016-10-14

I like it but i have given it 4 stars because it has that sign in option so then you will get other modes of the game other wise not

GoodPosted by Ben Dawson 2016-10-13

Tiz good. But need practice the different shots and certainly the timings. Other wise the game can be very frustrating. Even on easy.

Nice game, need small changesPosted by agam gore 2016-10-12

Stadium download is not working after latest update. There should be an option to choose team from 16 players rather then fixed team.

Please add winning celebrationPosted by Bipin Diwani 2016-09-25

The game is outstanding. And love play it. I would like to suggest that add some winning sense and celebration , it feels very good. problemPosted by Ajit Matthew 2016-10-01

The empire always give wrong decision of lbw of its out show not out..avert taking review if u fix that problem I will give u 5 star

Great app and suggetionPosted by sultan varaiya 2016-10-17

It's a wonderful gaming experience for cricket livers. Thanks and please add camera view angle and reduce tournaments length.thanks.

Posted by Mohammad Nazil 2016-10-17

It's a fantastic game.really enjoyed will be more interesting if Jersey pattern is changed and sledjing of players is included

Amazing GamePosted by Sunil Shreevatsa 2016-10-14

I have one problem. Whenever the Batsman hits 50 or 100, The batting meter pops up automatically even if its disabled. Please fix it

Posted by Tahur sk 2016-10-13

Nice game.l play enjoy this game.Test cricket good but match result every time win,no lost.So next time eject this problem.

Trouble in bowling actionsPosted by Ab Chikhale 2016-10-02

New actions are not for medium fast bawlers only for fast and spiners can u add cutters for pacers and please add hotspot and snico

Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra butPosted by Ajayveer Dhaliwal 2016-10-02

Some issues 1-Crr 2-RRR 3-Hindi commentary 4-Add new shots 5-improve DRS fix this after I get 5 star rating otherwise it is awesome

Posted by sarath cs 2016-10-15

Add multi colour jerseys and seperate colour for pants and add more designs and sponsor stickers in jerseys and include numbers plZ

How to download and install World Cricket Championship 2 on Android/PC

In this text, the instruction how to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk will be specifically mentioned. At first, you are given some basic information about this hot game.
World Cricket Championship is on top downloaded game on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It is a miniature version of cricket which is commonly played in Europe countries. World Cricket Championship is a mobile sport game for cricket lovers. Its latest version – World Cricket Championship 2 is now on public. With this version, so many features are greatly advanced, which absolutely attracts you so much! You will want to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk immediately after reading the following part of this text!

Why you should have World Cricket Championship 2 installed

  • At first, you can customize your team. You have a variety of designs, colors for pattern, jersey, … and create your team’s banners as well to light up your team!
  • Now, you can record and share the best moments of matches on Social Media, make new buddies by talking to others on the shout board
  • There are more than 45 different cricketing shots in this latest version.
  • One of the most amazing features is that in World Cricket Championship 2, there are many animations, new controls and camera angels, 3D maps that can give you intense perspective.
  • Also, you can choose one of stadiums, famous venues, pitch condition (dead, dusty, green) and weather condition
  • Additionally, you can have lively matches under floodlights in the Day/Night mode to make them more exciting!
  • That’s all new amazing features that helps this game to be deserved to be one of the hottest game of 2016. If you are cricket fans, you will not regret to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Windows

    If you have problems in downloading or installing this game from Google Play and Apple AppStore, you can definitely download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for free after following steps below:
    • Install Android emulator (Nox, Bluestacks, MEmu for example) on your pc
    • Download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for pc here and save to your pc
    • Open Android Emulator on your PC
    • Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
    • Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
    • Downloading World Cricket Championship 2 is successful on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy fascinating cricket matches.
    You see? Download World Cricket Championship 2 game apk is extremely easy!

    How to download World Cricket Championship 2 apk for Mac:

    With Mac users, you can definitely follow the steps for Window users to download this game

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